Luke Morse : video
03h42 01  janvier
Liquid Kids: Arcade (Actual Hardware)
I thought we could start off 2021 with a fun title here by Taito. If you like bubble bobble, nightmare in the dark, etc, then this is another fun game to try.
06h24 25  décembre
Avenging Spirit Phantasm: Arcade (Actual Hardware)
Here is a board I recently managed to get up and running again by finding a donor board and changing out a few components. The original board had several issues but swapping over a few parts to the new one, I was able to save this classic game. In the game you are a ghost who possesses other...
11h17 18  décembre
Cadash: Arcade Game Play (Actual Hardware)
I thought we could take a look at this great arcade rpg. The mixture of RPG elements with puzzle solving and secret passageways on the arcade is what makes this a really neat game. The A.I. however can be brutal sometimes. Unfortunately I realized that after upload and using a new camera there is...
07h53 16  novembre
Luke’s Neo Geo CD Collection
Here is a very quick overview of my neo geo cd collection. Completely off the cuff and unscripted so there are tons of mistakes in the video. Some opinions on the games may differ from person to person which is understandable but just wanted to run though the games I have. (in no particular order)...
04h06 04  novembre
Last Duel : Capcom Arcade Shooting Game (Actual Hardware)
Since there isnt a lot of information on this board ( Last Duel )and it isnt extremely well known I figured we could do a bit of some game play on it. In this game you transform from a car into an airplane or space ship. This is a confusing game to search the internet for so hopefully key words...
15h00 29  octobre
Stubbs The Zombie: Xbox (Actual Hardware)
I thought we could do this one here for some more Halloween related gaming for October 2020
06h10 28  octobre
Sega Dynamite Cop: Arcade Gameplay (Actual Hardware)
Well, after getting it fixed up I thought it was time to do a video on it so here it is. I need to fix a break in the speaker wire somewhere causing sound to drop out sometimes but other than that, it works great. Just a little look at some gameplay on the board.
03h05 22  octobre
Sega Dynamite Cop Arcade PCB Repair
When this board arrived there was almost nothing on screen except for the title. Here you can see what repairs I did to the game.
11h29 18  octobre
Repaired Konami Dark Adventure PCB
Just a little bit of a rundown on a few of the repairs I made to this board. As mentioned in the video, this isnt a how to repair but more of a what was wrong with the board video.
09h31 11  octobre
October Halloween Gaming 2020: Silent Hill The Arcade (Actual Hardware)
Its been a while since Ive made a video on this old game here so today I decided to pull out the set up and do some checking as well as a little gaming on it for the Halloween season. Even though this year is a bit different for everyone I just wanted to do something that suits the spooky month of...
11h50 07  octobre
Sega Game Gear Micro Teardown With Quick & Dirty Overview (4 Color Variants)
Here is a look at the new Sega game gear micro. In this video Ill show you a few things about the 4 different colors, some of the games and features of the hardware, some of the code running the system, and a look inside.
06h22 28  septembre
PCFX Battery Damaged Memory Card Repair. Remove These Batteries
A look at a damaged memory card for an NEC PCFX console due to battery leakage. If you have a memory card in your system with the batteries still inside, remove the batteries or the card before it eats your machine.
05h12 11  septembre
Outrunners: Sega Arcade (Actual Hardware)
Just a little bit of some game play on this old board here. A fun classic by Sega but still hard as nails.
10h26 11  août
Check Your Capcom CPS2 Board Batteries Before Its Too Late
As you can see in the video. This is a Capcom CPS2 board that suffered from internal battery leakage. The damage was extensive. The board was cleaned using vinegar slightly diluted with water to remove the liquid sprayed from the battery and afterward, the entire board was washed using soap and...
21h50 27  juin
Battletoads: Sega Mega Drive Game Play (Actual Hardware)
Just thought we could do some gaming here on battletoads for the old sega mega drive.