18h00 22  janvier
Snail - Miracle (Unplugged Session)
This is an unplugged version of our song Miracle from our first record Dream Out Loud released in 2016. The video was taken on our home studio in Corsica Facebook http: SnailCorsica Instagram https: snailcorsica Spotify https: artist...
06h00 15  janvier
Believe - Snail Band (New Single 2021)
Here’s our first single of 2021, it’s called Believe. The footage is taken from the recording session in the R2 studio in Valle di Rustinu Enjoy Facebook http: SnailCorsica Instagram https: snailcorsica Spotify https: artist...
18h00 08  janvier
Snail Band - Dancing Alive (Official Video)
Here’s the video of our single dancing Alive from our album The Looks Check it out here : https: artist 19ZPM3ZWpNYVEh6izMM1HT?si bCKoRnSKSaG6CLaP-evqbw Facebook http: SnailCorsica Instagram https: snailcorsica Spotify https:
17h14 31  décembre
The Looks (Acoustic Version)
Here’s an acoustic version of our song The Looks Facebook http: SnailCorsica Instagram https: snailcorsica Spotify https: artist 0sjLRuMc43iPDRV9FsJj2G?si 6fj2EhrnTrWRXFX5TblbFw Twitter http: SnailCorsica
11h44 28  décembre
14 - All You Need is a Dream
Lyrics : Sitting on the grass Searching for an answer The sun is rising Dazzling me Life is too short to be angry,to be angry All I need is a dream All I need is a dream After all there are no problems at all No more time to fight Your life might end tonight After all there are no problems at...
11h42 28  décembre
13 - Musical Syndrome
Lyrics : You can change my emotions You’re my only addiction Oh my heart beat so strong Those problems out there That you make me no longer care It’s all right, it’s better that way But it’s not that girl I see around Those aren’t the lips that crossed my mouth It’s something I hear everywhere...
11h39 28  décembre
12 - Growin’apart
Lyrics : Days run away And empty dreams rules the night My love for you Is running away as well Well you see right throught me And I can barely look at you But you’ve always been strong Stronger than I’ll ever be Don’t ever let go go on me Don’t ever let go go on me Don’t ever Don’t ever let go ...
11h36 28  décembre
11 - The Dreamer
Lyrics : Everyone use to call me the dreamer It makes them feel normal Oh I know they pretend I’m insane But I don’t need a shrink what about you ? I don’t need your fuckin rules to feel free I know how to live in community Tell me do you care of someone else than you ? We are all equal in this...
11h33 28  décembre
10 - Pieces
Lyrics : My whole world is falling apart Almost dyin’ on the pavement The coldest nights my only heat Is that picture of you Where are you now ? There’s a hole inside of me I need you now Will you put back the pieces of my heart If I could go back I’ll never screw up this time Soaked to the...
11h31 28  décembre
09 - Never Thought Forever Know
Lyrics : Never thought to see me here Alone in this empty room Stuck with my dreams I try so hard To write them down Never Thought that I could sing This sweetest dreams in my head Standing in front of you I try my best To reach the top You warned me : If you go think of me sometimes Always...
11h28 28  décembre
08 - The Date
Lyrics : So here we are tonight At your door Don’t ,don’t say a word we don’t need to talk We both already know So you wanna come inside she says I had a great time Wait here I’ll get some wine Then she smiles back at me While she’s sleeping through my fingers You make me feel like I’m the one...
11h25 28  décembre
07 - Between Fate and Free Will
Lyrics : I’m in the crossroads of my life Between dreams and reality Everybody wants to choose for me Speaking of values of life But I know what I feel Inside of me I should listen To my heart But how to be sure? When you push me in that way I can choose without you I want my dreams to come...
11h22 28  décembre
06 - Fantasy
Lyrics : Take my hand I know a place where we can dance Our bodies tangled up in the blinding night You open up a bottle of that great champagne Now hold me close I have to tell you how much you turn me on HAHA If only it was true... You say true love can be read in someone’s eyes So why don’t you...
11h19 28  décembre
05 - Miracle
Lyrics : I used to be your biggest fan Not so much from quite a while It’s because of life’s mundane I choose to put my faith somewhere else But I was just lying to myself Too young to realize it But I do now Would you help me now? Help me find my own way I will wait for it The miracle is...
11h16 28  décembre
04 - World on Fire
Lyrics : We are so far away From Darkness town There is no turning back This time my love Ashes of what we were Flew into dust As we were driving away on The highway of our lives Everything you see, everything you need You can have it within reach It’s a new life, a new chance for us We shine...