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15h16 19  janvier
I have a recurring error log that occurs every time ttrss update feeds
Describe the problem youíre having: I have a recurring error log that occurs every time ttrss update feeds. ... copy the error log: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE 57014 : Query canceled: 7 ERROR: canceling statement due to statement timeout CONTEXT: SQL statement DELETE FROM ONLY public . ttrss...
23h15 18  janvier
Possibility force subscribe duplicate feed?
Describe the problem youíre having: I want to subscribe to some websitesí feeds, but they have a single feed for all the work they do instead of 1 feed per category. My idea is to subscribe to the same feed many times (once for each category), and use a filter on each feed to delete unwanted...
08h43 18  janvier
skip self url path checks
this setting, originally intended for debugging and or development, is being blatantly misused by people who try to use it as a crutch instead of learning how to fix their malfunctioning frontend, creating hard to diagnose issues as a result. itís especially bad now that SELF URL PATH is used to...
16h51 17  janvier
Alphabetic sorting issue
Under Preferences, on the Feeds tab where you see a treeview of all the feeds, I noticed they are sorted alphabetically. But uppercase letters are sorted before all the lowercase letters. For example, it does this: Alpha Bravo Delta Echo charlie I think it should sort lowercase letters with the...
00h55 17  janvier
Shift feeds under a feed tree category to the left
Pretend the X is the feed icon. What I see now is: - Labels X one X two X three What I want to see is: - Labels X one X two X three I think the feed icons should line up under the category text. Can someone point me to the right place to change this? TIA 4 posts - 3...
11h09 15  janvier
Problem subscribing to feed on custom port
Hi Iím trying to subscribe to an atom feed (a self-hosted wallabag instance), the feed url is of the form xxx media.example.org:8282 feed alexei 0 unread (Iíve replaced http:í with xxxí since new users canít post links apparently When I try and subscribe I get the error: Couldnít download...
20h23 14  janvier
Feature Request - Android App Change refresh button behavior from refresh to mark all as read
Iím new to TTRSS and have recently started using the Android app for mobile viewing. Right now, the floating action button in the app is set to refresh articles on click. Iím not sure if Iím an outlier, but thatís not a function I need easy access to and would find it more helpful to be able to...
20h21 14  janvier
Feature Request - Web Middle click (open article in new tab) marks article as read
Iím not sure if this would be easy to implement, but I migrated to TTRSS from Inoreader and this was a nice feature they had. When scrolling through a feed, I often middle-click articles to open them in new tabs in the background. By default, TTRSS leaves them as unread, but it would be nice to...
18h14 14  janvier
Filter on labels?
TTRSSís filters and labels are very powerful, and I have been using them extensively to assign labels to articles. However, I canít seem to match against a label in a filter; I can only use regular expressions on title, content, etc. As an example, I have lots of different feeds from different...
14h41 14  janvier
Cashed imaged not showing on Android app after moving to docker
Describe the problem youíre having: I have been using TT-RSS intalled on host for a long time. Thank you so much for the good work. Recently I moved to docker. Everything works fine execept if I choose cache image option, on offical andorid app the image is not loaded. I tried different options and...
09h55 14  janvier
Cloudflare feeds?
Hi Some of my RSS feeds have switched at Cloudflare and since I can no more use them in TTRSS as I always get a 403 error on them but if I open rss feed link on browser it displays fine I looked in forum but could not find any working solution about that. Someone else encountered the issue ?...
08h50 13  janvier
Problem with access to RSS feed behind proxy
Hello all I installed ttrss docker in local network behind corporative proxy. The proxy denies POST requests for external https links. So, when I try to add feed like https: rg.ru org filial sibir rss.xml , I got error 28 Connection timed out after 15000 milliseconds . Anywhere, when run...
18h46 12  janvier
Docker Image for linux arm v7 (raspberry pi 4)
Hi, Disclaimer: I do this to advertise to new owners of a Raspberry Pi 4 who struggled to make TTRSS work. Since fox doesnít provide an image for Raspberry Pi 4, I made one for myself and thought to share. I have spent some time time trying to make TTRSS work on my Raspberry Pi 4 (armv7), and I...
18h03 12  janvier
Changing domain in the feed?
hello, i have tons of feed from nitter invidio rss-bridge teddit and all of them have multiple community instances, if one goes down i have to switch to another instance. is there a easy way to switch domain name? right now i go and change each feed in feed editor. thanks 2 posts - 2...
16h42 12  janvier
App Passwords implementation
Will the App Passwords feature ever be implemented? Itís over a year since the first and last commit indicating that there will be such a feature. 5 posts - 3 participants Read full topic
10h10 12  janvier
Signing Firefox addons: a lament
just tried to sign an addon for firefox (self-hosted, for internal distribution) via command line (instead of going through AMO website) which went entirely as expected: you obviously need to kiss the ring first and obtain your blessed api keys from Mozilla, thereís no way to have your own...
22h13 11  janvier
SOLVED Prefs misaligned
Describe the problem youíre having: Sometime in the last 3-4 weeks-ish the Preferences screen has gotten some bad CSS. The labels are all the way to the right of the screen and the checkboxes are wrapped onto the left part of the screen. This happens on preferences and plugins both. ttrss...
15h37 10  janvier
Archive then deletion?
Question: Why must articles be archived before manually deletion? Can they not be removed directly from the source feed? If I maintain a large archive it can be tricky to identify the ones I want to delete. What am I missing? 10 posts - 4 participants Read full topic ...
14h03 06  janvier
Generated feeds: include labels as tags?
Hi. Articles in generated feeds maintain inherit their tags but not their assigned labels. Do you know of any plugin that converts assigned labels to tags (for generated feeds)? BTW on a related note, is there any plugin that provides API calls to set article tags? Thank you. 23 posts -...
09h15 06  janvier
Proposed change: Use variable instead of hardcoded 5432 port on docker-compose scripts
The startup.sh, updater.sh and backup.sh: https: git.tt-rss.org fox ttrss-docker-compose src master app scripts are using the default 5432 port to connect to PostgreSQL. If someone (like me) has a PostgreSQL instance exposed to a different port, the scripts donít work. I propose to add a DB PORT...
21h06 05  janvier
SELF URL PATH error, but address matches
Hello- I am travelling and using Wifi at my resort, so I donít know if that can have an affect (it never has before.) I have had TTRSS for years without trouble. I started getting the SELF URL PATH error intermittently (but more often than not) on vacation. However, the address it shows in the...
15h44 05  janvier
Auth remote plugin broken by recent commit
auth remote broken by typo in plugins auth remote init.php line 48 has try login SERVER hdr ; when it should be try login SERVER hdr ; 4 posts - 3 participants Read full topic
14h32 05  janvier
Tuning php memory for tt-rss
also in app Dockerfile RUN sed -i.bak ís (memory limit ) 128M 1 256M í etc php7 php.ini does increasing memory will help tt-rss? or any other option? i feel UI sluggish last 2 weeks, could be browser, chrome and FF too. 800 feeds happy new year guys, fox thanks again for wonderful tt-rss ...
10h49 05  janvier
500 users and 10000 feeds in tt-rss canít refresh feeds in time
Deploy by docker-compose when i upgrade latest images and upgrade pgsql to v13 . i found i canít refresh my feed all days the ttrss had a bout 500 users and 10000 feeds. i guess one container canít refresh all the feeds in 15 min , So i try to use docker-compose up --scale to running 4...
01h14 05  janvier
After Update - Dead íFile Not Foundí (docker)
Describe the problem youíre having: After updating to the latest docker release (the previous image was working fine), TT-RSS broke. Viewing my site whether directly (see below) or using my SITE URL yields File not found If possible include steps to reproduce the problem: Iím not sure, I just...
13h28 04  janvier
Keyboard Shortcuts help
I do most of my TT-RSS reading on an Android tablet web browser. Alas, the very convenient keyboard shortcuts are unavailable in this device. I propose making the Keyboard Shortcuts help popup active . By that I mean I want to tap on the shortcut I want since I canít use the keyboard. Is this...
11h29 04  janvier
How to set SELF URL PATH to https when using reverse proxy?
Hi, Iím using ttrss-docker with the default web-nginx frontend and an external reverse proxy which does SSL. This setup is working fine, however I have to set SELF URL PATH to http: and was wondering if thereís any way to configure it as https: so the links generated by tt-rss have already...
00h27 04  janvier
Not using X-Real-IP
Describe the problem youíre having: I have TT-RSS setup behind a reverse-proxy, and TT-RSS logs failed logins with the Docker internal IP address instead of the public one shared by the reverse-proxy Traefik. Here is the log of TT-RSS Failed login attempt for AAA from This is Dockerís...
13h59 03  janvier
Af psql trgm and duplicate messages
Hello, I have been using TTRSS for several years and was only active here reading. Now I have subscribed to the following newsfeed: http: www.tt.com rss news.xml. Here, unfortunately, many posts are repeated several times. These I wanted to filter out with the plugin af psql trgm , which...
16h37 30  dťcembre
reap children infinite loop - docker-compose issue
Hi, I am very new to docker and even though I read the fox ttrss-docker-compose: Dockerized tt-rss using docker-compose - Tiny Tiny RSS I am still a bit confused. I cloned the repository, then copied env-dist to env and edited it slightly: # Copy this file to .env before building the container. #...