02h46 12  janvier
He’s Not a Duck, Says This 1997 Maui Mallard Ad, He’s a Swat Team with Feathers
Josh Wirtanen
I always love looking at magazine ads from the 1990s. From the absurd to the shocking to the the absolutely way-too-saucy, these ads are often a portal into an entirely different world. The ad for Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow I posted below (which I discovered in the January, 1997 issue of Ultra...
23h43 30  décembre
A Deeper Dive into Nintendo Power’s Top 20 Scoring System
Josh Wirtanen
A while back, I wrote an article called How Did Nintendo Power’s Top 20 Scoring System Work? That article explored the Top 20 games lists that were featured in Nintendo Power magazine and attempted to find out how the scoring system was tallied. I was able to show reader surveys, which was one of...
04h22 29  décembre
With Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, Did Blizzard Know They Were Sitting on a Goldmine?
Josh Wirtanen
In 1994, a humble little game development studio called Silicon & Synapse changed its name to Blizzard Entertainment. On top of porting The Lost Vikings to Amiga, they released three new games that year. The first was the much-maligned Death and Return of Superman for SNES, published by Sunsoft in...
05h59 07  décembre
Resident Evil’s World of Survival Horror and the Mandela Effect
Josh Wirtanen
Welcome to the world of survival horror. That’s one of the most recognizable lines of text in video game history, up there with It’s dangerous to go alone Take this. But where did it originate? You’re probably thinking it was in the introduction to the first Resident Evil. That’s how I would...
01h05 07  décembre
My Feelings About Flashback: The Quest for Identity Will Always Be Mixed
Josh Wirtanen
I’ve been obsessed with Flashback: The Quest for Identity for decades. The game released in 1992 for Amiga, despite the fact that it was initially intended to be a Sega Mega Drive Genesis release. It did end up on Genesis the following year, and that’s where I first discovered it, though it’s hard...
20h54 09  novembre
I Will Never Forget the Caverns Music from Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster’s Hidden Treasure for Sega Genesis
Josh Wirtanen
I had a Sega Genesis growing up rather than a Super NES. While that means I initially missed out on game-changers like Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, EarthBound, and Final Fantasy VI, it does mean I got to enjoy Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster’s Hidden Treasure. If you think I’m making a joke here...
17h17 17  octobre
The Curious Charm of Bootleg Pokémon Games
Mandi Odoerfer
I love Pokémon. I also love cheap, terrible bootleg games. What happens when you combine the two? Something magical. Legit Pokémon games may be thin on story, but they’re charming and infinitely quotable. 2003 Pocket Monster Carbuncle (for Game Boy Color), on the other hand, was translated with...
22h16 10  octobre
Atari’s Primal Rage Was Actually Super Ambitious for a Dinosaur-Themed Fighting Game
Josh Wirtanen
The concept behind Primal Rage (which came to arcades in 1994) was to make a brutal fighting game very much like Mortal Kombat, only with dinosaurs. Some might call that premise ridiculous, while others will argue that it’s actually ridiculously awesome. Personally, I think it’s a bit of both, and...
18h41 11  septembre
Far Cry 2 Is My Favorite Far Cry Game
Julian Watkins
I have played some version of every Far Cry game to date. It’s one of those series where each entry is mostly the same in its DNA and execution, just slightly re-branded with differing locals and despots. Of course, entries have built upon those that came before them, like Far Cry 3 adding RPG...
20h18 10  septembre
Do You Remember the Sigur Rós Trailer for Prince of Persia (2008)?
Josh Wirtanen
The Prince of Persia series has legions of hardcore fans, and our own Hassan Ali is among them. At the E3 gaming expo in 2008, Ubisoft delighted Prince of Persia fans with a trailer for Prince of Persia. This wasn’t the original Prince of Persia game (which came out in 1989), but another game...
17h40 10  septembre
How Resident Evil 4 Revamped the Classic Resident Evil Series
Hasan Ali
Bloop sound) GameCube. The Cradle of the Progenitor Virus. Leon S. Kennedy& Invading& Contamination... Possessed& The camera zooms out, and the game title appears: BIOHAZARD 4. This vague assortment of words (and the equally bewildering imagery that accompanies it) makes up the first-ever teaser...
20h07 07  septembre
The Batman Forever Game Is an Astonishingly Bad Take on the Bat-Nipples Movie
Josh Wirtanen
Licensed games don’t have to be awful. In fact, in the mid-1990s, there were plenty of great ones. From the 7up advertainment game Cool Spot to Disney’s legendary Aladdin, the 16-bit era actually had some true masterpieces in the licensed game category. Batman Forever for Sega Genesis, Game Gear,...
15h12 03  septembre
Super Mario 64 Is Coming to Nintendo Switch
Josh Wirtanen
Super Mario 64 came out in 1996 to revolutionize the way the world thought about video games. It wasn’t the first 3D platformer (just off the top of my head, Jumping Flash and a French game called Alpha Waves both predate it), but it was the one that created the blueprint for such games going...
06h00 01  septembre
HydroCity Zone Is the Most Hateable Zone in Sonic 3
Josh Wirtanen
I first played Sonic the Hedgehog 3 when it was fairly new probably 1994 or 1995. I tend to revisit it occasionally, maybe once every five years or so, to see if it still holds up after all these years. And yes, it does. Sonic 3 is absolutely great. I love how the game starts you off immediately...
01h23 01  septembre
A Brief History of Every Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Game (The Neversoft Golden Age)
Julian Watkins
I recently compiled a list of every Spider-Man game ever released, followed by a list of every X-Men game (which includes some titles that were never actually released). With Tony Hawk frenzy hitting fever pitch, it seems like a good time as any to grab a skateboard and roll down memory lane,...
15h44 22  août
Netflix’s High Score Documentary Scores Big
Julian Watkins
The origins of video games have been explored in documentary form more times than one can count. Those classic stories, rooted both in reality and rumor, have been recounted in various interviews and behind-the-scenes footage over the years, so this is a well that will probably never run dry....
16h54 21  août
Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Wars: TIE Fighter Getting Swanky Physical PC Releases
Retrovolve Staff
When LucasArts got the Star Wars video-game license back from Broderbund Software in 1992, they leaned into their dogfighting experience and created the Star Wars: X-Wing series. See, Lawrence Holland had worked on a few World War II dogfighting games for LucasArts already (including Battlehawks...
16h58 20  août
Where Is My Body? Is Releasing on Game Boy in Cartridge Format
Josh Wirtanen
Think the Game Boy is dead? Think again. The little gray box of 8-bit glory is still alive and well (but what else would you expect from a gaming console that’s been to space and back?) Not only is there a chiptune scene, where folks make music on Game Boys, but Greenboy Games is still releasing...
15h54 20  août
Brian Lara Cricket ’99 Captured the True Essence of Cricket
Hasan Ali
Every two months or so, I used to send an email to Codemasters, publisher of the classic Brian Lara Cricket video game series, to tell them how much I wanted a new cricket game from them. I got almost the same response every time, something along the lines of: Thank you for your suggestions. We...
19h31 19  août
Retro World Series Hosting Crash Team Racing and Pokémon Stadium 2 Tournaments This Saturday
Retrovolve Staff
The Retro World Series Summer League Online continues This Saturday (August 22, 2020), they’ll be hosting online tournaments for Crash Team Racing and Pokémon Stadium 2. Crash Team Racing was a classic kart racer for the Sony PlayStation, which recently got a jam-packed remake. It is the original...
18h20 18  août
There Are Butts and Farts Galore in This Virtual League Baseball Ad
Retrovolve Staff
You know the number-one thing people associate baseball with? asked someone in the marketing department for Virtual League Baseball. Chili dog farts. At least, that’s the impression you might get from this ad. We’ve covered some weird ads before at Retrovolve, from Crash Bandicoot’s trip to...
05h06 18  août
GARAGE: Bad Dream Adventure Was a Surreal Nightmare Almost Lost to Time
Mandi Odoerfer
Is there anything you feel uneasy about? begins GARAGE: Bad Dream Adventure. It will be alright. Please trust Garage. You are certain to find whatever it is you desire. And with those strange words of reassurance, you’re briefly plunged into darkness. As its title might imply, GARAGE: Bad Dream...
16h31 16  août
It’s Uncanny How Many X-Men Games There Have Been (1985-1997)
Julian Watkins
Recently, I plummeted down the rabbit hole of chronicling every Spider-Man video game that ever existed. Compiling that list satisfied my curiosity for a little while, but curiosity is a persistent little rascal. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m back at it. This time, I’m looking at the history of The...
00h11 16  août
You Can Wall Jump in Super Mario Bros. for NES
Josh Wirtanen
If you’re at all familiar with the evolution of Mario, you might have spent decades believing that Mario’s wall jump ability was introduced in Super Mario N64. And you’d be partially right. But while the wall-hopping maneuver was officially added to Mario’s arsenal with the groundbreaking Nintendo...
16h02 14  août
Retro World Series and the Rise of Retro Esports
Josh Wirtanen
Hal Hawkins wanted to buy a boat. He loves fishing, and he had some free time, so it seemed like it was probably a good time to enter the world of boat ownership. However, he ended up doing something completely different, something that, if you ask me, is much cooler than buying a boat. He ended up...
15h26 13  août
Why Was Donald Duck’s Name Removed from Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow?
Josh Wirtanen
There is very little that is normal about Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow. The music is bizarre, the instruction manual is deliciously hardboiled, and Donald Duck’s name has been completely removed from the game. Yes, Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow is a game that stars Donald Duck as the playable...
15h35 12  août
Get 50 SNK Classics in One Arcade Cabinet with the SNK Neo Geo MVSX Home Arcade
Retrovolve Staff
If your one complaint about SNK’s Neo Geo X was that it doesn’t quite replicate the arcade experience, then boy howdy, do we have some news for you. SNK has teamed up with Gstone Group to create the SNK Neo Geo MVSK Home Arcade. This two-player arcade cabinet comes packed with 50 classic SNK games,...
23h21 11  août
You Can Get Every Kingdom Hearts Game Ever Made for 30 Right Now on PS4
Retrovolve Staff
At this point in history, it’s maybe not all that easy to get into Kingdom Hearts. With a convoluted storyline that stretches across multiple consoles (and multiple console generations), it’s perhaps a bit overwhelming to figure out where to even start. Well, thanks to an amazing sale in the PSN...
20h32 11  août
Wild Arms Was the PlayStation’s First Truly Great JRPG
Josh Wirtanen
When the Sony PlayStation first came out in North America (way back in 1995), no one really knew what to expect. Unlike its competitors at Sega and Nintendo, Sony hadn’t yet showed us what sorts of games their console would host. They certainly had no Mario or Legend of Zelda or Sonic that would...
02h06 11  août
The Sonic & Knuckles Japanese Box Art Has Some Incredible Flavor Text
Josh Wirtanen
I always thought that the lock-on version of Sonic & Knuckles was exclusive to the United States. Well, I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong, and I was wrong about this. Japan got a Sonic & Knuckles cartridge that featured Lock-On Technology (TM) as well. (I wrote an entire article about Sega’s...