Batman News
17h45 14  janvier
Zoinks Scooby-Doo and Batman team up in a new comic series
Jay Yaws
Youíve heard the phrase two great things that taste great together. Peanut butter and jelly. Chocolate and peanut butter. Peanut butter and marshmallow creme. Peanut butter tastes good with lots of stuff, is what Iím saying. But itís not all about food and taste, either, at least in the literal...
15h30 14  janvier
Batwoman showrunner discusses the changes in store for season 2
Sean P. Aune
Batwoman season 2 launches this Sunday, and itís going to see a lot of changes coming along with it. What happens when your lead actor leaves a series after one season? You make a lot of tough decisions, and this is this is the situation Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries found herself in going...
14h26 14  janvier
Robin Solo Series Announced for April
Matina Newsom
Ever since Damian quit being Robin, Iíve been on the edge of my seat wondering what DCís plans for his future are, and at last weíre getting some answers. It turns out heís still Robin after all Starting April this year, Damian will feature in a new solo series titled Robin written by Joshua...
13h30 14  janvier
Beast Kingdom announces Wonder Woman 1984 Golden Armor figure
Sean P. Aune
Beast Kingdom has announced a new 1 9 scale Golden Armor figure from Wonder Woman 1984. The new figure stands around 8 inches tall and will feature 26 points of articulation. It will include multiple portraits, interchangeable hands, removable wings, a stand, and more. The will sell for approx. ...
20h25 13  janvier
More of John Ridleyís Batman is coming in 2021
Jay Yaws
If thereís one thing we can all agree of regarding the current crop of Future State books, itís this: The Next Batman from John Ridley and Nick Derington rocks. It was a well-written, exciting look at a potential cyberpunk future for Gotham City, and Tim Jace Fox is a surprisingly compelling...
18h51 13  janvier
Ann Sarnoff confirms Warner Bros is building a DC Universe planí
Sean P. Aune
After multiple changes of direction, Ann Sarnoff wants to assure fans that Warner Bros. is indeed working towards a plan for the DC Universe. From a long-since abandoned release schedule of films, to comments of DC films being standalone stories, itís not always easy to tell where the DC film...
13h30 13  janvier
Harley Quinn Rebirth Statue Review A sharp modern take
Eric Frederiksen
Weíve looked at a bunch of different takes on Harley Quinn in the last few months, ranging from an on-point classic look to a cinematic recreation that misses the mark. Harley is one of DCís most versatile characters, though, able to change her look in myriad ways while still being identifiable as...
03h40 13  janvier
Future State: Justice League #1 review
Nicholas Finch
Iím trying to get a good read on the Future State event so far, and I have to say, Iím a little stumped. Iíve actually had debates with my coworkers about the nature of this event: while Iíve been honestly rather stoked at the chance to see characters doing something different within the DC...
23h12 12  janvier
Future State: Robin Eternal #1 review
Matina Newsom
When I first saw solicits for Robin Eternal I found myself pretty excited. Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown teaming up again on a high stakes heist to stop the Magistrate from using a drug to create immortal henchmen? It had me at heist, and again with the promised team up. Itís just about everything...
23h12 12  janvier
Future State: Teen Titans #1 review
Matina Newsom
In this our second week of Future State, and so far Iíve found myself surprised by a number of titles DC has put out. As with many events like this some of them have been good, meh, and thereís even one title I stopped reading a few pages in. Overall though, Iíve enjoyed a lot & The post Future...