Emma.J’s Playmobil
11h11 17  septembre
Santi’s Town
Here’s some more wonderful photos from fellow Playmobil collector Santi.Thanks again for the lovely shots and I’m sure everyone will enjoy looking at them as much as I do.
19h20 22  juillet
Pirates For Sale
I am currently selling some of my private collection of Pirates including ships, Islands and figures.Everything listed below is currently available on my shop site. More items added soon.5810 New in Box 35 6290 New In Sealed Bag5140 Complete Boxed 30
19h07 22  juillet
5140 Playmobil Pirate Ship
For Sale on my shop site.5140 Pirate Ship in box 30This is a  100% complete Playmobil Pirate Ship with box.  The set is in excellent like new condition. It has never been played with only built and put on display for a short time.
12h40 22  juillet
5810 Playmobil Pirate Ship NIB
For sale on my shop site.5810 - Pirate Ship New 35This is a brand new Playmobil Pirate Ship complete in box. The box has been opened but the contents are still sealed in original bags.
20h45 23  juin
Hobsons Grocers
Hobson’s is another in my series of large Victorian shops, this time a grocers with living quarters above.
09h56 29  mai
Stradivari & Sons Musical Instuments
This is a new building to add to my collection of large Victorian shops, the first time I’ve built a music shop.
21h29 09  mai
St Marys Church
St Mary’s is a System X church based on Playmobil’s original church but on a larger scale with it’s own graveyard at the side. It has battery powered lights throughout and a battery powered clocktower that plays a wedding march or ringing bells. It includes five figures of a Vicar, Nun, organist...
10h22 26  avril
Santi’s Street Photos
Here are some photos kindly sent in by Santi of his Playmobil street.
17h55 09  avril
Nelson’s Column V2
I’m changing my display area so I’m parting with my largest statue of Nelson’s Column.
16h59 07  avril
Downing Street
This is Downing street a Georgian house made from system X parts based on numbers 10 and 12 of the famous street in London.A fellow Playmobil collector asked me to create a copy of the houses and sent me several photos.He wanted exterior of no.10 and the white front of no.12 together to make a nice...
22h06 31  mars
Candle Shop
A small western candle shop.
23h14 24  mars
Western General Store
21h06 10  mars
Peacocks Dress Shop
Peacocks ladies dress shop is another building from my original small Victorian shop set.
20h49 03  mars
Jones Butchers Shop
One of my original small Victorian shops.
14h19 03  mars
Victorian Ballgown Ladies
There’s lots of snow here in England so I’m currently working on smaller projects including March’s collection of Victorian ballgown ladies.For sale on my shop site.
14h10 03  mars
Bubble Bath
A little fun scene of a luxury bath time For sale on my shop site.
20h08 24  février
Fire Truck
nbsp;A converted model T truck fire engine
02h00 18  février
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang V3
nbsp;   A third version of the film car.
15h48 12  février
Lloyds Bank V2
A slightly different version of my Victorian Bank
11h27 11  février
Here are a couple of rare customised vintage biplanes.Red Biplane Rides Blue Wing Walker
19h27 10  février
Steampunk Chameleon Ship
This is a Steampunk version of the Chameleon Ship from Playmobil’s TV series called Super 4
19h17 10  février
Spring Fashion Couples
My latest set of Victorian couples all in Spring spring colours.
19h13 10  février
Roast Chestnut Seller
Roast Chestnut Seller with child.
19h09 10  février
Coal Wagon
A couple of coal men with their delivery wagon.
19h06 10  février
Chimney Sweeps
A chimney sweep and apprentice with hand drawn cart.