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21h00 26  décembre
Happy 10th Anniversary to this Blog, Timely-Atlas-Comics
nbsp;A happy 10th anniversary to this blog, Timely-Atlas-Comics, launched a decade ago on December 26, 2010, with my long interview with Timely’s Marion Sitton 10 years? Is that even possible? When I began this, I wanted a place to compile and discuss all the history and data pertaining to the long...
17h04 24  octobre
OT : Tales from the New York Daily News Sunday Comics (#10) : Happy 100th Anniversary to WINNIE WINKLE by Martin Branner
nbsp;A happy 100th anniversary to the long-running classic News comic strip, Winnie Winkle, debuting as a daily strip on September 20, 1920 in the Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily News and ending a 75 year run on July 28, 1996, in that self-same New York Daily News. From my pal, John...
17h43 04  octobre
OT : Tales from the New York Daily News Sunday Comics (#9) : This is Next Year - The Brooklyn Dodgers win the 1955 World Series
65 Years ago today, on Tuesday, October 4, 1955, Next Year finally came. The Brooklyn Dodgers won their first (and what would be their only ) World Series, beating the hated New York Yankees in seven games by a score of 2-0, behind the brilliant pitching of Johnny Podres and a great catch in the...
13h02 20  septembre
ATLAS AT WAR : The interviews
With the publication of my latest book on September 9, Atlas at War brings some of the hardest-hitting Atlas war stories of the 1950’s back into print for the first time in nearly 70 years. The book is published by Dead Reckoning, the graphic novel imprint of the Naval Institute Press, done...
04h25 18  mars
Allen Bellman : Timely Revisited - 2018 Interview
The following interview ran in the September, 2018 issue of Alter Ego, #154, featuring a cover penciled by Allen himself and retro-style inks by Dan Davis. While the printed interview had a bit of editing, the one below is the unedited, original version. My original introduction is included,...
03h54 10  mars
Allen Bellman (1924-2020)
It is with much sadness that I report the passing today of my dear friend, artist Allen Bellman, the last man alive who drew the exploits of Timely’s golden-age Captain America during the Second World War. Allen passed peacefully at the age of 95 after a short illness, with his beloved wife Roz by...
17h04 16  octobre
Tales From the New York Daily News : Happy 50th Anniversary to the 1969 Miracle Mets
There are no words - Karl Ehrhardt, the Sign Man at Shea, October 16, 1969 A gloriously happy 50th anniversary to the most miraculous, most improbable, and most unadulteratingly joyous championship in the history of sports, the 1969 Miracle New York Mets 1969... A year of moon walks,...
01h25 27  juin
OT : Tales from the New York Daily News Sunday Comics (#7) : Happy 100th anniversary to THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
A happy centennial anniversary to America’s very first tabloid newspaper, THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, first appearing on the newsstands as The Illustrated Daily News 100 years ago today, June 26, 1919 Legend has it that Captain Joseph Medill Patterson and his cousin Colonel Robert R....
03h58 07  juin
75th Anniversary of D-Day : 3 Atlas War Stories
Today, June 6, 2019, is the 75th anniversary of the most critical juncture of the Second World War, Operation Overlord, the Allied amphibian assault of 160,000 troops on the beaches at Normandy, France. Facing withering, dug-in Nazi opposition, 10,000 Allied casualties paved the way to turning...
22h12 04  mai
OT : Tales from the New York Daily News Sunday Comics (#6) : Happy 100th Anniversary to HAROLD TEEN by Carl Ed
Happy 100th anniversary to the third comic strip to ever appear in the New York Daily News, Carl Ed’s HAROLD TEEN The strip made its debut 100 years ago today, May 4, 1919 in the pages of the Patterson family owned Chicago Tribune (run by News publisher Joseph Medill Patterson’s cousin, Robert R....
14h00 24  décembre
We Wish You a Fago Christmas and a Happy New Year
Born Vincenzo Francisco Gennaro Di Fago on November 28, 1914, in Yonkers, New York, Vince Fago arrived at Timely’s doorstep in the McGraw Hill Building following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, causing him to leave his assistant animator job working for the Max Fleischer studio in Florida.Fago...
02h24 09  décembre
Stan Lee (1922-2018) - The Timely Years
01h26 11  août
OT : Tales from the New York Daily News Sunday Comics (#8) : 40th Anniversary of the 1978 New York Newspaper Strike & the Interim Strike Newspapers
20h16 23  février
OT : Tales from the New York Daily News Sunday Comics (#5) : CLOSER THAN WE THINK by Arthur Radebaugh
01h45 24  janvier
OT : Tales from the New York Daily News Sunday Comics (#4) : Jack Kirby is Where You Find it
04h47 26  décembre
We Wish You a Maneely Christmas and a Happy New Year
18h54 30  septembre
Charles H. King (1934-2017)
00h43 29  août
Happy 100th Birthday To Jack Kirby
18h39 28  juillet
Fabulous Flo Steinberg (1939-2017)
17h46 07  décembre
A Date Which Will Live In Infamy : December 7, 1941
01h13 22  octobre
Atlas Errata : Cover Alterations and Unpublished Implosion Inventory
13h41 18  septembre
Allen Bellman: The Brooklyn Eagle (1938-1940)
17h27 18  avril
Happy 100th Birthday To Carl Burgos
03h43 19  mars
Augie Scotto (1927-2016)
03h02 27  février
Happy 100th Birthday to The Great One , JACKIE GLEASON