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23h37 19  janvier
New videos for Ghosts n Goblins Resurrection
Sir Arthur
We’re just over a month away from the release of Ghosts n Goblins Resurrection, the new chapter in the glorious saga starring the knight in his underwear which was unexpectedly announced by Capcom during the past month of December. After the first announcement, these past weeks the Japanese...
22h07 15  janvier
Videogames highlights fourth quarter 2019
Sir Arthur
Following in the footsteps of other institutions around the world, the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia has started to preserve Australian video games. Things like Hollow Knight are indeed worth preserving for study and access by future generations, while some cosmic bullshit like WWE...
22h45 21  décembre
Ghosts n Goblins Resurrection, Sir Arthur’s unexpected return
Sir Arthur
Capcom has decided once again to shock the video games world with Ghosts ’n Goblins Resurrection. And the brave knight in his underwear. The post Ghosts n Goblins Resurrection, Sir Arthur’s unexpected return first appeared on Sir Arthur’s Den.
00h01 16  décembre
ScummVM, ResidualVM, PCem: marriages and new births in the emulation world
Sir Arthur
In these troublesome months, when the world had to deal with the first pandemic in modern history and yours truly was busy setting up and testing the new next-gen PC that drained his bank account (and which we will profusely talk about later), the community of developers devoted to reviving old...
21h24 10  septembre
RPCS3, PS3 emulation now works on-line too
Sir Arthur
After turning the dream of emulating a complex and modern console like the PS3 on PC into reality, RPCS3 has now achieved a new, incredible goal. The open source emulator works on-line too, with a re-implementation of the PlayStation Network (PSN) servers named RPCN. Right now compatibility is...
21h54 05  septembre
Pure and plain shit: the true nature of cloud computing
Sir Arthur
Though the problems of traffic congestion caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are now less severe in most part of the world, and the USA aren’t officially part of this world or its same universe anymore, cloud computing continues to be a pile of pure, disgusting shit sold as 24 carat gold. A heap of...
21h07 15  août
The ninth-generation console war heats up
Sir Arthur
There are just a few months left until the official debut of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the new generation consoles that will see Sony and Microsoft competing once again for winning money, time and love of players worldwide. The two corporations unveiled most of the secrets about their new...
21h07 02  juillet
With COVID-19, promises of cloud computing turn into a cloud of smoke
Sir Arthur
Now that, in the less dumb countries of the world, the COVID-19 crisis is entering a period of forced coexistence with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, there’s a chance to critically evaluate the impact the first pandemic of the new century had on technology and Internet-relying services. Thanks to COVID-19,...
22h43 21  mai
PCem 16 and PCSX2 1.6.0, the future of emulation is the video games past
Sir Arthur
In these weeks of lockdown, emulation certainly is one of the businesses that didn’t suffer the effects of the overall slowdown of activities and development. On the contrary: news on that front are always plentiful, and two new releases in particular highlight the good health the community, and...
16h19 08  mai
2020 is officially cancelled
Sir Arthur
The UN have decided: 2020 has been officially cancelled. After experiencing 10 years in four months with apocalyptic fires in Australia, state of war between Iran and USA, locust invasion in Africa and the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 for friends) plague, the United Nations have decided that enough is...
21h44 07  mai
TNT Village is back on-line, but nobody noticed
Sir Arthur
While a good part of the world is locked at home for the lockdown against COVID-19 spreading, an important site of Italian-based P2P unexpectedly resurfaces on the Web. TNT Village is back on-line after some months of blackout, a fact that contradicts the triumphant statements by the industry but...
21h13 02  mai
Videogames highlights September 2019
Sir Arthur
The surplus of money that runs through the gaming industry creates monsters, revolting trends with the only purpose of further multiplying the money that ends up in the pockets of publishers and big names. NEOGEO, a brand that should have been forgotten already, is for example still exploited to...
20h23 17  avril
Videogames highlights August 2019
Sir Arthur
It feels like a century has passed, but just a few months ago the video games now recommended by the WHO to spend our time at home were still under fire for being the alleged source of all evils and American slaughters. The fat orange pig shitting on the White House moquette got angry with video...
20h51 09  avril
Videogames highlights July 2019
Sir Arthur
In this period I’m devoting my weekly gaming hours to mainly indie productions, or to titles that are smaller and yet can offer a fun and satisfying experience with no need to be mega-billion mega-productions. After all the market has long acknowledged the fine quality of games like Cuphead, while...
23h25 18  mars
Total binge-watching Winter 2020
Sir Arthur
Free time goes down, work commitments go up while TV series are piling up on the hard disk and my binge-watching fails to keep up with the black hole of a backlog that will never end The post Total binge-watching - Winter 2020 first appeared on Sir Arthur’s Den.
00h32 05  mars
The unknowns before the new generation consoles’ debut
Sir Arthur
The ninth generation gaming consoles should arrive on Christmas 2020, bringing to market two hardware platforms which essentially are more of the same compared to PS4 and Xbox One. The new consoles will once again be undersized clones of an x86 CPU-based gaming PC, but excluding this well known...
22h05 13  février
The horrors of the cloud: companies screwing users’ privacy, PCs and cars
Sir Arthur
Cloud computing is that horrible place inhabited by idiots and managed by corporations that try everything to turn shit into gold and make profits from users’ connections. The promises of cloud-based services are becoming more and more extraordinary, unattainable and nonsensical, luckily computer...
00h55 06  février
The Doom Slayer’s jolly adventures in Hell
Sir Arthur
I am the Doom Slayer, and my demonic friends will always fear me... The post The Doom Slayer’s jolly adventures in Hell first appeared on Sir Arthur’s Den.
23h23 29  janvier
Video games streaming, the new digital crap shat down from the cloud
Sir Arthur
Entrusting data to cloud computing without a shellproof backup plan means to put our digital life in the hands and on the computers of someone else, and the big Internet corporations keep on planning new ways to get a profit out of it. The giants that built their empires by parasitizing users’ data...
00h29 04  décembre
New Gaming widget for Sir Arthur’s Den
Sir Arthur
Sir Arthur’s Den now has a new Gaming widget on the right sidebar, a box located right under the latest news from the blog which shows the games Sir Arthur is busy with right now. After all it’s a promise I made to myself when I set up my most recent computer station, to commit myself in a...