French Riviera’s
13h10 04  septembre
Wedding band in Corsica
Nicolas Timmermans
Wedding band in Corsica We first performed with our wedding band in Corsica in 2008 and have been in love with the Island ever since. The fact we are based in Nice is perfect for us, as getting to Corsica with our band and equipment couldn’t be easier. Our drummer actually lives in Corsica, which...
10h01 16  novembre
Top 10 wedding venues in Italy
Nicolas Timmermans
Not long ago we posted our top 10 wedding venues in France. The feedback was so positive, plus it was a lot of fun remembering our travels, that we decided to do our top 10 wedding venues in Italy As a wedding band based on the French Riviera we travel to Italy for weddings all the &
13h00 16  juillet
Wedding band in France
WEDDING BAND IN FRANCE The romantic French Riviera is every couple’s dream location for a wedding. The vibrant colours of the Mediterranean, amazing weather, picture-perfect scenery and undeniable energy are famous throughout the world. Include in that mix the best wedding band in France and you...
10h51 01  juillet
Wedding band French Riviera
Wedding band French Riviera Four Kicks has established themselves as the most popular wedding band on the French Riviera. With their high end equipment, professional attitude and exciting setlist, these talented musicians are the must-have band for your wedding. Based in Nice on the French Riviera,...
12h43 18  mars
Wedding cocktail bar in France
Nicolas Timmermans
I’m very excited to announce to you that we have launched our new wedding cocktail bar in France, The Buckrider. This cocktail catering service is available exclusively for weddings in France, Italy and Switzerland. And we are now open for bookings Many of you may know me and Tim as musicians in...
07h45 16  mars
Top 10 wedding venues in France
Nicolas Timmermans
The best wedding venues in France Our top 10 wedding venues in France As a wedding band performing over 50 weddings a year, primarily in France, we have seen hundreds of venues. After a nice meal and perhaps too many glasses of wine one evening, the band members and I started debating which...
09h23 16  février
Wedding band Tuscany
Wedding band Tuscany Each month during the summer we are lucky enough to travel to this beautiful region performing as a wedding band in Tuscany. We love this part of Europe so much that it has become like a second home to us. We enjoy the fact that half our time is spent travelling all &
14h02 02  mars
Wedding band Switzerland
WEDDING BAND SWITZERLAND Imagine hosting a wedding ceremony, in either summer or winter, with the magnificent Swiss Alps as a backdrop. Without a doubt, this enormous region is the star attraction of Switzerland. Dotted amongst the alpine peaks are quaint villages, sparkling blue lakes and striking...
12h03 02  mars
Wedding band Paris
Wedding band Paris Paris, the city of love, is the quintessential wedding destination for many couples. Boasting elegance and style unlike any other cities around the world, it is simply impossible not to be romanced by France’s capital. Located in travelling distance from the French Riviera, Four...
12h39 27  février
Wedding band Bordeaux
WEDDING BAND BORDEAUX Bordeaux is arguably the most famous wine region in the world. With this grandeur, beauty and prestige comes another bonus it is also a stunning location for weddings In addition to endless fields of grape vines, this large city in south-west France prides itself on a...