19h59 04  décembre
Ways to Ensure Data Protection and Secure File Sharing of Personal Data
Alexandra Cassandro
In today’s age of the Internet, our personal data are stored on various servers, and they are continuously moving around. We need to realize how are the data handled, why it is like that, and how the process for data protection can be improved. Is there anything we can do to prevent big...
23h00 23  novembre
Manage Business Risk & Cost with Managed File Transfer Free eBook
Alexandra Cassandro
Progress MOVEit recently released a special edition eBook, Managed File Transfer For Dummies This familiar, easy-to-read eBook conceptualizes managing file transfers in today’s borderless enterprise while reducing risk and ensuring compliance in just five-short chapters. Download a copy of Managed...
19h30 17  novembre
Find Inactive User Accounts In Your Domain
Mike Kanakos
Active Directory is a directory service that maintains information about users, computers and related objects. Here is how you can find inactive user accounts.
18h35 16  novembre
UNIX Has Always Been More Secure Than Windows
Robert Yeckley
By default, UNIX-based systems are inherently more secure than the Windows operating system. In this article, we describe precisely why that is.
17h49 10  novembre
MFT as a Dropbox Alternative for Business File Transfer
Alexandra Cassandro
A countless amount of data is being processed through the internet every single day (and every hour, minute, second, millisecond) of that day. And, given our current climate, sharing files over the internet is more important than ever. You’re probably sharing jpegs, pdfs, .pngs, Excels, word docs,...
17h21 30  octobre
Are Free File Transfer Tools Bad?
Alexandra Cassandro
We all love free stuff, right? But sometimes, those freebies you find online can be too good to be true. Free file transfer tools are no different. 
07h00 28  octobre
What Is Cloud Data Integration?
When everyone on a business team has access to all the data the individual members handle, the team is better positioned to achieve its corporate objectives.
15h47 27  octobre
Fast and Flexible SharePoint Workflows with MOVEit 2020.1
Thanks to input from MOVEit users the latest release includes also: Expanded Single Sign-On (SSO), MS SQL 2019 Support, Gateway Multi-Org Support & more
17h15 19  octobre
Podcast: Why Cyber Hygiene Is So Important
In this podcast, Dr. Arun Vishwanath joined the podcast to discuss the theory of cyber hygiene, what it is, and why it needs to become part of everyone’s vocabulary. 
19h15 15  octobre
A VPN is NOT A Security Tool It’s in the Name
Some may argue that VPNs enhance security (encrypted connections etc.) but their core aim is privacy - it’s in the name - virtual private network.