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20h34 25  janvier
Batman: The Animated Series documentary released
Pip Grazer
Batman: The Animated Series has been hailed as one of the best and most influential ones of its kind ever, setting new standards in writing and mood. A documentary about it, previously on the Blu-ray released a few years back, is now available on YouTube. Called The Heart of Batman ,
20h38 20  janvier
ED-209 returns as a DAMAGED action figure
Pip Grazer
Have you ever wondered how ED-209 would look like with his left arm destroyed? Then Hiya Toys are there for you Their ED-209 robot from the classic film RoboCop has been turned into an action figure before, but this may be the first time it comes in damaged form. ED-209
19h54 19  janvier
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book collections at Kickstarter
Pip Grazer
BOOM Studios has a running Kickstarter campaign, asking fans to fund the production of all six classic volumes into collectible editions. The comic series ended last fall with 55 issues released during five years. The Kickstarter campaign will allow fans to put their hand on each volume in BOOM ...
22h27 13  janvier
Irena Genesis Metal Fury a new Genesis shmup on Kickstarter
Pip Grazer
The Sega Genesis (Mega Drive in most regions) has one of the most active and creative homebrew scenes of retro systems, which has brought games such as the action sidescroller Tänzer, the cinematic platformer Tanglewood and the topdown run and gun Xeno Crisis in later years. Now, White Ninja Studio,
21h14 11  janvier
Greg Capullo’s conclusion of The Creech is finally in the works
Pip Grazer
The Creech, created by Capullo, was released in a three part series in 1997, followed by another three part series in 2001. Since then, the comic has been on a hiatus until now. Two decades after the last issue, Capullo has through a post on Instagram showed his writing