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18h51 10  janvier
Back to the Intellivision
I decided to get the Intellivision out of the garage because itís been cold and I wanted to see if it still worked okay. Right now on the floor of my room is a Saturn, a Channel F, a GameCube, a Dreamcast, 2 Atari 2600s (I need to put one away), a 7800, an Intellivision 2, and an N64. So about half...
17h00 10  janvier
Vertical MAME pt 3
Thereís a saying which goes something like progress is seldom made in a straight line - which basically means you canít really anticipate what you need to do until youíve started. But if youíre wise youíll minimize your losses. For me that means spending time rather than , which is why I am...
15h23 10  janvier
Imaginary covers of Bubsy 3 No More Mr. Nice Guy
Today, I made imaginary covers of Bubsy 3 No More Mr. Nice Guy for Sega Genesis, Sony PSX (PS1) and for Sega Saturn. This was an actual game project back in the 90s. Read more about it in this link: https: wiki Bubsy 3 (Credit me, if youíll my pictures)
16h15 09  janvier
Strips, Cards, Manuals, Labels, 3D Objects & More - Updated (01 09 2021)
This is not my usual blog entry. This is more of a CHEAT SHEET to links that can be hard to find of downloadable books, manuals, keyboard strips, reference cards, etc. Clicking on the links will take you to the message where the item is available for download. 3D PRINTER FILES 32K & TIPI Case...
18h06 08  janvier
A8 MMS - Measure Counter
I have yet to input music into the MIDI MUSIC SYSTEM (MMS) software and have it correct the first play through. I can hear the error as it is played but MMS gives no indication of which measure it might be in. One solution requires an Arduino, MIDI shield with a THRU port, and numeric display. ...
03h01 08  janvier
Panorama Cotton on Genesis Does
Got 600?
04h44 08  janvier
Mascot pins - Zool Bubsy - January 2021
So collecting everything Bubsy got me started on collecting the E3 and video game promotion enamel and metal pins. Then while see what Zool had out there (having found about all I could for Bubsy) I found the Zool: Ninja of the Nth Dimension pin (Update hours later...) There is a...
06h27 07  janvier
Bowser gets lucky Switch highlights for Jan. 6, 2021
23h12 06  janvier
700 arcade games
Several years ago I rescued a number of old 4:3 LCD monitors my employer was discarding, including several particularly nice 20 1600x1200 Dell 2007 FP. My plan was to use them to create vertical monitor MAME cabinets. But having learned from past projects, I resisted doing anything on the...
18h35 06  janvier
Xybort (part 4)
This morning I worked on Xybort. I added an enemy ship to shoot at. I also added some custom sound effects. Next, Iím going to work on the enemy ship to move. But I guess this isnít going to be a very thrilling game. It needs something. Iím wondering whether I should add stuff to not shoot at that...
12h59 06  janvier
Parasol Stars on The PC Engine Files
Donít let the cuteness fool you
12h44 06  janvier
Zool - Fan Wiki has begun - January 2021
Started a thread is for Zool fans on the English Amiga Board and we would like to hear from you on anything related to Zool. Pictures, merchandise, collections, etc https: showthread.php?p 1450940#post1450940 And inviting all to check out and add articles to the Zool fan wiki...
12h29 06  janvier
Quiz Wiz Discoveries
There are two different Quiz Wiz consoles. I discovered this when I tested the one I got in the mail today. There is a difference between the two. The answers are announced differently in the sound. One has a sound effect for number presses, and the other one doesnít. Later Quiz Wiz cartridges are...
07h42 05  janvier
Running homebrew on GameCube
You donít have to mod your Cube, but there are still a few steps to follow
15h15 04  janvier
Xybort (part 3)
Began work on the main game. I had quite the problem with the title screen code when I updated it to make it go to the in-game bank. But I think I fixed it. But it took an extra hour or so trying to figure out what was wrong, and I never did figure it out, but I did fix it. I made it so when fire...
08h55 04  janvier
1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming Redux Ep 1: Adventure ZX Octalogy
1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming is back on the air and to start things off, gonna start off in newer territory with an 8 part episode of Adventure for the Sinclair ZX81 Spectrum. It is a series of text adventure games where you must complete certain tasks to beat the game. Adventure A - Planet of Death ...
00h14 04  janvier
Conversation with Mark Eyles about Bubsy 3
Some days ago, I asked Mark Eyles through E-mail about Bubsy 3. At first, he thought I meant Bubsy 3D. So he said that he wasnít involved in this and gave me a link to Bubsy 3D page. Then I explained to him more about it and he then understood me. He said, that he never worked on Bubsy franchise....
18h29 03  janvier
Xybort (part 2)
I finally got the score in the game. I went to sleep at about 11 a.m. and woke up at 9 p.m. And Iím still sleepy. Itís still just a title screen, but it occupies about 900 bytes. So if Iím using stuff like this all the time, the game itself has got to look fairly simple. I think Iíll make the enemy...
18h14 03  janvier
The Xybortians in their Xybortex ships are attacking Earth. Iím imagining a Xevious-type game (hence the name) for the Odyssey 2. And so Iíve designed a title screen for my vertical shooter I want to accomplish. This will be a 4k game. Due to the fact that I have yet to work on the game itself....
14h07 02  janvier
Odyssey 2...021
Spent the first few hours of the new year trying to work on an Odyssey 2 game. I introduced a new variable and then wanted to set it before the game started. So I started out with bank 3, which is where the Odyssey 2 starts out all roms. I got the keyboard semi working, but the switch to the other...
12h47 09  janvier
Some information about Bubsy 3
Today I found some more info about Bubsy 3. The most forgotten Bubsy game project ever. Which is why I did some research. Credtis: the information gave us by steven78 in 2016 at and the blog was found by DoctorClu. the evidence Information Bubsy 3 was a game project, that was...
14h23 30  dťcembre
Flying fly
Iím still a little woozy from that doozy of an eye ache I had. Nevertheless, I decided to work on the fly swatting mini game in Frank the Fruit Fly. I forgot that when it comes up, you need to press A to start it. I was all how come I didnít make it so the hand moves? I thought I did. Then I...
05h23 30  dťcembre
Hatris on The PC Engine Files
Does what it says on the tin box game.