Intellivision Revolution
02h51 20  décembre
A very special HELI demo
H.E.L.I. is a new game that will be released in 2020. The game will incorporate "Christmas mode" which can be unlocked by entering a special code. Doing so will replace graphics and music to match what you see in this demo. However, instead of waiting until the game is ready,...
02h19 11  août
Frog Bog for Intellivision gameplay
05h28 23  février
FW Diagnostics is now available
Order your copy now of a great new testing tool, available from freewheeling Games. PURCHASE HERE.
03h56 30  décembre
Deep Zone for the Mattel Intellivision NOW ON SALE
Deep Zone for the Intellivision is officially for sale. The game is by Artrag and published by IntellivisionRevolution. Purchasing details are in the IntellivisionRevolution store.
04h52 27  novembre
Intellivision Entertainment PRGE 2018 keynote address AMICO
15h11 16  septembre
Maria for Intellivision preview
15h02 16  septembre
The Ultimate Intellivision Flashback gameplay and review
15h00 16  septembre
How to make Intellivision overlays at home
14h57 16  septembre
NoSwearGamer reviews Hover Bovver for Intellivision
17h08 18  janvier
IntyBasic Showcase Volume 2 is headed to Intellivision
A new and final entry in the IntyBasic Showcase volumes is nearing release. This will include 3 games, Oh Mummy, 2048, Meteors. A possible 4th as well?  Stay up to date in the official announcement thread here.
17h00 18  janvier
TERMINAL BUGOCITY coming soon to your Intellivision
A new game is nearing release for Intellivision. Terminal Bugocity will be creeping its way to your favorite console soon.
02h48 18  janvier
Tiny Arcade Games
02h45 18  janvier
Burgertime mini Arcade handheld game
18h03 23  décembre
Star Wars TESB Intellivision review
03h55 06  novembre
Ricks Extra Life charity all day gaming event
As you may have heard on the Intellivisionaries podcast show, Rick is holding an all day charity event on November 11 2017. Details are as follows: The Extra Life event is coming up quick Rick will be doing the all-day gaming marathon on Saturday November 11, starting around 8:00am EST. More...
04h24 18  octobre
IntellivisionRevolution is headed to PRGE 2017
Stay tuned for updates this week from Portland Oregon at PRGE 2017.
04h45 30  mai
When Video Game Consoles Wanted (and Failed) to Be Computers
A lot of early video game consoles secretly wanted to be home computers, too. Their makers either sold keyboard add-ons or failed miserably in the process. Of all the reasons for the video game crash of 1983, perhaps the most unappreciated might be the fact that computers were finally starting...
04h38 30  mai
The Lost Caves Of Kroz available from Elektronite
The Lost Caves Of Kroz by publisher Elektronite is available for sale for on the Naberhood Games website.
04h30 30  mai
Download the FREE Flapee Bird digital ROM for Intellivision
CollectorVision has made the Flapee Bird digital ROM available for free. Play this fun little game on your Mattel Intellivision. Download the ROM here.
04h24 30  mai
Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 31 now LIVE
Episode 31 of the Intellivisionaries Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure.