The chess mind
07h23 18  janvier
Tata Steel (Wijk aan Zee) Underway
Dennis Monokroussos
In fact the Tata Steel Chess Tournament started this weekend - in person - and as usual itís a mix of super-elite players (e.g. Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Anish Giri) and some players from the second tier (e.g. Dutch players other than Giri, the winner of last yearís B...
04h07 12  janvier
A Wonderful Engine Idea
Dennis Monokroussos
Iíve been away for a while - mourning the Notre Dame game, perhaps? - but having run across a terrific idea in a recent computer game, itís a good time to return. Season 20 of the TCEC (Top Chess Engine Championship) is underway, and itís looking like a two-horse race between Lc0 and Stockfish. ...
02h12 02  janvier
Chess in the Mainstream Press: Jessica Lauser UPDATED
Dennis Monokroussos
She may not be as strong as Beth Harmon; on the other hand, Jessica Lauser is legally blind and - more importantly - not fictional. Hereís a nice profile of Lauser, who has won the U.S. chess championship for the blind (for women, or period? Iím not sure) the past three years. Good luck to Jessica...
01h36 02  janvier
Catching up on the Airthings Masters: The Aronian-Rajdabov Final Starts Tomorrow (Saturday)
Dennis Monokroussos
While Levon Aronian and Teimour Radjabov are obviously great players, itís still surprising that theyíre the finalists of this 15í 10 tournament, rather than, say, Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, or Wesley So. Are the times a-changing? When I first mentioned the event it was the day after...
01h28 02  janvier
Alabama 31, Notre Dame 14
Dennis Monokroussos
Ok, not great. Not embarrassing, especially after the horrible start, but not good enough. But we are getting closer - wait ítil next year (season)
21h06 01  janvier
Yu Yangyi Wins the Chinese Championship
Dennis Monokroussos
It would be an interesting and noteworthy event even in normal times, but with almost all events taking place online and at short time controls itís nice to see that the Chinese Championships featured a classical time control (90í 30 ) and apparently took place in person in Xinghua. Yu Yangyi...
21h02 01  janvier
Notre Dame to Stem the Tide, Starting Shortly
Dennis Monokroussos
Yes, you knew it was coming Itís playoff time, and the #4 Fighting Irish of Notre Dame take on #1 Alabama, starting in about 15 minutes. Itís time for ND to finally get the monkey off their back and punish the Crimson Tide, and we can watch the Tide get rolled on ESPN. Go Irish
21h00 01  janvier
Happy New Year
Dennis Monokroussos
Letís hope this year is a good one; minimally, not as horrible as the one weíve just left behind - good riddance. Apropos this blog, I wish you all the best for your chess in 2021, and of course - again apropos this blog - something else...
04h46 27  dťcembre
Kasparov Links
Dennis Monokroussos
As many of you know, Garry Kasparovís interests include politics, especially Russian politics, and he has not been shy about criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin over the years, even doing so at great personal risk. Hereís his most recent piece, but I wouldnít have bothered posting it (both...
04h04 27  dťcembre
Chess Resumes: Levitov Cup, Airthings Masters
Dennis Monokroussos
If it ever stopped in the first place. Showing something less than a full appreciation of the Christmas spirit, the Levitov Chess Christmas Cup took place on the 24th and 25th, a blitz (3í 2 ) knockout event with 16 finalists. Alireza Firouzja won, defeating Alexander Grischuk 6-4 in the final....