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01h23 08  janvier
Arcade1UP 2021 Rumors and Wishes
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The Sony PlayStation
14h38 25  octobre
UPDATED FROM EARLIER POST: In honor of the upcoming 5200 homebrews and the newly listed 8-bit conversions in the Atari Age store not to mention the pending emptying of my wallet Iíve updated my end labels to match. You can download the updated PDF here. Cheers, Ben
16h35 28  aoŻt
Labels for the Atari XE Prototypes
In the late 80s, the Atari XE line was the last hurrah for Atariís 8-bit computers. The 65XE and 130XE closely matched the 16-bit Atari ST line, and the Atari XEGS was its own diagonal style, pastel accented console computer hybrid that was doomed to compete with Nintendo, Sega and even Atariís...
13h00 11  juin
Atari Super Label System 5200
NOTE: CLICK HERE FOR UPDATED LABELS I recently produced some end labels for 1st party Atari 5200 cartridges. I made them Text-Style for the earlier Atari games and Logo-Style for the later games. Click Here for a PDF file of the labels or& Click Here for a Zipped PSD file to make your own Text...
11h35 19  mars
End Labels, Only for N64
Hi there. Itís been awhile Sorry about that, Iíve been away - distracted by a rather large Lego project. Iíve also swung back around to playing games on my Nintendo 64. As many of my older CD Drive and DVD Drive based systems are getting finicky in their old age, a solid state cartridge-based...
04h30 25  janvier
The NES - an Outsider View
I experienced the Nintendo Entertainment System from afar. I first saw the NES in 1986, at a friendís sleepover. I was in middle school. Corey had a system with Super Mario Bros, but he also had an Atari ST with a paint program ... and a game called Airball. Super Mario seemed fun and all, & ...
13h00 29  novembre
Wise from your Gwave (New SHOCKBOX Inserts )
Itís been awhile, but I have some new Neo-Geo Shockbox inserts to share with you First up is an update to my Neo Driftout insert. Back when I was getting feedback on the design on neo-geo.com, fellow insert maker NeoCverA pointed out that the car photos on the front would look better with a cell...
16h44 11  octobre
Legos with Kids 101
Legos are probably my favorite toy of all time, and I have had a lot of fun introducing and sharing my enjoyment of these little plastic bricks with my kids. When I was a kid in the 1980s, Lego sets were still relatively basic. There were only six brick colors - red, blue, yellow, white, gray, & ...