Hybrid Air Vehicles Airlander
10h48 03  septembre
Airlander Luxury Cabin Interior
See inside Airlander 10’s luxury cabin interior, designed in partnership with Design Q.
12h09 24  juillet
Airlander Rethink The Skies
14h38 27  septembre
Airlander - The Future of Aviation is Here plus First Flight
16h17 11  mai
Airlander Takeoff and Landing 10th May 2017
Cardington Airfield 10th May 2017 Airlander completes a successful third flight and recommences the Flight Test Programme.
15h28 11  mai
Airlander 10 Flight 10th May 2017
Cardington Airfield, Bedfordshire.
12h11 03  février
Airlander 10 Official First Flight Film with Commentary
Watch the majestic First Flight of Airlander 10 and hear what it was like for the pilots on board. #ImagineThePossibilities
17h17 20  décembre
Hybrid Air Vehicles’ Staff Cheer
Hybrid Air Vehicles’ Staff Cheer at the Media Launch of the completed Airlander in March 2016.
12h15 28  septembre
3d Hybrid Lift Graphic
Airlanders utilise new aerospace technology that combines the best of the characteristics of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters with lighter-than-air technology to create a new breed of hyper-efficient aircraft, with a significantly lower carbon footprint and operating cost than other forms of air...
11h16 19  août
Airlander 10 Official First Flight Film
21h35 17  août
Airlander 10 First Flight
Airlander 10 First Flight
10h29 08  août
Airlander 10 Exiting its Hangar for the First Time
This is footage filmed at 5am on Saturday 6th August 2016 when the Airlander 10 was taken out of its hangar in Cardington, UK, for the first time in preparation for its First Flight. Credit to Pictures 2016 Dean Media Ltd
11h50 08  juillet
Airlander & STEM - The Future of Aviation is Here
The story of Airlander and the wonderful STEM opportunities being offered to young people by Hybrid Air Vehicles.
11h29 08  juillet
Airlander - The Future of Aviation is here
A summary of the Airlander’s journey so far.
12h56 04  mai
Airlander: The Future of Aviation has Arrived
Short video outlining how the Airlander 10 is set to revolutionise the aviation world.
10h40 21  janvier
How Collaborative Expertise Launched the Airlander Project
A video from The Institution of Engineering and Technology explaining how Hybrid Air Vehicles has been working with Forward Composites to apply decades of race-bred British carbon composite expertise in the development and manufacture of the revolutionary Airlander. The helium-filled Airlander is...