Death by Toys
18h24 10  août
Public Domain Horror Toys (With a Twist)
Over the last few months, I’ve gone through tons of public domain horror posters so I could create a line of toys. While working on them, I realized that a lot of the titles are pretty boring, so I took some liberties and renamed them all. The result is a toys series that’s not totally safe for...
05h56 19  juillet
Buy Your Authentic Clown Pubes Here
I stumbled across a public domain circus poster featuring a very creepy clown, so I turned it into this charming clown pubes. CLICK HERE TO BUY ONE. (And no, they don’t actually smell bad, that just reads funny on the package to me.)
20h22 18  juillet
Now for Sale: Magnifying Glasses
I love a good mystery. And if you do too, you’ll love solving various genital-related mysteries with this official Death by Toys Magnifying Glass. Click Here to Buy One.Apologies to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
18h56 28  juin
Male Ego Action Figures Now For Sale
I made a bunch of these figures that capture the spirit of the average male ego. Unfortunately, I made them too lifelike and they all shattered during production. Either way, they’re available in the store, so CLICK HERE TO GET ONE. Yes, it’s just a blister filled with broken plastic, but I...
16h18 10  mai
Happy Mother’s Day Dead Mom Action Figures
There’s no better way to pay tribute to your long-departed mom than with one of these charming dead mom novelties. CLICK HERE TO GET ONE. Anyway, happy Mother’s Day, you filthy animals. 
18h45 30  avril
Dead Mermaid Action Figures
My daughter loves mermaids and wanted me to make something mermaid-related. I’m not entirely sure this is what she had in mind.Anyway, CLICK HERE to get one before they’re gone.They’re available in 3 forms of demise: Oil Spill, Boat Propeller, and Ocean Pollution.
16h44 01  avril
Karen: The Action Figure (Now for Sale)
Since we’re all still stuck inside and can’t live, laugh or love, I made 10 of these Karen action figures. CLICK HERE TO GET ONE before they’re gone.
16h04 19  mars
Quarantine Sale
Due to the fact that everybody is stuck inside (which is basically just how I live normally), I’ve stocked the store with more Coronavirus Figures and a bunch of Assorted Choking Hazards.CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW before they’re gone or before we’re all dead or both.
16h28 11  mars
Coronavirus Action Figures Now For Sale
Coronavirus is a sensation that’s sweeping the globe. Get on the bandwagon with these charming Coronavirus Action Figures. I made a bunch and put them in the store, so VISIT MY STORE TO GRAB ONE before they sell out or before we all die. 
16h18 23  janvier
Soiled Baby Yoda Diapers
Everybody’s been swooning over Baby Yoda ever since The Mandalorian came out last year, so I wanted to make a tribute to sci-fi’s favorite 50-year-old baby. If Baby Yoda’s shits are in line with some of the other 50-year-olds I know, that chances are he gets the Coors Lights shits pretty regularly...
20h18 07  septembre
Eating My Feelings’ Toys Now Available
I just added a bunch of these ’Eating My Feelings’ figures in the store, so CLICK HERE TO GET ONE before they sell out. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an entire pepperoni pizza to consume by myself. 
16h40 03  septembre
Giveaway for a One-of-a-Kind ’Freaks’ Figure
Earlier this year, I was approached by director Adam Stein to create a couple of promo pieces for his upcoming horror movie, Freaks. After giving it a watch, and seeing folks like Bruce Dern, Lexy Kolker and Emile Hirsch absolutely kill it in the movie, I couldn’t say no. The Chloe figure...
04h04 26  août
Porous Walker Toy Collection
I recently teamed up with artist Porous Walker to create a small series of toys based on some of my favorites pieces of his. These are one-of-a-kind pieces (with the exception of the Atari cartridges, which will have two sets available), and they’ll all be up in the Death by Toys store on...
02h14 09  août
Custom Made White Claw Fan Girl
The whole world has White Claw fever, and I love a good bandwagon, so that lead me to make this one-of-a-kind White Claw girl action figure. So many people have asked about buying it, so I just put it up on ebay as an auction ending after the weekend. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE AUCTION LISTINGThis...
01h42 17  juillet
Link and Simon Need a Home
Give these boys a home...I’m clearing out some stuff in my studio, and it looks like these two classic NES fellas need a good home. They’re both on eBay as separate auctions ending Sunday.CLICK HERE FOR ’CASTLEVANIA’CLICK HERE FOR ’LEGEND OF ZELDA’Each one is made from repurposed vintage parts,...
19h23 08  juillet
The Art of Self-Defense’ Jesse Eisenberg Figures (with Dachshund )
I was recently contacted by the folks at Bleecker Street Media to do a small run of figures as giveaways for their upcoming film The Art of Self-Defense. We only made 6 of them (Bleecker Street will give away 5, and another was made for the writer director Riley Stearns).I cannot say enough good...
17h58 21  juin
Teenage Stepdad ’Uncle Gary’ Action Figure Now for Sale
One of my favorite meme accounts (and one of the first I ever followed) is Teenage Stepdad, and his work is just beyond hilarious. One of his recurring characters (along with his dipshit stepson Grayson) is his Uncle Gary. I’ve wanted to make a figure based on Teenage Stepdad’s work for a while,...
14h39 07  juin
Father’s Day Gift Idea: Deadbeat Dad Action Figures
Looking for a last-minute Father’s Day gift for the mediocre dad in your life? Luckily for you, I just made a bunch more Deadbeat Dad action figures, complete with missing dad. They’re in the store now, so CLICK HERE to buy one now. These sold out pretty quickly the last time I made them, so don’t...
18h14 25  mai
I Turned My Favorite 80’s Movies into Atari Games
Growing up, I used to play the Atari versions of ET, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Empire Strikes Back, and a bunch of others. Some sucked (Hint: ET). Some were fun as hell (Hint: Empire). But they all had the promise of being awesome simply by being associated with an killer movie.My love of 80s movies...
15h40 15  mai
More Bananas and Tailpipes Now Available
I just made a handful more of Banana and Tailpipe play sets. These always sell out super quick, so CLICK HERE TO GRAB ONE NOW.That is all.
19h01 27  mars
Custom Made ’Evil Dead’ Horny Twigs
I’ve wanted to make some kind of tribute art for the original Evil Dead for a while now. It’s one of my favorite movies, and it was one of the first horror movies that hooked me on the genre. I put a few in the store, so CLICK HERE to get your hands on a bundle of Horny Twigs.That being said, if...
00h14 26  mars
Deadbeat Dad Action Figures Now Available
I just added a bunch of these Deadbeat Dad toys to the store. Yes, I’m well aware of the fact that they are literally nothing. But, to me, that’s way funnier than an actual dad figure. I’m also well aware of the fact that these look depressing as shit. Between the sad color palette and dirty...
14h44 19  mars
NOW FOR SALE: New Bigfoot Dicks’
I just added 10 more Bigfoot Dicks to the online store. CLICK HERE TO GET ONE. I reworked the original design to differentiate it from the first one I sold. The fur is now shorter, the plastic tip now has a peepee hole in it, and the bottom is bloodied from where I chopped it off of the legendary...
01h08 22  février
Custom ’Suspiria’ Action Figure Now on eBay
I just put my Suspiria Dead Patricia one-off on eBay as a 3-day auction ending this Sunday. This is the only one I made, so don’t miss out.CLICK HERE FOR THE LISTING
01h43 18  janvier
Custom Toys Based on Deaths from 80’s Movies
I’ve spent the last few weeks working on a personal project that combines my three favorite things: 80s movies, action figures, and deaths. The result is this questionably-tasteful toy line based on some memorable deaths from a few of my favorite 80’s movies.UPDATE: I have put them all on eBay as...