Feld Thoughts
18h56 13  janvier
How Is The 54th Week of 2020 Going For You?
Brad Feld
At lunch today, Amy said Welcome to January 112th. I just got an email from a friend that included the line, I’m writing off the first 20 days of the year, so here’s to a much different 2021 starting next week I didn’t really mark the end of the year as the end of this phase. The Covid...
20h56 12  janvier
Welcome Maëlle Gavet to Techstars
Brad Feld
Today, Techstars announced that Maëlle Gavet has joined as CEO. When David Cohen, David Brown, Jared Polis, and I started Techstars in 2006, we could have never envisioned what it has become. Today, Techstars is a global organization with around 300 employees, invests in over 400 new companies...
16h14 11  janvier
RIP Len Fassler
Brad Feld
After 89 years on this planet, Len Fassler passed away on Friday. Len was my Yoda. As a paternal figure, he was a close second to my father. I loved him deeply. And I will miss him every day. We were introduced in the spring of 1993 by Jim Galvin, CEO of Allcom, which had just been acquired by Len...
18h54 10  janvier
Media Archaeology Lab Virtual Tour on 1 21 21
Brad Feld
For a long time, I collected computers (hardware, software, manuals, and magazines.) About five years ago, I donated my collection to the Media Archaeology Lab, located at CU Boulder. Also, Amy and I have made substantial gifts to MAL from the Anchor Point Foundation. And, last year, our gift...
15h58 08  janvier
What Is Your First Political Memory?
Brad Feld
For the past nine months, Amy and I have started our morning together. I get up, pee, weigh myself, brush my teeth, meditate for 20 to 30 minutes, and then we have morning coffee together. Morning coffee lasts for two cups of coffee (one regular, one decaf). This ends up being between 15 and 30...
17h09 29  décembre
Book: In the Beginning&Was the Command Line
Brad Feld
I love Neal Stephenson. I’ve read all of his books, some of them multiple times. Well, except the Baroque Cycle trilogy, which I’m saving for a special period of time to get lost in them, and from everything. Last week I read In the Beginning...Was the Command Line. For the second time. This time I...
16h52 28  décembre
What Is Your Biggest Hope and Your Bigger Fear?
Brad Feld
About a month ago, I participated in a discussion hosted by the CU Boulder Conference on World Affairs titled Back to the Future: Lessons for our emerging challenges from science fiction and history. The moderator was Phil Weiser (Colorado’s Attorney General). The guests were me, Blake Crouch ...
19h08 25  décembre
Tenet One Big, Hot Mess of a Movie
Brad Feld
Amy and I watched Tenet the other night. When we finished, she turned to me and said, That was one big, hot mess of a movie. I sat for a moment and said, I’m not sure it was any good, but I’m not sure. I just watched the trailer. While these are clips from the movie, there’s no correlation in...
17h34 14  décembre
The Great HQ Migration
Brad Feld
January 3, 2020, seems like a very long time ago. That day, I wrote a post titled The Future Of Work Is Distributed. I had no idea that four months later, all office workers in the world would be working from home, and within six months, the idea of distributed and remote work would be a topic...
16h53 11  décembre
100% Deductibility of Cash Charitable Contributions in 2020
Brad Feld
Amy and I just finished allocating our 2020 year-end charitable contributions from our Anchor Point Foundation. Given our charitable contributions around Covid and Racial Equity throughout the year, we were extremely overallocated going into our end-of-year gift cycle. This morning I got a note...