Chess solidarity
10h36 04  juillet
Chess at school in Brazil with Kedge & ChessSolidarity
Thanks to Alexandre Merenciano from Kedge business school Marseille (France), the Joao municipal school (Niteroi) will teach chess during summer vacation.Chess sets and teaching material offered by ChesSolidarity have traveled from Paris to Rio.Chess lessons will be forwarded by Milton Machado...
08h37 09  juin
Chess in Rio’s favelas with ChessSolidarity
The aim of the Tudo Bem project in Brazil created by students from Kedge high school in Marseille is to help children in the favelas.The non gouvernemental organization UM Rio try to teach rugby instead of soccer . . . why not, indeed, as we well know that education through sport is particularly...
10h48 25  novembre
ChessSolidarity - 5th Birthday and 10 actions
09h49 04  novembre
Chili con ChessSolidarity - 2
What about a chessgame while waiting for a music lesson ?CIFAN Foundation, located in Valdivia south of Santiago (Chili), is performing an orchestra with children from the street.The little money we send was helpful to buy an oboe.And chess games have started thanks to ChessSolidarity kits.In the...
15h25 18  octobre
Chess sweet home against Alzheimer
It was a pleasure to play chess against Jean-Marie B.Not because he is a Master or a kind of people.Jean-Marie is a discreet gentleman living in the heart of Paris.He happen to have 20 years around 64 years ago but kept his love for the 64 squares since then.We were asked for chess lessons to help...
20h17 27  juillet
Chess at school in Guyana
We are pleased to see that children from school of 3 Palétuviers in Guyana are concentrated on the chess puzzles that you can find in our little Holliday book for chess players.ChessSolidarity delivered 10 samples of our newly edited book and the President of French Chess Federation, Bachar Kouatly...
10h18 01  septembre
Chili con ChessSolidarity
Our next chess solidarity action will bring us to Chili in South America.CIFAN Foundation is located south of Santiago and as created a classical music orchestra. While waiting for a music lesson why not have a game of chess ?We are pleased to help CIFAN with chess sets and a 200 euros cash...
20h18 11  décembre
News from Chess at school in Népal
We are pleased to give some fresh news from the Chess at school in Népal project.Together with some representatives of the french chess community, ChessSolidarity made a cash donation of 540 euros (1) to the french ONG Little World Népal (LWN).From 31 october until 1 december, 12 volunteers from...
11h55 03  septembre
Chess at school in Népal
The french ONG Little World Népal will send 16 volunteer toward 4 schools spread all over Népal a country that suffer a terrible earthquake last April.ChessSolidarity is pleased to support the initiative with chess sets and a small cash donation.if you like to join us, we are collecting funds for...
07h13 01  septembre
Chess at school in Madagascar (season 3) - News
We are pleased to announce that DOCENDA, the french ONG who aim to built a school at Anjanojano (North west of Madagascar) as completed is work.Children from the village have now a stone house made with local material. See more on Docenda web site.Our young Ambassador Valère was able to teach and...
17h24 06  avril
Chess at school in Mongolia - News
In February 2015, Wilfried and Norlène from french Guyana, went to Paris, Moscou were they visited the brand new chess museum and from there, all the way to Mongolia and the international french school based in Oulan Bator.ChessSolidarity organized a VIP chess day in Paris with a simultaneous game...
09h01 02  janvier
GM trip with ChessSolidarity
GM means Grand Master.With ChessSolidarity GM stands for Guyana-Mongolia.The little chess club Les cavaliers des 3 Palétuviers (Knights from the mangrove), based in french Guyana, has adopted a motto from Mark Twain : They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it.That’s why three kids from the...
13h41 05  août
Chess at school in Madagascar (season 2) - News
Arthur and Valère are back from their trip to Madagascar and we are pleased to see that everything went perfectly well.Chess lessons were given accordingly to the plan and as shown on the picture below the French English poster with the pieces name (available here) offered in June made a long road...
15h02 12  février
Chess at school in Madagascar - 2
When the movie is good, you get a chance to have a season 2 coming on the screen.All the same for ChessSolidarity and Madagascar.Year 1, the exciting adventure with En scène pour Mada got an happy end and our musketeers were invited to receive a Chess Initiator diploma from the French Chess...
18h30 18  novembre
Chess sweet home
Children represents our futur and ederly people our memory.Both have something to do with chess.Children learning and playing chess get higher school results and ederly people who exercise their grey matter stay in better shape. Because chess is a mentally challenging activity they might even...
15h07 03  juillet
Chess at school in Madagascar
Remember the 3 musketeers from the Alexandre Dumas novel. They used to be four All the same with the ChessSolidarity musketeers : Victoire, Antoine, Lucas and Pierre.After a 5 months session to learn how to teach chess thanks to method Reti, they went to visit schools in Madagascar with chess sets...
13h49 11  juin
Chess at school in Togo
If you want a chessplayer you need a chess set.And as a first step, you also need a chess teacher or at least the chess rules.That’s what we are doing with ChessSolidarity.Chess sets, flyers with chess rules and method Reti to learn chess were send to Togo.Below, some pictures as a result.Thank you...
11h06 16  février
ChessSolidarity get on stage for Mada
Collège Dupanloup (Boulogne-Billancourt France) is conducting an unexpected initiative.A group of young pupils will fly to Madagascar during summer vacations. They will teach Math or French lessons as well as giving theatrical representations.Irene Petit, their french teacher is on the front line...
15h50 22  janvier
ChessSolidarity give a hand to reach the Everest
A chacun son Everest (literally meaning Everyone as his own Everest) is a french ONG who helps children with cancer or leukemia to reach their own summit. Christine Janin, President of this ONG use to say that the conquest of the Everest is useless . . . but make sense. As much for chess should we...
14h39 21  décembre
ChessSolidarity offers chess material to Togo
In Togo, the main obstacle to the development for teaching chess in schools is lacking of . . . schools.According to UNICEF, the scolarity enrollment rate varies from 90% in the capital Lome to less than 50% in some provinces.Nevertheless, the future is open.The young Chess Federation, founded in...
14h47 20  décembre
Domain name
We are please to confirm that the ChessSolidarity program hold his own domain name.It will be active within a couple hours (24h to 48h). Domain name : 
08h30 19  décembre
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