00h00 09  novembre
The Yearly Run (sci-fi short story)
article p text-indent: 1.25em; Pochards , was the first word spoken today. Emil looked up cautiously, keeping the corner of his eye on the road. Several dots on the dark-blue morning sky, no clouds. He was never quite sure whether dad could really recognize particular species of birds at this...
00h00 05  novembre
Blogging vs. blog setups
11h06 16  septembre
Iím shutting down most of my projects
I decided to shut down most of my projects. All existing static content (text, audio, video) will remain available for as long as possible. Any running code will halt by the end of September. Open source code will remain available on Github. Here is the complete list: Apps Geostreaks. iOS app for...
09h53 26  aoŻt
The wrong good solution
City planners know that you canít solve traffic problems by building more roads. We could apply this line of thinking in our personal lives, too. Iíve written about small battery productivity before, and the more I think about the pattern, there more missed opportunities I see. One day I thought...
07h36 18  aoŻt
The mandatory smartphone
I hate to use a smartphone. Being able to view maps, look up info on the go and listen to music is great, but I always felt that smartphones are like plastic utensils. Very useful on the go, but temporary in nature. A compromise. Using a smartphone for more than a few minutes in a row feels wrong....
00h00 01  aoŻt
Eventual Consistency (sci-fi short story)
article p text-indent: 1.25em; They housed me in a small metallic room and gave me pants, a small towel and soap. Others from my group were close by in similar rooms, all in the same building where we woke up. Someone had asked if we could go outside, but I didnít hear the reply. Few days later I...
00h00 29  juillet
Small battery productivity
A Scottish writer Matt Gemmell described a technique of small screen productivity . He was talking about either a small laptop or a tablet which doesnít allow him to see many contexts simultaneously, thus boosting creative output. One window, small screen, no distractions. I dislike laptops, but...
09h59 23  juillet
Itís okay to walk uphill
At first I cycled up the hill with all my force trying to impress the world. My athletic sweat was the only thing that showed the effort. My face was trying to do the opposite, to convince the unseen viewer that the ascent is effortless, easy even. Then I started noticing it. Who is the viewer? Am...
16h29 01  juillet
Fundamental Attribution of Ability Error
Thereís this thing called fundamental attribution error: In social psychology, fundamental attribution error (FAE), also known as correspondence bias or attribution effect, is the tendency for people to under-emphasize situational explanations for an individualís observed behavior while over...
16h29 26  juin
Itís all just fashion shows
I always thought these fashion runway shows are kind of silly. Are you guys okay?.. I just donít want to deal with this stuff in any way. Luckily, I can ignore it for the most part. Although, random changes in trendiness affects my personal ability to buy a simple t-shirt or a hoodie without...
16h29 01  juin
Weird Finnish elative case
Finnish language has 15 noun cases which pack a lot of expressive power. For example, letís take the word kissa (cat). Here are some of the cases: kissan of cat (kissan koko; the size of the cat) kissassa in cat (hiiri on kissassa; the mouse is in the cat) kissasta from inside the cat ...
16h29 10  fťvrier
Summary of Truth about Types, a talk by Bartosz Milewski
Intro Category theory abstracts many branches of math. You can describe topology, logic, Banach spaces and other concepts in terms of category theory. Why is it so? Does category theory describe the nature, the intrinsic reality, and we happened to discover it like physicists discover the laws of...
12h39 31  janvier
Summary of Transducers, a talk by Rich Hickey
Intro What are transducers? The basic idea is to extract the essence of map, filter and other functions that transform sequences and collections, and reuse this essence so that it can be applied elsewhere; to recast them as process transformations. The kind of process for which we can use...
11h09 30  janvier
Fastmail setup with Emacs, mu4e and mbsync on macOS
I guess it was inevitable. Once you embrace Emacs, at some point you gonna want to do email in it. Honestly, I donít think Iíll stick with it, but as an experiment, I want to try and see whether it makes sense to use Emacs as an email client. These are my requirements: Fastmail as email provider....
14h25 20  dťcembre
Summary of Concurrency Is Not Parallellism, a talk by Rob Pike
This is a complete summary of an excellent talk by Rob Pike Concurrency is Not Parallelism . Illustrations and diagrams are recreated; source code taken verbatim from the slides, except for comments, which were extended in some places. (You can get a set of PDF (preview) HTML epub Kindle versions...
13h09 27  novembre
Coding vs. Programming vs. Software Engineering
I donít think there are formal definitions for either coding or programming or even software engineering , even though the latter is used in formal contexts like academia and human resources. They are vague, pliable terms which mean different things to different people. I want to share how I...
08h02 26  novembre
Examples are the best documentation
When Iím searching for docs, 95% of the time a single example would suffice. Yet, 95% of the time I canít find one in any official source. It seems that by default formal technical documentation is targeted towards someone whoís deeply immersed in the ecosystem. But many developers have to juggle a...
10h48 20  novembre
The price of complexity
Computer programmers often talk about tackling complexity, yet they thrive on complexity. I believe tech people experience a constant dilemma: on one hand, we want things to be simple and straightforward; on the other hand we love complex structures and engineering marvels. I think about this today...
07h51 22  octobre
User Is Dead
User is dead. User remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the developers, the designers, the growth hackers? What was holiest and the final judge of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our a b-tests and new features. Who will wipe this blood off...
15h06 03  septembre
Be Wary of Self Described Benefits
Picking a university was one of the main tasks in the last year of high school. That and exams. I wasnít sure what to study and which place to pick. I had no idea how one can make these choices. There werenít too many resources available at the time. So, a lot of us relied on promotional info...
14h24 29  juillet
Process of Learning
A process of learning is analogous to an attempt of building a three-dimensional model from two-dimensional photos. You approach a new area of knowledge. You know nothing at all. You stumble upon a first piece: Thatís more than nothing, but still very little. You donít understand it. At best,...
08h47 27  juillet
Bicycles and Love
I love bicycles. The first memories I have are bike-related. The best ones are, too. My first bicycle was a tricycle I donít remember a time I didnít bike. Bicycle means freedom. My first serious bicycles, the ones that let me explore the city, were old, steel soviet tanks. They were...
09h27 30  mai
80-characters limit for text is wrong
I believe the 80-characters (or any other number) line limit for text to be wrong. Not archaic or irrelevant, but wrong. It violates a fundamental idea of computer science: separating layers of abstraction. Not talking about code today, although, I donít think a strict limit is a good thing there...
14h51 15  mai
Rethinking Twitter
Good old days Twitter is the only social media Iíve ever used. Sure, I had accounts on other sites, but was never really engaged elsewhere. I couldnít understand all those facebook addiction stories, honestly. Facebook was always extremely boring, while Twitter was always exciting. From the...
11h16 21  avril
Easy slides (for me)
As a software developer, at some point you discover simple slides and presentation generators: Markdown-to-PDF HTML converters, Emacs extensions, LaTeX exporters, VIM plugins, etc. The idea makes perfect sense, because: I donít want to use PowerPoint or Keynote. I donít want to use the mouse. I...
13h23 15  avril
How to podcast
Here is a TL;DR version: Record using whatever. Even smartphones produce decent sound nowadays. Just make sure to have a consistent volume, i.e. maintain constant distance between your mouth and the phone. Compress to 96kbps mp3 constant bitrate. Or use an online encoder like Pinecoder. Pick...
12h25 27  fťvrier
Frontend vs. Functional Programming Conferences
15h43 17  dťcembre
Christmas Wish
20h58 30  novembre
If real life were as buggy as software
14h20 16  novembre
Evolution of Frontend vs. Backend
11h27 07  novembre
The Ultimate AI answers the Ultimate Question
12h52 31  octobre
Dazed, depressed, defunct
Iíve been journaling daily for 6 years, but stopped this summer. There are many reasons, but one stands out: it makes me sad to read my journal. DayOne app has a nice feature: show entries for this day over the past years . I used to start each morning by reading 5-6 journal entries from the...
08h51 29  octobre
Important Git Realization
09h13 23  octobre
Every movie that involves computers
08h39 22  octobre
Kids nowadays are LIKE stupid
11h30 15  octobre
A case against LISP
06h26 11  octobre
Software updates throughout history
07h29 08  octobre
People donít change
11h01 05  octobre
React Expectation vs Reality
10h53 01  octobre
Make Firefox faster and nicer on macOS
Iím trying Firefox as my primary browser on all devices. It has some great features like Multi-Account containers in addition to being a non-Google product, which is an increasingly rare feature on the web nowadays. Firefox on macOS is somewhat sluggish at the moment. If you try the current stable...
20h16 28  septembre
I canít believe this happened again
20h16 27  septembre
A company sells your data
20h16 26  septembre
Product managerís bedtime story
11h24 26  septembre
For Google, youíre neither the consumer nor the product. Youíre a data point.
In light of recent changes to Google Chrome, many forums have filled with bitter discussions. Here are just a few: Chrome 69 will keep Google Cookies when you tell it to delete all cookies Why Iím done with Chrome (HN discussion) Using Gmail? You will be force logged into Chrome At some point...
14h18 20  septembre
A Simple Introduction to Proof by Induction
Now that youíre familiar with direct proof and proof by contradiction, itís time to discover a powerful technique of proof by induction. Aside: do not confuse mathematical induction with inductive or deductive reasoning. Despite the name, mathematical induction is actually a form of deductive...
20h57 17  septembre
RE: Software disenchantment
Nikita just published Software disenchantment, and here is my rant-y reply. Please, read his post first. TL;DR: I agree with Nikita and I am equally frustrated with the current state of the industry. We started grumpy.website together, after all. But I donít believe that situation will...
18h10 14  septembre
Dumb Down the Context Until the Problem Goes Away
At work we use SCSS and HAML, so I rarely write pure HTML and CSS there. But for small side projects and my personal blog I tend to stick with the simplest (and dumbest) possible tools. This week I was working on a refreshed look for this blog. Being a good modern man, I tried to stick with em or...
14h49 12  septembre
A Simple Introduction to Proof by Contradiction
In mathematics, a theorem is a true statement, but the mathematician is expected to be able to prove it rather than take it on faith. The proof is a sequence of mathematical statements, a path from some basic truth to the desired outcome. An impeccable argument, if you will. One of the basic...
13h54 10  septembre
Keyboard fanaticism
Iíve been reading an article about Emacs, and this paragraph had nailed me right into the soul: IDE users spend most of their time fumbling around with the mouse. They wouldnít dream of doing it any other way, but they donít realize how inefficient their motions are. ... Whenever you need to jump...
09h31 07  septembre
Personal finances and controlled anarchy
Most of my life, I didnít have much money. I was born in the 90s in a tiny Kazakh town, and nobody had a job there, it seemed. USSR just collapsed and my parents were trying to make ends meet in a constant hustle. That life defined my relationship with money and wealth for years to come. Every time...