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15h27 09  janvier
Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap Continues Innovating Classic Formula on Nintendo Game Boy Advance - January 10th, 2005 - Today in Video Game History
Carl Williams
Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap has a story set in a unique position. The third entry in the Four Swords series takes place between Skyward Sword and Four Swords. Nintendo’s Hyrule hero’s adventure here also takes place prior to the events that split the Zelda timeline in Ocarina of Time. The Minish...
16h07 03  janvier
Diablo Pits Gamers Against Hell - January 3rd, 1997 - Today in Video Game History
Carl Williams
Diablo is one of those few games that made you proud to be a computer gamer. There were not many that made console gamers jealous, Blizzards Rogue-like was one of them. It joined the ranks of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, Command & Conquer, and a few flight sims. Even Rogue was a PC exclusive for most ...
00h08 03  janvier
Intellivision Super Mario Bros Shown
Carl Williams
Intellivision Super Mario Bros is an anomaly of sorts. This is an entry in our Bandit Gaming section as there is no way this is official. Looking at the developer of this, we are not surprised on bit at the progress. What is surprising is just how close this is to the Nintendo Entertainment System ...
18h54 02  janvier
Clockwork Knight 2 Continues Toy Battles on Sega Saturn - January 2nd, 1996 - Today in Video Game History
Carl Williams
Clockwork Knight 2 is a great example of the advancement of 2D side scrolling action games. This genre ruled on 16-bit consoles and was criminally ignored in subsequent generations. Sega did try to cover these bases on their Saturn console, at least early on, before abandoning it themselves. This...
18h57 01  janvier
Lost Simpsons Bug Squad Sega Dreamcast Game Discovered
Carl Williams
The Simpsons is one of those franchises that will probably be around forever. In one form or another, the Fox cartoon is alive and well, even after the Disney acquisition. Considering how wild 2020 was, it is worth noting it got a little wilder for fans of the Sega Dreamcast, or The Simpsons. A new...
00h54 31  décembre
Paprium Finally Sees Release on Sega Genesis
Carl Williams
Paprium is a brand new brawler title for the Sega Genesis. Some of you reading this may know it by its former name, Project Y. Most that knew about this game probably gave up on seeing it years ago. Considering this fighting game was in development for four years it is easy to see why. … ...
02h00 29  décembre
LED Matrix Cube Display Playing Castlevania on Nintendo Entertainment System
Carl Williams
Anyone seen an LED Matrix Cube before? Me neither. They look cool though. Anyhow, the LED’s across four sides display the game screen. The one in the video below is set on an auto rotating base. This keeps the necessary parts of the screen in your view as you play. Unfortunately, this is...
01h07 28  décembre
WonderSwan Color Wizardry Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord Translated to English
Carl Williams
Wizardry Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord is the start to a classic franchise that is seemingly lost to history. What was once a leader in the role-playing game (RPG) genre is now all but forgotten by most gamers. That is if they knew it at all in the first place. The WonderSwan Color is ...
23h57 26  décembre
WorkBoy Long Lost Nintendo Game Boy Accessory Discovered
Carl Williams
The WorkBoy is a curiosity of accessories. This device was intended to fill a gap between gaming devices and computers. Like how, in Japan at least, Nintendo had a keyboard, modem, etc available for their NES console. Unfortunately, this add-on was not going to feature online connectivity of any...
22h27 20  décembre
Game Boy Pac-Man Sees Two Update Patches Released
Carl Williams
Pac-Man is a venerable franchise. He has also branched out in just as many genres as Mario has. Nintendo still holds the prize for the platforming and kart racing genres. Namco’s yellow dot eater certainly has laid down a formidable challenge in nearly ever other genre though. The Nintendo Game Boy...