Horizon sports
14h56 21  janvier
The Road Ahead, Wild Racers Ecuador, Moana Waiwai, the never melting story and the last days of Vendée Globe on HorizonSports this week.
Philippe Deleplace
The Road Ahead Fredrik Erixon, a passionate adventurer crosses Sweden on roller skis from the north in Karesuando in Lappland, to Smygehuk in Skane in the south - a solo journey of about 2000 km over thirty days representing one Vasaloppet a day (most famous cross country ski race). He rolls...
14h19 14  janvier
Appenninica MTB Race 2020, Wild Racers Ecuador, Kite Masters 2020 Ep.6 and Yügen The Film on HorizonSports this week
Philippe Deleplace
Appenninica Mountain Bike Race 2020 The spectacular Appenninica MTB Stage Race covers 460 kilometers in seven stages, with steep climbs and technical descents, for an elevation gain of about 16 thousand meters along the spine of Italy in the Apennine ridges between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. The...
14h14 07  janvier
The Gongga Trail, Wild Racers Tasmania Ep4, Xterra Adventures 2020 Ep6 and The High on HorizonSports this week.
Philippe Deleplace
The Gongga Trail The magnificent Gongga Trail is China’s most popular overnight hike. The unique journey around the King of the Sichuan Mountains includes iconic sights along a high-altitude, 43-mile path. Joined by four Chinese explorers, film director Ben Clark, shares an experience few...
10h58 04  janvier
Happy New Year
Philippe Deleplace
We thought we might share some interesting thoughts about last year as we look forward to a stellar 2021. Our strategy to cope with the uncertainties of 2020 was to bring more diverse sports and entertaining programmes to active people many stuck at home. Despite fewer Ultra-trail races due to...
10h24 31  décembre
Golden Trail Championship 2020, Wild Racers Tasmania, Himalaya Energy Ultra Trail, The Road to Independance-The Film and Vendée Globe on HorizonSports
Philippe Deleplace
Goldentrail Championship 2020 A Strategic Battle Here it is, the race of the year - athletes from 32 different countries converged on Faial Island in the Portuguese Azores, in the middle of the Atlantic, to participate in this hair-raising, adrenalin-fuelled, excruciating race week of blood,...
09h23 26  décembre
DUALITY The Film Worldwide Exclusive Premiere, Wild Racers Tasmania #2, China & Thailand by UTMB, The Frozen Road on HorizonSports this week.
Philippe Deleplace
DUALITY Worldwide Exclusive Premiere Duality is a unique trail-running story about four remarkable elite ultra-trail running women - Uxue, Juliette, Yulia and Audrey. These ordinary women of the trail running Team Vibram decide to use their strength, stubbornness and dedication to do...
18h10 17  décembre
Wild Racers Tasmania Ep1, Inner city to Mountains, Kite masters 2020 Ep5 and Vivian Bruchez on HorizonSports this week
Philippe Deleplace
WILD RACERS - TASMANIA - EPISODE 1 The first of 24 incredible episodes, that takes viewers on a journey into the ultimate feat of endurance within the Adventure Racing World Series. Episode one lands us on the shores of Burnie, Tasmania where we meet the teams, explore the host city and reveal the...
14h54 16  décembre
VIBRAM selects HORIZONSPORTS for worldwide premiere of DUALITY
Philippe Deleplace
Vibram has selected HorizonSports, the world’s only Nature Sports & Wellness video platform, to launch the worldwide premiere of the film Duality on 26 December. The film will be available on all HorizonSports platforms including Samsung TV Plus, Apple Android App, the HorizonSports.TV browser and...
14h21 10  décembre
Trans Atlas Marathon, Inside my Borders part 3, XTERRA Adventures 2020 Top Plays and Sam Anthamatten on HorizonSports this week.
Philippe Deleplace
Trans Atlas Marathon (TAM) The Trans Atlas Marathon is a 250km stage race across the mythical Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The TAM ultramarathon is organised by legendary Moroccan runner, Mohamad Ahansal. Over six days, all racers climb over 14000 meters. The race requires food semi-self-sufficiency...
13h46 03  décembre
UTWT 2020 Ep.4, Inside my Borders Part 2, Dave Goes West The Film and Super League Triathlon Malta Men Final on HorizonSports this week.
Philippe Deleplace
UTWT 2020 Episode 4 Ultra Trail Harricana & Javelina Jundred Fourth episode of our series dedicated to the 2020 season of the Ultra Trail World tour. The first race is the scenic Ultra Trail Harricana (122 km 4220m D ) in the Charlevoix reserve 100 km northeast of Quebec, Canada. We then run...