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14h19 22  août
Notes on Imagined Communities and the Open Web
Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to speak at WordCamp for Publishers in Chicago. WCPub is an industry-focused WordCamp, held in different locations each year, which makes it a bit unique. The challenge issued by the organizers for 2018 was the topic of Taking Back the Open Web, and...
18h10 05  mai
48in48 Boston, New England Give Camp
I was excited to be invited to give a quick kickoff talk at 48in48 Boston last week. 48in48 is a series of events (Atlanta, New York, London, Boston and others) in which volunteers build 48 sites for 48 non-profits in 48 hours. Engaging in Digital: Sites for Non-Profits from John Eckman If you’re...
15h01 12  décembre
Distributed Not Disconnected
Last week, I was happy to speak as part of a 2 day, online conference about remote working: Remote Working Conference 2016. My talk was titled Distributed, not Disconnected: Employee Engagement for Remote Work. I described some of the steps we take at 10up to cultivate ongoing employee engagement...
14h23 25  février
Stop Writing for the Web
Great video from Creative Mornings San Francisco, with Erika Hall ( mulegirl), co-founder of Mule Design and author of Just Enough Research.
13h33 31  octobre
WordCamp NYC - WordPress and the Enterprise Disconnect
I’ll be speaking later today at WordCamp NYC on WordPress and the Enterprise Disconnect. It’s a revised version of the talk I gave at Prestige in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year. I’m eternally grateful to WordCamp NYC it was the first WordCamp at which I spoke, and was the WordCamp where...
15h31 01  octobre
Design & Content - Better Together
Back in August, I attended the Design & Content conference in Vancouver BC, which brought together designers, content strategists, and other agency types to talk about how we can better collaborate. Since the conference, a number of the key videos have been published. I’ll highlight a few here, but...
16h51 12  septembre
Designing from the Content Out - NERD Summit 2015
Just gave a talk this morning at NERD Summit 2015 about Designing from the Content Out. At NERD Summit, like last year, they have the presenter log into a google hangout account they control, and do the talk as a screen-shared presentation, recording audio directly from the local laptop mic. It...
15h50 08  septembre
Updates to YouTube-Podcaster-Feed-Creator
This weekend I rolled out some updates to the YouTube-Podcaster-Feed-Creator. This script, which I use to get a true RSS feed with enclosures for video versions of podcasts who use Google Hangouts or otherwise post their videos to youtube, had been broken by Google’s deprecation of their old API as...
21h53 26  juin
What the Drupal Community Can Learn From WordPress: Philosophy Driven Development
Image courtesy of Maura Teal) I’ve written now a couple of times about what I think the WordPress community can learn from Drupal, and specifically Dries’ keynotes at DrupalCon, which I always make time to watch. Now it’s time to talk about some learning in the other direction. The occasion isn’t...
15h58 15  juin
Managing an Agency Business
Tomorrow night, I’m happy to be a part of the ninth event in the Managing an Agency Business series this one focused on managing people, projects and processes to increase day-to-day success as your agency. I’ve attended most of the events in the series I think I missed one or two due to...
11h56 04  juin
What can the WordPress community learn from the State of Drupal (2015)?
Last year I wrote a post about what the WordPress community could learn from the State of Drupal, Dries’ annual address at DrupalCon (aka the Driesnote, carrying a similar importance as Matt’s State of the Word in the WordPress community). It’s time for a 2015 update. tl,dr; version What can the...
17h20 26  mai
Is there a single WordPress community, or a single Drupal community?
Photo credit: Schipulcon 2011 Day 2 Photos under CC Attribution Share-Alike license) Two recent posts got me thinking about the Drupal community and the WordPress community. First, Mendel Kurland (whom I’ve been seeing at every WordCamp lately from London to Maine to Minneapolis) wrote on WP Tavern...
21h15 15  mars
WordCamp London
Excited to head to the UK later this week for WordCamp London. There’s a contributor day on Friday March 19th, plus two full days of sessions on the 20th and 21st (and of course an afterparty Saturday night). The whole schedule looks great, but I’m especially looking forward to: Saturday: Building...
15h52 09  février
WP and Legal Stuff Blog
Via WP Tavern) Folks interested in WordPress and Open Source licensing should really start following WP and Legal Stuff, a new blog from Richard Best, a dual qualified lawyer (New Zealand, England & Wales) focused on IP IT technology law and public law. Happy to see a number of really...
14h35 21  janvier
The Dirt on Open Source Licensing
I’m a big fan of podcasts, and listen to a wide variety of them regularly. So much so that it isn’t uncommon for me to have a couple months worth of backlog sitting on my phone and iPad (synced via PocketCasts) waiting to be listened to. So it was only this morning that I listened...
16h11 05  janvier
Mixcloud to RSS with Enclosures
Some time ago I created an Feed Parser so that I could get one of my favorite podcasts, The Waiting Room, as a true podcast (that my podcatcher would know how to download). Since then, they’ve moved on from and can be found (at least for now) over at Mixcloud....
18h26 02  janvier
Jeffrey Zeldman: 20 Years of Web Design and Community
Just discovered via Twitter this great video published a few months ago, on Jeffrey Zeldman’s career (so far) working with people who make websites. It’s a great video to begin the year with, tracing the evolution of the web design community from the earliest days, though the founding...
14h56 01  janvier
Free Software Foundation turns 30
One of the challenges of working in open source free software is explaining what free software is and why people should care. Thanks to the folks at Urchin studios for producing this video in celebration of 30 years of the Free Software Foundation: https: wp-content uploads...
14h12 31  décembre
2014 year in travel
Hat tip to Margot Bloomstein for the pointer to Cemre’s Year in Review infographic project, which visualizes Tripit Data. Strong showing for SMF this year thanks to 10up. View my full report or make your own.
16h10 29  décembre
The Fox, the Hedgehog, and Responsive Web Design
Just before the holidays, I saw Tamsen Webster ( tamadear) speak at Creative Mornings Boston on the theme of Education. She anchored the discussion on the distinction between the fox and the hedgehog. (That’s the fox on the left on the whiteboard, with the hedgehog on the right: Photo by Alyssa...
17h57 27  novembre
WordPress, qTranslate, Custom Menu Item Links
On the Food Empowerment Project site, we use mqTranslate, a successor to qTranslate, to manage content in English and Spanish. In conjunction with qTranslate Slug, we get specific urls for pages in English and Spanish, a language switching button in the header, and menus & widgets reflecting the...
15h49 25  novembre
Taking Chances
This week’s Creative Mornings Boston was held at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville. Creative Mornings continues to surprise and delight as an event. I think this is the first time I had to sign a safety waiver just to hear a short talk about business. The morning also starting with the crew from the...
14h59 03  novembre
Learning from the other 78%
My lightning talk from WordCamp San Francisco has already been posted to WordPress TV See the embed below. In trying to cram a longer discussion down into a lightning talk, of course I left out much of what I’d hoped to get to. A few positive examples of conferences that bring together multiple...
21h30 14  octobre
Talking to Developers about Content
Following up on yesterday’s post, I’ll also be speaking at Confab Higher Ed in November. I really enjoyed the conference last year: impressive keynotes; focused, carefully curated set of breakout talks; and a great crowd of motivated, inspired folks fighting the good fight to improve digital...
21h25 13  octobre
San Francisco Here I Come
Although it has been a travel-heavy fall this year, I’m super-excited that I’ll be giving a talk at WordCamp San Francisco The camp is taking a different approach this year, mixing sets of lightning talks in between more traditional conference sessions see the full schedule. My talk will be in...
18h56 10  octobre
IndieWebCamp, BarCampBoston 9
One of the joys of being an internet person in the greater Boston area is that there is always more going on than you could possibly actually participate in. Case in point this very weekend is both IndieWebCamp Cambridge and BarCampBoston 9. IndieWebCamps come out of the IndieWeb movement, a...
20h00 07  septembre
Weekend Coding
Took advantage of a rare non-travel, non-camp weekend (other than BarCamp Boston 9 planning session) to clean up WPBook and WPBook Lite. Facebook has changed the way the API is versioned, and new apps made in Facebook are no longer able to call the v1 of the API, use FQL, or other things I was...
20h55 16  août
August WordCamp Talks
Trying out SEO Slides (disclaimer 10up is an investor in SEO Slides) to embed slide decks here from rather than from Slideshare or speakerdeck. First WordCamp New York, a talk on Modernism Post-Modernism, and Responsive Web Design: These fragments I have shored against my ruins ...
12h16 10  juin
An August of Camps in New England
Looks like August is shaping up to be Camp month for the Northeast: D4D (Design 4 Drupal) Boston 2014 will be August 1st-3rd at MIT WordCamp NYC 2014 will be August 2nd and 3rd at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge WordCamp Maine 2014 will be August 15th & 16th at the Maine College of Art, with...
14h04 06  juin
What can the WordPress community learn from the State of Drupal?
This week, the Drupal community gathered in Austin for DrupalCon 2014, including the annual State of Drupal address from Dries Buytaert. It’s the first North American Drupalcon I’ve missed since Boston in 2008, though thankfully all the presentations at DrupalCon are recorded and made available...