Old School Gamer
17h06 17  janvier
End of Days Sonic and the Sega Master System
Mike Mertes
What if you took Sonic the Hedgehog and toned down every gimmick that brought him to the public eye? No, I’m not talking about his love for chili dogs. I’m talking about tweaking his super-sonic speed that SEGA’s marketing department touted was only possible due to the Genesis’ blast processing....
12h40 17  janvier
Video Game Trading Card Spotlight George Spanos
Todd Friedman
Our next Trading Card Spotlight features George Spanos, who currently is displayed on card number 3333, from the Superstars of 2020 Collection. George is one of the great arcade mechanics in the Chicagoland area. He has serviced machines at all the top arcade including Galloping Ghost Arcade,...
07h40 17  janvier
Jason Russell
Long Overdue On account of a seemingly endless series of non-gaming related distractions (sometimes referred to as life), I’ve been regretfully slow at responding to some of the great reader questions that find me on social media. Let’s take a look into the digital mailbag and see if we can’t...
19h00 16  janvier
Atari 2600 Encyclopedia: Do you know Double Dragon?
Derek Slaton
Release Date: 1989 Publisher: Activision Controller: Joystick Players: 1 - 2 Genre: Arcade Alternate Title: N A Model #: AK-050 Rarity: 5 Programmer: Dan Kitchen This port of the arcade classic came along very late in the 2600 lifespan and stands apart from every other home version of the game....
16h27 15  janvier
Music is the Weapon How Aerosmith Rocked the Arcade
Michael Thomasson
Aerosmith’s signature video game almost didn’t include Aerosmith. In 1993, Midway Games was working on a new coin-op to be titled Generation X’, and if one listens carefully to the opening sequence, Revolution X is referred to by its original title. However, that name was already copyrighted by...
15h00 15  janvier
Once a NES Kid, Always a NES Kid
Old School Gamer
Those were the EXACT words I screamed when I laid my eyes on the Nintendo Entertainment System for the very first time. The moment has been vividly burned into my brain. It was January, 1986. I was sleeping over at my friend John Gaines’ house. I assumed we’d spend the night making prank calls...
16h21 13  janvier
Coins Detected in Pocket Recent World Records
Old School Gamer
In 1999 and his 2005 Donkey Kong record score. In a video released by Guinness World Records, Editor-in Chief Craig Glenday stated, reviewing both: existing evidence and newly sourced eyewitness testimony, plus some new expert gameplay analyses and hardware verification actions taken after...
20h30 11  janvier
Space Invaders: 10 Things You Never Knew
Old School Gamer
In 1978, the world was gifted with Space Invaders. It’s been called an arcade classic’, the original first-person shooter’ and the little alien symbols are instantly recognizable to this day. But aside from the fact that you have to take control of the little craft and shoot away at the aliens...
16h17 11  janvier
Coins Detected in Pocket Robbie Lakeman vs. Donkey Kong
Old School Gamer
THE GAME Like sand at the beach, an ARCADE has zero legitimacy without one, if not two, Donkey Kong cabinets. Nintendo’s 1981 explosive launch put them at the top of the North American ARCADE scene. Stubborn Gorilla versus fearless Jump Man... can this helpless damsel be rescued? A cross between...
02h35 11  janvier
Tiger Electronics: The Handheld on a BUDGET.
Ben Magnet
In the late 80’s and early 90’s gaming on the go wasn’t a distant dream anymore. We had the Game Boy, SEGA Game Gear and the Atari Lynx. These systems were great in their own right and of course the Game Boy would be the one to take the crown and become the most famous ...