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27  novembre     17h54
Why Omicron quickly became a variant of concern
John Timmer    The WHO lets Omicron skip over variant of interest, go straight to concern.
To help people with long COVID, scientists need to define it
WIRED    Patients with the perplexing syndrome have reported 200 different symptoms.
It’s time to fear the fungi
WIRED    Humans have long been protected from fungal infections. Climate change could ruin that.
26  novembre     13h33
Humans have broken a fundamental law of the ocean
WIRED    Industrial fishing messes with strange but stable pattern of undersea creatures.
25  novembre     15h00
Will glow-in-the-dark materials someday light our cities?
Ars Contributors    Photoluminescent substances could be applied to sidewalks, streets, and buildings.
Scientists use seismic noise to image first hundred meters of Mars
John Timmer    Mars’ winds create enough noise to see what’s underneath the InSight lander.
24  novembre     20h25
Microbiologists have cracked the case of Shedd Aquarium’s missing medicines
Jennifer Ouellette    An antiparasitic drug called chloroquine kept vanishing from water in quarantine habitat.
Pandemic skyrockets in Europe; COVID is the No. 1 cause of death
Beth Mole    There is a duty to society to get vaccinated.
SpaceX launches NASA’s mission to collide with an asteroid [Update]
Eric Berger    I believe we have a planetary defense program that is worth talking about now.
23  novembre     21h46
Vulture bees evolved a taste for flesh and their microbiomes reflect that
Jennifer Ouellette    The only bees... that have evolved to use food sources not produced by plants.
Math may have caught up with Google’s quantum-supremacy claims
John Timmer    But, given the rapidly evolving quantum computing landscape, that may not matter.
Child COVID cases are on the rise, jumping 32% in latest surge
Beth Mole    Children account for 25% of cases but only 22% of the population.
Are scientists less prone to motivated reasoning?
John Timmer    Replication failures succeed in getting scientists to alter their opinions.
22  novembre     22h35
COVID surge underway with daily cases already above 93K ahead of holiday
Beth Mole    Midwest and Northeast see rapid COVID surge.
An incident with the James Webb Space Telescope has occurred
Eric Berger    NASA is leading an anomaly review board to investigate and conduct additional testing.
In a first, scientists captured growth of butterfly wings inside chrysalis on video
Jennifer Ouellette    MIT team replaced part of a pupa’s cuticle with a glass window for experiments.
Astra becomes the fastest rocket company to reach orbit
Eric Berger    I think that this flight really does prove out the approach we’ve taken.
21  novembre     15h00
Herpesviruses steal one cell’s protein, use it to infect another
John Timmer    Without protein theft, the virus can’t get to the nucleus of nerve cells.
20  novembre     13h00
Autism affects the microbiome, not the other way around
Diana Gitig    Microbiome composition is associated with dietary choices, not a diagnosis of autism.
19  novembre     23h18
Adults nationwide eligible for boosters this weekend as CDC gives sign-off
Beth Mole    CDC advisers voted unanimously to expand booster eligibility.