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Interesting Engineering
22  mai     15h35
Find out why most of the noise pollution in cities comes from cars
   And it s pretty dangerous for humans
Climate change is messing with our sleep. Here’s why it matters
   The effect is more pronounced in people from developing countries
Researchers explain how auroras are formed on Mars without a global magnetic field
   The phenomenon is not exclusive to Earth
A new computer cooling method enables a 740 percent increase in power per unit
   Holy cow
Here’s how agricultural research in Antarctica helps scientists grow food in space
   Antarctic research may have played a more important role in space exploration than we thought
Hubble data suggests ’something weird’ is going on in the universe
   Astronomers try to pinpoint the Hubble Constant but it leads to confusion
Big Bang: Everything you need to know about the most accepted cosmological model
   Why is it the prevailing cosmological model
21  mai     15h06
YouTuber explains why Honda’s oval piston engine is absolutely crazy
   What is an oval piston and how does it work
Ukrainian soldiers are now using powerful electric bikes to take out Russian tanks
   The bikes can reach speeds as high as mph km h
China’s world-first AI-powered drone carrier is being hailed as a new marine species’
   Zhu Hai Yun will be used to carry out marine scientific research and observation
Hyundai’s first US factory will produce 300,000 electric cars yearly starting in 2025
   When its new factory is complete in Georgia
A World War II tribute has arrived at the ISS and it could help Boeing take on SpaceX
   Popular feminist icon Rosie the Riveter is back as Rosie the Rocketeer
The future of hydropower is endangered by droughts, floods, and climate change
   And this is critical for the US electric grid
Remains of a slamming between two galaxies could shed light upon dark matter
   Does this explain how they can exist without any dark matter
20  mai     20h30
What comes after the crypto crash? A powerful Web3 firm expects dark days’
   Will it end or are we still in the early days
The James Webb Space Telescope can now track moving targets in our solar system
   Now it can study planets their satellites and more in our neighborhood
Scientists just broke the record for the highest efficiency solar cell
   With nearly percent efficiency
Do pig-to-human transplants work? Here are the risks you face
   It s time to clear the air
This Stryker-mounted high-energy laser can take down large drones and mortars
   Drones can t take the heat
Renault’s first hydrogen-powered EV will drive 500 miles per charge
   And it s coming in
7 Samsung soundbars to feel the sound in the most cinematic way possible
   Get ready for an immersive experience
15 entertaining gifts for kids who are into engineering
   These practical gifts will inspire the scientists and engineers of the future
US Department of Energy invests 3.5 billion in carbon capture initiatives
   In a bid to meet President Biden s net zero goals
A brilliant animation shows how we’re floating through space at dizzying speeds
   Where are you really
Chevy’s 25,000 horsepower pickup is the fastest truck in the world
   Don t forget the parachute canisters to slow you down