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17h18 15  janvier
Free Mars - Turn based free strategy PC game about colonizing Mars
Indie retro news --- (Indie Retro News)
For those of you who love playing the 1991 hit strategy game of Civilization will be interested in this piece of news, as Daniel Blake has let us know through Facebook, that you can download the latest version of Free Mars by arikande; a turn based strategy game about colonizing Mars, which is also...
16h00 15  janvier
Nixy the Glade Sprite - A fabulous ZX Spectrum game is coming soon to the C64
Indie retro news --- (Indie Retro News)
In May of 2018 Scotty of Indie Retro News did a big review of the ZX Spectrum game Nixy The Glade Sprite, in which he said It was a very fun and addictive game that casual and advanced players should try especially with its beautifully crafted visuals . So why is this game getting a mention yet...
16h52 15  janvier
Reverse Engineering Prodigy, Part 1
Vintage Computing --- Phillip Heller
Please welcome Phillip Heller, VC G’s newest contributor, who is a member of the Prodigy Preservation Project. Phillip will post more updates on his progress here in the future. -Benj Beginning in the mid 1980s, there were a number of online walled gardens . Among them were Compu Serve, Genie,...
15h42 15  janvier
Unfortunate Coincidence by Lethargy
13h00 15  janvier
Retroist Defender Podcast
Retroist --- Retroist
Defender is a fast-paced and innovative game, that belongs up there in the pantheon of most influential early arcade games. Not only was it a mega-hit, but it put into motion game trends that would help to define modern gaming.
12h46 15  janvier
Opinion: Custom modded hacked devalues it
Digitpress : Retrogaming Roundtable --- gbpxl
I know that I’ve talked about this before, but due to the fact that every year, more and more game systems, cartridges and accessories get butchered...
12h24 15  janvier
Varia Suit Samus Art by James Ville IG
IT 8bit
Varia Suit SamusArt by James Ville IG
11h14 15  janvier
Morph OS Storage
Commodore News
An update for the Morph OS Storage web page: Shadow Warrior.lha, Exomizer 3.1.0.lha, Wayfarer 1.11.lha, Iris 0.100beta.lha, The Widow.lha, Doom3-Project UAC alpha.lha, Smart Clipboard 1.3.lha, y Weather 1.22.lha, Auto Visible 1.3.lha, Julius 1.6.0.lha, Easy Rapa 1.0.lha, Chrysalis 3.15.iso, Morph...
11h19 15  janvier
Virtual C64 web
Commodore News
Dirk Hoffmann has made a web version of his Visual C64 emulator. The features are: HTML 5, CSDb scene browser, joysticks, open ROM’s and snapshot.
11h18 15  janvier
Amiga Future #148
Commodore News
A new edition of the English and German Amiga magazine Amiga Future has been released. In this edition: Editorial, News, Christian Weber, Jacek Piszczek, Legend of Falconia, Wiz: Quest For The Magic Lantern, Vegetables Deluxe, Crystals of Arborea, Ami Kit XE für Vampire, Wayfarer, Neues aus dem...
11h17 15  janvier
Commodore News
The web page has had an update with many new items: Mon ML Monitor, The Famous Sprite Show Series, CCGMS 2021, JAL Software’s C64 Public Domain Disk 1, Sprite Page Demo v3.1, Sprite Number Demo v4, Disk X2, Scan Seqs v3.0, Seq. Reader v2.1, Double Dir, Doodle Sequence v1.2, Hose...
11h16 15  janvier
Hall of Light
Commodore News
An update for the Hall of Light web page: Bodo Illgner’s Super Soccer, Battle Of The Atlantic, 4 D Sports Boxing, Kwik Snax, Fort Apache, Manfred Linzner, F1 GP Circuits, Matthias Bock, Star Defende, Kick Off 3: European Challenge, Daley Thompson’s Olympic Challenge, International Sports Challenge,...
11h15 15  janvier
Commodore 64 Dictionary
Commodore News
Elijah Gardner has made a complete dictionary for the Commodore C64 computer. The dictionary uses 19 D81 images and contains about words and definitions.
10h30 15  janvier
Bod the Alien
Games That Weren’t --- fgasking
1991 Digital Magic Software Platform: Amiga (and C64 - released as Bod Squad) C64 owners will very much recognise our next entry, which was eventually released by Zeppelin Games back in 1992 as Bod Squad. Originally though, the game was ... Continue reading ’
05h53 15  janvier
wii get knocked down, but wii get back up again.....and PS2 AV port repair
Phillip McFee : video --- Phillip Mc Fee
Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https: philmcfee
02h57 15  janvier
Astro Pinball (Creati Vision)
Arcade USA : video --- Arcade USA
A rather fun game from the Vtech Creativision Console It also went by many other names as well in different regions.
00h29 15  janvier
The Worst DOOM Copycat
Ausretrogamer --- ausretrogamer
By: D. C. Cutler, U. S. A. There were a lot of &8220;Doom&8221; copycats after the game’s enormous success; &8220;Bloodwings: Pumpkinhead’s Revenge&8221; is probably the most unusual rip-off. There are moments while playing it where I&8217;m not sure what my objective is or if there even is an...
23h15 14  janvier
Rise of the Tomb Raider in Pixel Art Created by Amir...
IT 8bit
Rise of the Tomb Raider in Pixel ArtCreated by Amir Mohamadrezaee
23h01 14  janvier
I Bought a Fake PS5 for 35 Nostalgia Nerd
Nostalgia Nerd : video --- Nostalgia Nerd
Head to https: nostalgianerd to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code NOSTALGIANERD.... So, I thought this would make a cheery, easy going video to roll in 2021, but as it turns out, this Fake PS5 had more hidden beneath the skin than I first thought...
19h49 14  janvier
rom dumping
Digitpress : Retrogaming Roundtable --- luke9511
hey everyone, I have a sega genesis game that I am trying to repair and have been told by different people that the company that manufactured this...
19h05 14  janvier
Eightfold by Onslaught
18h48 14  janvier
Creeping Me Out Hex Night - An upcoming Amiga platformer developed using the Scorpion Engine
Indie retro news --- (Indie Retro News)
Looking at the screenshot above you’d probably think this was going to be an adventure game with a similar vibe to that of Simon the Sorcerer. Well this isn’t going to be an adventure, as we’ve recently found out through Facebook, that Creeping Me Out : Hex Night, developed by Mixel, is a brand new...
17h01 14  janvier
ZeusDaz --- Zeusdaz - The Unemulated Retro Game Channel
Welcome to another Shit Game Time review video, this I’ll be playing and Shit-rating House of Usher on the Amstrad CPC, a paid request by youtuber Ogma , I hope you enjoy it. If you wish to request a game to be placed in the Shit Game Time Vault of Shitness then please click this video link for...
15h51 14  janvier
Lemon Amiga launches new and improved website
Vintage is the new old --- Paulo
I like to think Vintage is the New Old foments the retro computing community integration, and more than once, we have been promoting different websites and projects around the internet. It is with pleasure that I see one of the most traditional ones getting even better Lemon Amiga website has...
15h20 14  janvier
Distressed by Atlantis
12h30 14  janvier
Samus Aran - Identity Art by James Ville IG
IT 8bit
Samus Aran - Identity Art by James Ville IG
00h00 14  janvier
Jasky joined Hokuto Force as Graphician
Commodore 64 Scene : news
00h48 14  janvier
Stern Pinball Showcasing Led Zeppelin Game at Show Stoppers CES 2021
Ausretrogamer --- ausretrogamer
Stern Pinball’ Dead Flip showcases Led Zeppelin pinball at Show Stoppers at CES 2021 The post Stern Pinball Showcasing Led Zeppelin Game at Show Stoppers CES 2021 first appeared on AUSRETROGAMER.
23h27 13  janvier
deviantArt : Atari2600 --- deviant Art : Atari2600 --- deviant Art : Atari2600 --- deviant Art : Atari2600 --- deviant Art : Ata
Tried to make the graphics nicer in an old atari 2600 game called Vanguard.
22h05 13  janvier
Son of a Bit by Booze Design
19h00 13  janvier
Grand Theft Auto 5 in Pixel Art Created by Amir Mohamadrezaee
IT 8bit
Grand Theft Auto 5 in Pixel ArtCreated by Amir Mohamadrezaee
17h55 13  janvier
ZeusDaz --- Zeusdaz - The Unemulated Retro Game Channel
The Ninety Third challenge video where me and Mutant Catterpillar test each other skills and wind each other up,...but all in good fun and jest :-D This time I try to beat his Gridrunner challenge on the ZX Spectrum, did I succeed or fail the chalenge ? , and see :- My new challenge for him...
16h28 13  janvier
Frantic Pengo - A new speccy game from Gabriele Amore
Indie retro news --- (Indie Retro News)
Gabriele Amore is certainly no stranger to Indie Retro News, creating very enjoyable games such as Saving Kong, Castle Capers, Donkey Kong Jr and even Bubble Frenzy. Well now another game is gracing our speccy screens, as during the last couple of days he has released his Arcade game of ’Frantic...
14h02 13  janvier
C20H25 N30 by Bonzai
14h31 13  janvier
Galaxy Tripper Art by Pixel Jeff IG
IT 8bit
Galaxy TripperArt by Pixel Jeff IG
10h30 13  janvier
Back Sides
Games That Weren’t --- fgasking
1993 Emotional Pics Platform: Amiga From the creators of Cover Girl Strip Poker was yet another game along the same kind of theme of featuring naked women, this time with an Othello-based game to gradually reveal all. The title was ... Continue reading ’
03h24 13  janvier
Spelunker (Coleco Vision Homebrew)
Arcade USA : video --- Arcade USA
Josh is back with another Homebrew Highlight This time he is checking out Team Pixelboys Spelunker for the Coleco Vision
01h08 13  janvier
Smarty And The Nasty Gluttons - An Amiga special will also be getting a boxed edition through Bitmap Soft
Indie retro news --- (Indie Retro News)
There’s been a lot of great news stories already this year, from the announcement of Tinyus coming to the Amiga, which is an Arcade conversion of Gradius Nemesis, and even a demo of Wilcza Buda and a overhauled work in progress update of a great game called Tapper. Well have we got another great...
01h32 13  janvier
Gravity Duck 64 - An upside down C64 game from Adrian Kurek is coming
Indie retro news --- (Indie Retro News)
A bit of a late C64 news update for you all, especially as it’s near 1am here in the UK. But we’ve recently been informed through Saberman, that if you follow Adrian Kurek’s development blog, you’ll see that he is working on a new C64 game called ’Gravity Duck 64’; a game which is based around...
17h43 12  janvier
Atari Crypt --- (Atari Crypt)
Brick Buster ? Tecnoball Z was published in 1991 by TLK Game and is a Breakout conversion developed by Pierre Denis. Weirdly, I’d never heard of this game until a good friend happened to mention it a few weeks ago (thanks Paul). Sadly, I have no idea whether it was ever officially released over...
17h10 12  janvier
Ponownie Å rodowiska prasowe
Atari online --- Kaz
JeÅ eli nadchodzi Å roda to wiedz, Å e... moÅ e siÄ odbyÄ Å rodowy przeglÄ...d prasy komputerowej (oczywiÅ cie tej z lat 80. i 90.) Wpadajcie ze wspomnieniami, informacjami, wraÅ eniami, pomysÅ ami. Start o godzinie 20:00 w tym miejscu . Tym razem dokoÅ czymy omawianie Anonimowej Ankiety Atarowców ...
14h29 12  janvier
Plasma (V6 Z80P OSCA) by Ethanol Soft Inc
14h00 12  janvier
Bullet Bill Trouble #2 Also check out Bullet Bill Trouble #1. Art...
IT 8bit
Bullet Bill Trouble #2Also check out Bullet Bill Trouble #1. Art by Dirk Erik Schulz Patreon
13h00 12  janvier
The Ronald Mc Donald Comic Strip
Retroist --- Retroist
In 1978, Ronald Mc Donald got his own comic strip featuring all the great characters from Mc Donaldland. A year later it was gone, but thanks to the effort of a dedicated fan, you can finally find the entire run in print once again.
11h00 12  janvier
Agony early assets (Amiga)
Games That Weren’t --- fgasking
A very short post to flag up some unused assets and early screens for the Psygnosis classic - Agony thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz. First of all there are a number of screens in the gallery below dug out by Grzegorz ... Continue reading ’
05h09 12  janvier
Gamecube repair part 2
Phillip McFee : video --- Phillip Mc Fee
Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https: philmcfee
05h03 12  janvier
Hello everyone
Digitpress : Retrogaming Roundtable --- Bphutchins
Hello fellow gamers. I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Benm I live in Ohio and I’ve always been a gamer, starting with the odyssey 2...
04h12 12  janvier
Castlevania: The Complete History
Ausretrogamer --- ausretrogamer
Daniel Ibbertson (aka: Slope’s Game Room) has published a full-length documentary based on the history of one of the biggest game franchises of all time, CASTLEVANIA The post Castlevania: The Complete History first appeared on AUSRETROGAMER.
02h36 12  janvier
SHIT GAME TIME: SAS Operation Thunderflash (ZX SPECTRUM - Contains Swearing )
ZeusDaz --- Zeusdaz - The Unemulated Retro Game Channel
Welcome to another Shit Game Time review video, this I’ll be playing and Shit-rating SAS: Operation Thunderflash on the ZX Spectrum, a paid request by youtuber Texy88 , I hope you enjoy it. If you wish to request a game to be placed in the Shit Game Time Vault of Shitness then please click this...
21h46 11  janvier
Video Game Music: What’s That Song ? A Missing Rap Song: Boss Fight
Digitpress : Retrogaming Roundtable --- Nz17
I’m trying to remember a song to find it to download it. The song was from about 2009 or earlier. It is not from a video game, but it is about...