16h20 12  janvier
A Look At Lemmings
Coded by Dave Jones and published by Psygnosis in 1991, Lemmings is one of those games that entered the Hall of Fame of videogames and that need no presentation. Amiga Computing magazine awarded it a superb score of 97%, claiming that: Lemming is absolutely brilliant. Psygnosis have managed to...
15h45 02  janvier
A Look At Rambo II
What’s better than starting 2021 with a nice retrospective of a smash-hit Commodore 64 game? And what’s better than following in chronological order the games present in the beautiful Martin Grundy’s calendar? So let’s start with Rambo II. Based on the infamous 1985 movie of the same name, Rambo is...
08h00 22  décembre
Introducing A: dventure
In a world once devoid of unexplored dungeons, by using the latest advances in technology the ability to delve into the undiscovered has become a reality again. With the capability to materialize new labyrinths from files, a plethora of loot and danger awaits on everyone’s hard drive. At the...
18h00 18  décembre
Cyberpunk2077: A First Impression Report
By this time I am absolutely sure that none of our readers is still unaware of the turmoil that the recent release of Cyberpunk 2077 turned out into. This game, announced back in 2012, revealed very little of itself until a few months ago. The reiterated delayed, partially due to the pandemic, has...
18h52 16  décembre
Unboxing A Homebrewed Tiny Bobble
I first played Bubble Bobble on the Commodore 64 and it didn’t take long before both myself and my brother was hooked so much that it eventually led to us completing the game, this was back in 1987. That very port is still in my top 10 games on the machine and well little did & Source
09h40 13  décembre
A Look At Cosmic Convoy
Cosmic Convoy is one of those old titles I knew little to nothing about until a few months ago. As strange as it may seem, I actually enjoy delving into the past even for obscure or underrated games since they were, in many different ways, part of my life. Cosmic Convoy, published by Taskset in & ...
20h34 02  décembre
PS5 Abuse Sort of&.
Got Bored at weekend, bought a sheet of vinyl. Not sure if it’s best with or without, Think I may remove it from the panels but keep it on the centre section. Seeing as this soft and shiny. But as my first go it went alright, just need some sharp blades and a steady hand & Source
16h50 28  novembre
Heaven On Hearth-MEGA65 DevKit
The MEGA65 project has been thoroughly covered on this blog since last year. A first article was published to introduce the topic, then a second one refocused on the subject when donations went over the top and allowed for the case injection mould tooling to be financed. Now, in less than a year,...
15h50 21  novembre
Introducing Tristam Island
If you really believe it will happen, they say. And it actually did, even though I had to wait 34 years. Thanks to Hugo Labrande, dedicated coder and adventurer, I am now the happy and proud possessor of a brand new text adventure running in my C128 in native mode. But Hugo’s endeavor doesn’t stop ...
02h41 19  novembre
PS5 Unboxing
Well here we are again& Another unboxing& Can it really be 7 years since I did the PS4 unboxing, well it has and so much has changed in my life I’m happy to be here doing this as there were a few dark years were I thought & Well either way I am but let’s & Source