Funstock retro
10h10 10  septembre
Evercade Reveal Jaleco and Piko 2 Collections
Zac Cocken
Another 2 cartridges are making their way to the Evercade library This time itís the Jaleco Collection 1 and the Piko Collection 2. Jaleco Collection 1 Of course this is the first time weíve seen Jaleco on the platform, and the new collection comes with 10 great games that will feel right at...
11h21 06  aoŻt
Tormented Souls Is A Classic-Inspired Survival Horror Game
Zac Cocken
PQube have revealed an upcoming survival horror game called Tormented Souls, which is heavily inspired by classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill Thereís no confirmed release date yet but we know the game is due to come out in 2021, and itís coming to Steam, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. Itís...
12h34 17  juillet
Lego NES Revealed
Zac Cocken
Lego and Nintendo have teamed up to create quite the lego set. After announcing the Super Mario themed sets earlier this year, it looks like the partnership between Lego and Nintendo will continue, as we now have the Lego version of the NES. The NES set contains 2,646 pieces, and comes with more...
10h07 10  juillet
Donkey Kong Country Coming To Switch Online
Zac Cocken
One of the best ever SNES titles, Donkey Kong Country, will soon be available on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo Switch Online app Donkey Kong Country will join the already strong roster of classic games on the Switch Online app on July 15, along with Natsume Championship Wrestling and The...
08h44 30  juin
Pre-Orders for 2 New Evercade cartridges open NOW
Zac Cocken
Evercade fans, there will be a limited allocation per retailer so we strongly recommend pre-ordering if you want to avoid disappointment We had initially planned to go live with the pre-orders at 10AM but unfortunately some other retailers have gone live early, so we had to release early too...
10h21 26  juin
RandoMaZer Is A New Marble Maze Game For the Atari ST
Zac Cocken
Looking to try out something new on your Atari ST or Falcon? RandoMaZer may be for you Itís an action puzzler distributed by Bitmap Soft that has you control a marble through fifty distinct levels. Thereís also power-ups to collect to spice things up, as well as obstacles and hazards to keep thing...
08h49 10  juin
Evercade Reveal The Oliver Twins Collection
Zac Cocken
Weíre now in the release window for the Evercade, and the hype just continues to build. The team at Evercade have just revealed their latest cartridge and itís a special one Itís an Oliver Twins Collection that features 7 Dizzy games, and all the profits go to charity The Oliver Twins Collection...
12h18 05  juin
VergeWorld: Icarus Is A Brand New Amiga Game With A Demo
Zac Cocken
Retro Bones are working on a new Amiga game, titled VergeWorld: Icarus Itís a sci-fi shoot íem up, racer AND explorer. The game sees you pilot a spaceship named Icarus, and the demo allows you to try to beat the Death Run challenge. There are plenty of little features here that youíre sure to...
10h42 29  mai
Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Is Getting A Sequel
Zac Cocken
Some might say it was a runaway success. Sorry. Anyway. Paramount have confirmed that a sequel to the Sonic The Hedgehog movie is in the works, which will bring the team that worked on the first movie back together again. The sequel will be directed by Jeff Fowler, with Pat Casey and Josh Miller on...
11h56 20  mai
Evercade Plan To Have 50 Cartridges Available In Next Few Years Interview
Zac Cocken
Weíre right around the corner for the release window of the Evercade and with that in mind, we had a chance to speak to Andrew Byatt, Product Director at Blaze, about the systemís inspiration, and their plans for the future Funstock: What did you set out to achieve with the Evercade? Andrew...
12h48 18  mai
Evercade Detail Easy Fix For Rare HDMI Sound Issue
Zac Cocken
Evercade have released a statement addressing some intermittent audio issues with a very small amount of games and TVís when playing in HDMI mode. The problem seems to be mostly caused by game capture software, but the team gave gone into great detail in their post. Whilst they are working on a...
10h09 15  mai
Get A Closer Look At The Atari 2600 7800: A Visual Compendiumí Book
Zac Cocken
Weíve got our hands on the new Atari 2600 7800: A Visual Compendiumí book from Bitmap Books, and itís safe to say this one is a real treat As we mentioned when it was revealed, this book is stuffed with insight and imagery that will fill the heart of any Atari fan with joy. Check & The post...