12h46 20  janvier
Creating WEB graphics on Amiga is Fun
Michal Bergseth
Life is changing for me as a Amiga user. I love that Since Wayfarer 1.11 things have changed for the better for me. I am using MorphOS much more today for the things that I love doing. For everything that I can use AmigaOS type of system more makes my
10h50 20  janvier
Great file manager Guide for Classic and Nextgen Amiga
Michal Bergseth
Classic AmigaOS is very basic once it is installed. You have the most basic text editor and the most important settings. But AmigaOS in all flavors can do so much more. In this guide, I go through the most important file managers that improves the use of AmigaOS a lot.
16h06 18  janvier
OpenStreetMap Viewing on Classic and Nextgen Amiga
Michal Bergseth
Is it possible to browse the open-source OpenStreetMap maps with Amiga? Yes, it is fully possible with MUImapparium but you need an FPU for a better experience. With MUImapparium you can search for streets with your Classic Amiga or Nextgen Amiga. It is brilliant. Just watch the video below ...
14h26 18  janvier
Still, No Vampire V4 accelerator out for Amiga 600 from Apollo Team
Michal Bergseth
The Vampire series from Apollo Team has changed the way Classic Amiga computer is seen. The whole team is in my view fantastic, even though there have been decisions that I donít like. I love everything that moves in the Amiga world. No matter what, I want to support it.
13h32 18  janvier
MorphOS Amiga HD USB Compact Flash Guide
Michal Bergseth
Did you know that MorphOS can read and see Amiga HD partitions on external devices? But also detect them by using an external storage device such as a Compact Flash mem card? Well, it can and it is really helpful. So, I really recommend any Amiga user to also have
14h31 15  janvier
Where to find Classic Amiga Software Guide
Michal Bergseth
For most Amiga users it is easy to find Classic Amiga Software. Itís really not to find for users as the Amiga community is very connected. But if you are new to Amiga, you might want to expand what AmigaOS can do? Thatís why I decided to create this guide
15h33 14  janvier
How to Copy files to Amiga Guide
Michal Bergseth
Got issues with transfer files to AmigaOS 3.x, MorphOS, or even AmigaOS 4.x? Do you have installed everything you need? What makes it not work? I have seen so many guides. Mostly they are hard to understand. With this guide, I wanted to give you full details on how to
16h42 13  janvier
68HC000 40MHz Accelerator for Amiga 500 out Now
Michal Bergseth
No need for having the fastest classic Amiga? Then this REV2 upgrade is perfect for your Amiga 500. It will speed up tons still and you will have an Amiga 500 or Amiga 500 capable of doing more for a much nicer price. Including on the HC533 card except for
14h09 13  janvier
Get a GOEX drive for Amiga 500, Amiga 600 or Amiga 1200
Michal Bergseth
The Gotek drives that are available are great. But the internal ones often doesnít fit inside the Amiga lowend cases. This means that you often need to remove parts of the plastic. But with this GOEX drive. It just fits. Watch the demonstration of it on the Guru Meditation YouTube
13h22 13  janvier
yWeather gives you instant weather update for MorphOS
Michal Bergseth
Want to have an instant weather update for your MorphOS Ambient Scrrenbar? Well, then yWeather Screenbar app is something for you. With this screenbar application for MorphOS, you can get instant weather updates for your city. It also supports settings for showing sunrise and sunset info if you...