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12h01 18  janvier
In case you didnít see it yet. The DreamHack Masters - Last Chance replaypack is out with all games from the main event
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15h46 18  janvier
Co-Op Mutation #248: Boom Town
Moebius Corps have tapped into their stockpile of nuclear warheads and are shipping them across Tarsonis. The remainder are reserved for your destruction. With cargo this volatile, every stray bullet presents an incredible risk. Don't be surprised if your forces flinch at the first sign of...
15h13 19  janvier
Meta (no offense)
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21h34 19  janvier
Power Underwhelming
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16h51 19  janvier
Harstem giveís his thoughts on whether Serral is WASHED up or not
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22h41 19  janvier
ZombieGrubís Drunk StarCraft History: The Artosis Pylon
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16h03 19  janvier
Reviving this meme for all those who have forgotten the best shitpost to exist
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23h22 18  janvier
Tough choice...
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23h38 19  janvier
I found the Counter to Skytoss - Microbial Shroud - Queen Lurker Infestor
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13h32 19  janvier
Maynarde reads a comment from twitch chat about Serral
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23h00 19  janvier
We Like Our Lovely Ladies
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11h41 19  janvier
2021 AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 1: Qualifier has just been concluded
Group A: Trap and ByuN advance. Group B: INnoVation and Armani advance. Group C: sOs and SpeCial advance. Group D: Zoun and Dream advance. Group E: DongRaeGu and PartinG advance. Group F: Cure and Bunny advance. Group G: Stats and Solar advance. Group H: Zest and Dark advance. ​ https...
12h24 19  janvier
Then you know that they know
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00h42 20  janvier
the hard part
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22h14 19  janvier
The Dank Templars Newsletter is out Check out the top matches of the week and more :)
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11h38 19  janvier
SC2 Tournament up to 5k MMR. Commanders and Announcers as rewards
Hey there There is an SC2 tournament up to 5k MMR this weekend. You can win an Announcer or a Commander Here is a link: https: 3iq4zo43 The rules are in PL, so you may need to translate it yourself, but anyone up to 5k MMR is welcome. submitted by u CppMaster link...
22h32 19  janvier
Looking for U.S. military Active Duty and Veteran StarCraft II players
Why hasn't US Army Esports jumped onto StarCraft II? submitted by u antiegoist link comments
00h02 19  janvier
A completely accurate depiction of DreamHack Last Chance tournament
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01h18 20  janvier
Noob question, why is the competition unit set so much smaller then the campaign and coop set?
Surely Blizzard could manage to make it balanced using all the potential units? WOuldnt it be funner to play, and more entertaining to watch? Other competition question, why stick to 200 supply limit? submitted by u Marvinkmooneyoz link comments
00h58 20  janvier
EZDUNK Open Cup Starting Soon
Check in is now open for the first ever EZDUNK Open Cup. Sign up to compete https: DUNKCUP1 or come watch https: horseburger high level players duke it out for a 50 prize pool. Starts at 6PM PST submitted by u ParanoidMonkeMonk link ...
07h02 19  janvier
Vintage Victory (2011 DH Stockholm)
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00h01 20  janvier
ASTL Day Two Set One (Team Queen Vs Team Soma) Feat. Amazing Effort Vs Where Match
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08h37 19  janvier
GSL Super Tournament Qualifiers Brackets for today are out
Should be 2 from each group qualify I think. I've listed the 3 strongest players from each group for easy reference. https: GSLSTS12021GroupA (Trap ByuN Nightmare) https: GSLSTS12021GroupB (Patience INnoVation Armani) https: GSLSTS12021GroupC (Rogue...
23h09 19  janvier
25 D1 & Under Tournament
Sign up: https: D1Dojo1 Info: https: XJw8P35B6M submitted by u Nihjanic link comments
03h18 19  janvier
Inksketch by me, delaratedag
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01h24 19  janvier
Did anyone ever save video of Tasteless trying out his sub notifications?
There were Twitch clips in this old thread of Day9 laughing at Tasteless laughing at his new sub notifications that were just clips of Artosis being salty. Unfortunately Twitch deleted them and I can't find mirrors or copies on Youtube anywhere. Anyone got a clue? submitted by u...
02h41 19  janvier
How the % # do I... beat Protoss ?
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