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15h45 15  janvier
What to read on PressReader in January
Tonje Sofie Eriksson
New year, new titles to discover. Whether you promised yourself you’ll read more in the new year or simply need an escape from the world right now, PressReader offers an endless list of newspapers and magazines to get you started. If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t worry we’ve put together...
22h42 22  décembre
5 ways to look after your mental health this holiday season
Tonje Sofie Eriksson
The holiday season is traditionally a time to share joyful moments (and food) with friends and family. However, with coronavirus restrictions around the world, this festive season might be a little different from what we’re used to. Since this time can already be stressful and lonely for some,...
00h33 19  décembre
Inclusive reading for all: Introducing PressReader Accessibility
Sandra Young
At PressReader, we believe reading should be inclusive and accessible for all readers. That’s why we created an accessibility mode for readers who rely on tools like assistive technology to access content at learning centers, institutions, and businesses. PressReader Accessibility Mode is...
09h44 11  décembre
What to read on PressReader in December
Tonje Sofie Eriksson
December is finally here, and after a long year of challenges, it’s time to lean back and relax with your favorite reads. But figuring out what to read can be a daunting challenge when you have the entirety of PressReader at your disposal. Don’t fear, though, because we’ve dug through the...
17h15 07  décembre
Haaretz joins PressReader’s growing catalog of international newspapers
Sandra Young
PressReader welcomes Israel’s Haaretz - now officially available. Widely circulated throughout the world, Haaretz is a top-read independent daily newspaper with a broadly liberal outlook on domestic and international affairs. The newspaper joins PressReader’s growing catalog of the world’s top...
23h49 02  décembre
Etihad Airways partners with PressReader: Heightens passenger experience with digital newspapers and magazines
Sandra Young
Etihad Airways, the national airline of UAE, has partnered with PressReader, the world’s premium all-you-can-consume digital newspaper and magazine platform. The new partnership brings global content to Etihad’s international passengers wherever they fly worldwide. Access will open to...
23h32 24  novembre
How the UK’s Surrey Public Libraries keeps communities safe, informed, and connected
Michael Nathanson
Over the past few years, libraries have played increasingly larger roles in the lives of their members and the communities they serve. No longer a place to simply search for and sign out desired titles, our libraries have become community centers, venues for learning and education, as well as hubs...
20h36 23  novembre
Here’s how one of Japan’s top rated hotels combined luxury, safety, and cleanliness
Alvin Hartono
With luxury and safety being top of mind at InterContinental Osaka, we had to sit down and do a Q&A with their team to find out how exactly they’re thriving in a time of needed extra cleanliness.
11h11 17  novembre
What to read on PressReader this month (November)
Tonje Sofie Eriksson
A new month means lots of new titles on PressReader, including a couple newspapers, a bunch of Christmas specials, and some newly launched titles in travel and food. We know that filtering through all your options can be a bit overwhelming, so we’ve created a list of amazing newbies to check out...
21h55 05  novembre
PressReader on location with Vimmerby Public Library at 57 39’54.1 N 15 51’14.6 E
Vimmerby Public Library (VPL) is located in beautiful Sweden, right in the Town Hall - a testament to its important role in the community. With two other locations just ten minutes away from the main library, these branches are an accessible way for the 15,000 residents of the municipality to...