Vintage is the new old
02h46 23  janvier
An external version of Ultimate1MB for Atari XL XE is in the works
Sebastian Candle o Siní Bartkowicz has, many years ago, developed the Ultimage1MB, one of the best modern upgrades you can buy for your Atari XL XE. It offers, as you can guess, 1MB of RAM for the Atari 8-bits but it doesnít stop there. You can have in it multiple operating systems and...
23h41 22  janvier
Virtual II Emulator version 10.2 has been released
Virtual II, the must-have Apple II emulator for macOS, has been updated. The new version includes many additions and bug fixes. Changelog: Inspector watchpoints can now be defined for a specific memory bank, improving their use for debugging. Added keyboard shortcuts for the main Inspector...
13h05 22  janvier
CSDb Only Sprites Competition announces the winners
The Only Sprites Compo hosted by CSDb came to an end and announced the winners. Because the compo had received demos and games competing, it was decided to separate them into two categories. In the Demos category, the winner is Oldschool Sprite Demo by Bonzai, which had tough competition against...
04h07 20  janvier
The 3rd Annual Atari Homebrew Awards is waiting for your votes
Once again, ZeroPage Homebrew, AtariAge, Mark Space Argon and The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion are organizing the Annual Atari Homebrew Awards. The 3rd edition is waiting for your vote for your favourite homebrew games of 2020. As listed in this previous post, the homebrew production for the...
00h12 19  janvier
Atari800MacX new version 6.0.0 adds support for Apple Silicon
Just a couple of weeks after the release of version 5.5.0, Atari800MacX 6.0.0 is out with not many functional changes, but with an important update that will ensure the emulator will stay work on macOS for many years to come. The emulator app bundle now includes both binaries for Intel...
16h38 16  janvier
Rainbow Edge Run DX The Commodore 64 Infinite Runner got even better
Rainbow Edge Run DX is an extended full version of the Rainbow Edge Run 4k game that was submitted to the 2020 Reset64 4KB Craptastic Game Competition. At the time, the game didnít win, getting only 11th place, but that is only a testament that the competition is really tough. Rainbow Edge Run...
14h51 14  janvier
Lemon Amiga launches new and improved website
I like to think Vintage is the New Old foments the retro computing community integration, and more than once, we have been promoting different websites and projects around the internet. It is with pleasure that I see one of the most traditional ones getting even better Lemon Amiga website has...
16h00 10  janvier
Quadron DeLuxe The acclaimed ZX Spectrum game gets a Cassette CD pack
After almost two years from its launch, Quadron for the ZX Spectrum by Andy Cosmium Beale finally got its deserved physical release. Published by Cronosoft, Quadron DeLuxe features a double jewel case containing both a special edition sparkly cassette and mini CD-ROM featuring the same, most...
09h21 10  janvier
Winner of the most favourite C64 game announced
Louie Dimovski
Retro Gamer Nation is pleased to announced that Zeta Wing by Sarah Jane Avory has been declared the most popular C64 new release game for 2020. Over 370 gamers participated in the public voting event whereby C64 gamers where able to select up to 5 of their favourite nominated games...
21h55 08  janvier
ZeroPage Homebrew lists all Atari 2600 Games Created in 2020
ZeroPage Homebrew is seriously dedicated to following the Atari 2600 homebrew scene. Thanks to his hard work, we have a complete list of all the Atari 2600 homebrew games that have either been completed in 2020 or have released an updated WIP in 2020 (good to track down games in...