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23h36 19  décembre
5 video games that make great holiday gifts
A quick look at five video games we’ve recently enjoyed and would make great gifts.
15h53 14  décembre
5 gaming books that make great holiday gifts
A quick look at five books we’ve recently enjoyed and would give to others as great gaming gifts. Everyone should get a book for the holidays Star Wars From a Certain Point of View https: Certain-Point-View-Star-Wars dp 0345511476 ref sr 1 2 The SNES Omnibus: The Super Nintendo...
21h23 08  décembre
3 ways to play sega Genesis games on modern TVs
We love original equipment, but retro game consoles often look bad on modern TVs. Here are a few solutions for getting your favorite Sega Genesis games to look good via HDMI on modern TVs.
11h08 24  septembre
As the PlayStation Classic looms, do we need mini consoles or better ways to play retro games?
As outlet strips and HDMI switch-boxes pile up around my TV, I wonder if we need to relive every retro console with a mini replica that takes up valuable space. I’d love to see the retro games and controllers bundled and playable on a modern console. This would be similar to Nintendo’s NES joy cons...
22h39 13  septembre
Arcade1Up: 3 4 scale arcade games with classic retro games and authentic controls
These 3 4 height arcade cabinets will be sold locally at a variety of stores and contain between 2and 4 games... along with a 12-game model. We love ’em, but we’re on the fence. Does size matter? Depends on who you ask, but as far as an arcade cabinet goes... I think it does. I’m dying to see one...
16h23 09  septembre
orporate greed and bad timing helped ruin Toys R Us - Salvation or golden parachutes?
Greed is a powerful force and easily takes center stage over any morally correct course of action. Toys R Us took on a tremendous amount of debt, hoping market conditions would change in their favor to repay the loan. Such conditions eroded any ability for the store to pay its debt or modernize...
13h47 23  novembre
Atari reveals the Ataribox joystick, but can it be used to play modern games?
Atari claims their upcoming video game console will play retro games as well as modern games. That sounds great, but the controller they presented has one fire button... it’s a near duplication of the old 2600 VCS joystick. I hope they have a modern controller for today’s games.
23h50 11  juin
Atari teases news of an upcoming game console via Atari Box website
While AtGames licenses various Atari games for the Flashback consoles, this project seems partially related to retro gaming, but perhaps with a modern twist. It’s been suggested the console may support HDMI for old atari game cartridges to display on newer HD televisions.
00h30 06  décembre
Nintendo under-delivers NES Classic Edition while WalMart hoards product for week-after sale
Ignoring the fact that Nintendo botched this launch promoting more disappointment than retro gaming, WalMart seemingly hoards stock from launch-day to sell the following week. Many of the units purchased went straight to eBay for hundreds of dollars. What sort of marketing strategy is this?
10h30 26  octobre
Nintendo fans are dreaming up awesome innovations for the upcoming Switch game console
As fans parsed patent filings, desperate to seek info about Nintendo’s NX console many gamers were eager to hear from Nintendo themselves. Rather than an official statement or gathering with a follow-up Q&A session, they sent a trailer. Behold the Switch.
12h16 10  octobre
Retro Fighters Next Gen NES Controller will revolutionize game-play on your favorite Nintendo games
Modern gamers may wonder why anyone would want analog sticks to play old 8-bit games. I think anyone who loves retro gaming as well as moden games had held a PlayStation controller and wondered why such a controller isn’t available for classic consoles... like the NES. Retro Fighters have resolved...
13h01 25  septembre
Pokemon Go suggests you re-examine your financial advisor’s strategic knowhow
The massive engagement with Pokemon Go saw millions of downloads and spurred companies to re-evaluate the success potential of mobile gaming platforms. From gaming-centric websites to the local evening newscast, Pokemon Go was on everyone’s radar... even investors. In fact, many investors bought...
12h26 05  septembre
Coming to grips with the demise of Disney Infinity
Second to chronologically come to market with a Toy-To-Life game, Disney Infinity held a lot of promise because of the amazing IPs they own. I was excited to see Nightmare Before Christmas, Marvel, and Star Wars take Infinity in bold directions. Instead, they closed it down and walked away. How...
15h09 09  avril
Comparing game consoles is worse than apples & oranges, when processors become the argument
Hardware and software work together. One has less value without the other. Yet when we choose our gaming hardware, too often software is left out of the discussion. These which console is right for me? questions can’t have a valid answer unless you also take into account the games you want to...
01h04 20  janvier
As Oculus Rift doubles in price & requirements, Mattel brought VR to market for Christmas
Virtual Reality had made promises for decades, yet never seems able to leap the technical barriers to a marketable product. Why must VR have such a high-end entry point? Mattel’s Viewmaster VR is certainly a lesser product, but they managed to get a VR experience into more homes than Oculus VR...