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17h14 22  janvier
We need to talk about content
Nick Revelas
Let’s start with a question: In the current focus on digital initiatives, are energy companies overlooking the importance of content? And, what does that mean? The potential of digital transformation The wave of sweeping themes, like the 4th Industrial Revolution, Industry Manufacturing 4.0, and...
15h14 22  janvier
What’s in a name?
Chris Wynder
With the new roadmap and new set of integrations, OpenTextâ would like to re-introduce you to ApplicationXtender. It is now OpenTextâ Application Content Management (ACM). Why? The most recent release brought a new roadmap to the product, including: The replacement of the Reports Manager module...
21h35 21  janvier
How to turn SAP migration pains into a high-yield investment
Ville Parkkinen
Transitioning to SAP S 4HANA is one of the biggest IT projects that many organizations will undertake in the coming years. While the original deadline of discontinuing maintenance for SAP ECC in 2025 was pushed to 2027, with an optional extension through 2030, migration from the older SAP systems...
20h33 21  janvier
Leveraging an Express Lane’ approach to trading partner onboarding
Mark Morley
If 2020 was the year of supply chain disruption, then 2021 will be the year of supply chain restructuring and transformation. Supply chain leaders around the world have seen their operating procedures turned on their head to try and keep businesses afloat during the pandemic. European companies...
16h49 21  janvier
Rethinking information management
Muhi Majzoub
Over the last three decades, OpenTextâ has been committed to delivering Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions to solve challenging business needs for our customers. But large, complex organizations aren’t the only ones that need to keep their information secure and well-managed. Today...
15h40 21  janvier
4 tips for tracking customer experience KPIs
Magali Germain
Increasingly, companies are running the numbers and discovering that they ignore customer experience at their peril. It’s more cost-effective to keep the customers you have, compared to the effort needed to attract more. Some put the estimate of new customer acquisition costs at 5x-25x greater than...
09h47 20  janvier
Why the human element is an essential part of digital
Suren Naidoo
Although the Covid-19 pandemic remains far from over, the rollout of vaccines around the world brings cause for hope during 2021. For the many organizations that have been on a reactive footing during the crisis, now is the time to switch to a more proactive phase of planning for the post-pandemic...
15h18 18  janvier
Why OpenText has so much to offer the Healthcare sector
Scott Lundstrom
This is a pivotal moment for the Healthcare sector. We have just gone through a period of incredible disruption. Content will be increasingly critical as organizations strive to improve operations and better understand and personalize the patient journey. COVID-19 has added fuel to the fire in...
14h08 15  janvier
7 information challenges impacting the semiconductor boom in 2021
Tom Leeson
While the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic slowed the semiconductor sector, it is now recovering and can look forward to a period of significant growth in the year ahead. Some estimates place the growth at 12-14% for 2021, however trading conditions are still challenging and uncertain. To seize the...
17h04 12  janvier
How to delight customers with engaging experiences
Deidra (Dei) Jow
What are your customers experiencing when they call your customer service team? Too often, when customers reach out for help in solving a problem or completing a business task, they feel dread in anticipation of the experience they might encountered to solving their problem. Often, this feeling is...
15h50 12  janvier
Three use cases for cloud fax in financial services
Erik Enderson
Fax is so secure that faxed documents and signatures are recognized in the courts as being legally binding. It stands to reason, then, that fax would be the bedrock of financial communications, but are there ways to make it even better? What about incorporating other business drivers such as...
10h01 11  janvier
Are you ready to discover greatness?
This blog is authored by Lou Blatt, SVP & CMO, OpenText, and James McGourlay, EVP, Customer Operations, OpenText This year at OpenTextâ World, we announced our new OpenText Voyager program, a reimagining of how OpenText supports, trains, engages with, and communicates to our customers, partners,...
17h13 08  janvier
Evolving customer communications
Tami May
Targeted customer communications are a powerful way to increase engagement and build brand loyalty. Done poorly, they’re also an effective way to drive your audience away. Your audience is being bombarded by tons of messages every day and the problem is getting worse, not better. It’s easy for...
16h26 08  janvier
Making compliance part of your information governance strategy
Pierre Cahorn
Compliance should be a major part of any information governance strategy. Taking relevant laws, policies and regulations into consideration, while striving to protect individuals and organizations, must be a top organizational priority. At the same time, organizations must strive to ensure quality...
21h24 07  janvier
The top tech trends in manufacturing for 2021
Tom Leeson
Well, that wasn’t the year any of us expected Yet, in many cases, it saw remarkable successes in incredible circumstances. The pandemic didn’t completely alter our technology strategies. It accelerated them - especially the drive toward digital transformation, according to McKinsey. So, what does...
21h02 07  janvier
Energy industry 2021 predictions
Martin Richards
2020 sent shock waves across oil and gas, utilities and mining organizations, creating dramatic shifts in supply and demand, revenue streams and productivity. As these companies head into 2021 they continue to face the fallout from disparate - yet equally challenging - business disruptors. In the...
20h37 07  janvier
10 technology trends for the public sector in 2021
Brian Chidester
2020 was the year that no one could have foreseen, but for the public sector it demonstrated the requirement for incredible resilience and flexibility. It had to quickly pivot, break down barriers, share information and continue to deliver services to its citizens. Technology has been the...
14h39 04  janvier
SolarWinds: Threat hunt to contain and eradicate
Marc St-Pierre
As the cyberattack story continues to unfold around the SUNBURST and SUPERNOVA malware distributed through a compromised SolarWinds software update, more private and public sector organizations from around the world are coming forward to disclose how they were affected by the breach. In response,...
21h39 17  décembre
Navigating business recovery with AI
Andrew Benjamin
With the dramatic changes brought on by COVID-19, businesses are having to adapt to remote working, reduced budgets, and remaining agile as they undertake massive digital transformation. Business resiliency has become the key priority for C-Suite executives as they respond to this new, and still...
14h30 17  décembre
The evolution of law firms during COVID-19
How can law firms navigate the challenges posed by the global pandemic? Legal tech experts Pierre-Antoine Rizk and Madaline Zannes, and OpenText’s Andy Teichholz joined us for a virtual Q&A on the current state of law firms and where the legal industry is headed in a world dealing with COVID-19....