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18h41 08  janvier
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana Review
Iíve never been a massive Role Playing Game player. I can definitely appreciate a good one for what it is. But the complexity and math in many of the deepest ones have always drained me. I always preferred the twitch, hand-eye coordination focused experiences of platformers, shooters, fighting...
00h05 23  novembre
Serious Sam Collection Review
The Nintendo Switch has had a track record of being like my niece when she was a toddler. I CAN DO IT MYSELF she would exclaim when she got interested in trying something. Like when she flew a kite for the first time. Sheís a teenager now (Time flies)but she would never give up on & Continue...
22h35 12  novembre
Get-A-Grip Chip Review
For full disclosure I was given a copy of this game from a friend who worked on this one. But that doesnít sway my opinion on it, and I was not monetarily compensated for writing this review. All thoughts presented here are my own. Itís been a while since Iíve been able to sit down & Continue...
21h39 15  octobre
Iíll be a (friendly) competitor
Itís no secret Iím a big fan of Splatoon. While I play a variety of games, itís one of my most visited series on my Twitch channel. And while I am not at the same level in Nintendoís team shooters as I was 14 to 20 years ago in Epicís Unreal Tournament series, it is & Continue reading Iíll be a ...
04h38 01  octobre
Serious Sam 4 Review
Itís finally here. Itís hard to believe, but Serious Sam 3 is almost 9 years old as Iíve started typing this. Over that time there has been a lot of concern with many fans. Many wondered if it would see the light of day after Croteam had such luck with the beloved Talos Principle and & Continue...
23h50 21  septembre
Blogger Recognition Award
I unexpectedly found myself mentioned over the weekend by the great MoeGamer Pete Davison. I really do mean unexpected. For those who stumble upon this and may not know, Pete has a long history writing for gaming mags; often reviewing the esoteric games many people wouldnít want to write about....
20h59 17  septembre
Mystik Belle Review
These days it seems there are constantly new Metroid-like games. Many of which take Nintendoís tried and true formula and then alter it with their own characters and setting. Many of them have been quite good. Another one you can put on that list is todayís game Mystik Belle. This game does...
15h59 03  septembre
Splatune & Splatune 2 Review
Itís no secret that I have been a big fan of Nintendoís 2015 foray into competitive third-person shooters as well as its 2017 sequel. The subsequent single-player expansion pack was pretty cool too. It included 80 stages. Merely clearing the game lets you play online as an Octoling. But if you make...
03h42 15  aoŻt
Fall Guys Review
These days it seems as everyone wants in on the Battle Royale shooter craze. The Culling kicked things off with blandness. PUBG refined the idea to critical acclaim. Fortnite polished it off, put on a Saturday morning veneer, threw in a F2P business model, and became the titleholder. Since then, we...
01h22 12  aoŻt
Streets Of Rage 4 Review
Man, the past several days were an on and off again situation with getting electricity. With the recent tropical storm, there were issues plus I lost it for a day this past Sunday after hearing a loud hum, then seeing downed wires outside. And the power was shut off after that so the five trucks &...