20h54 23  janvier
BSL - Season 11
00h48 23  janvier
Blizzard Team 1 (SC:R SC2 Devs) was dissolved restructured in October
10h58 06  janvier
9,000 WardiTV 2021 - Jan 23-Feb 7
02h31 22  janvier
Cheeseadelphia Winter Championship 10K Tournament - Jan 23-24
15h21 21  janvier
IEM Katowice 2021 to be held online, prize money redistributed ESPORTS
14h49 21  janvier
Trap wins DreamHack: Last Chance 2021 ESPORTS
After having several championships taken away from him by Zergs, Trap was able to exorcise some of those demons at DreamHack: Last Chance with a dramatic 4-3 victory over Serral in the grand finals.
04h27 20  janvier
Super Tournament 1 (2021) bracket ESPORTS
17h55 15  janvier
DH Last Chance: RO8 Bracket Set ESPORTS
11h42 14  janvier
DH Last Chance: RO16 Group C Preview ESPORTS
Fans of TvZ and TvT alike are sure to delight in this next group, as lone Zerg Reynor takes on the Terran trio of INnoVation, HeroMarine, and Bunny.
03h12 14  janvier
06h58 13  janvier
DH Last Chance: RO16 Group B Preview ESPORTS
This group of death wouldn’t at all out of place in GSL Code S, as Trap, ByuN, Rogue, and Parting square off in Group B of DreamHack Masters: Last Chance 2021.
09h14 12  janvier
ESL Open #53: Zest doubles, MaNa wins EU ESPORTS
07h21 12  janvier
DH Last Chance: RO16 Group A Preview ESPORTS
EU champion Clem has yet to show he’s a title contender on the international stage. Can he show that’s no longer the case when he faces TY, Zest, and RagnaroK in DH: Last Chance?
20h24 11  janvier
Ryung joins Team GP
20h26 11  janvier
Lilbow returns to SC2 joins Archangel Gaming
08h51 11  janvier
ESL Open #52: Zoun, HeroMarine, Zest win ESPORTS
09h18 08  janvier
ESL Open Week #51: Trap, Reynor, PartinG win ESPORTS
14h45 06  janvier
TSL 6 Replay Pack
09h34 06  janvier is recruiting SC2 writers
08h28 06  janvier
2021 GSL Super Tournament I (Qualifiers)