Ars Technica : cars
26  novembre     17h13
Tesla forced to turn down 1.1 billion in EU support for German battery plant
Financial Times    Delays to factory near Berlin left carmaker unable to meet EU state aid conditions.
The SWFT VOLT: A minimalist e-bike with a price to match
John Timmer    Keeping prices low leads to a fundamentally different riding experience.
24  novembre     12h15
A good EV: A road trip with and review of the Ford Mustang Mach-E
Eric Bangeman    Ars takes Ford’s flagship battery-electric vehicle on a trip.
22  novembre     21h53
Who wants an electric superwagon? Porsche offers 590-hp GTS Sport Turismo
Tim De Chant    Electric? Check. Wagon? Check. 155 mph? Check.
Was 1980 the worst automotive year ever?
Ars Contributors    40 years ago, abysmal products and a shifting market altered everything for Big Auto.
18  novembre     22h26
Hyundai and Kia preview EVs due in 2024 with compelling three-row concepts
Tim De Chant    Upcoming Ioniq 7 and Kia EV9 will bring more EVs to a popular segment.
17  novembre     20h46
New firefighting tool delivers water directly to blazing EV batteries
Tim De Chant    Technique uses less water to bring battery temps down to normal.
12  novembre     20h06
An era of sports car racing will end with this year’s Petit Le Mans
Jonathan M. Gitlin    The fan-favorite GTLM category is giving way to an all-pro GT3 class for 2022.
11  novembre     15h40
Kia teases a big electric SUV with the EV9 concept
Jonathan M. Gitlin    The concept will be formally unveiled on November 17.
Subaru shows off its first electric vehicle, the Solterra SUV
Jonathan M. Gitlin    Subaru has partnered with Toyota to develop a new EV platform.
10  novembre     16h24
Toyota’s RAV4 Prime is a perfect plug-in hybrid for the range-anxious
Jonathan M. Gitlin    It has around 40 miles of electric-only range and great efficiency in hybrid mode.
09  novembre     17h25
A quarter of new Volvos are now plug-in hybrids or battery EVs
Jonathan M. Gitlin    The Swedish automaker is charging ahead with its electrification plan.
08  novembre     19h21
Here’s what the infrastructure bill means for road safety and EVs
Jonathan M. Gitlin    The infrastructure bill includes a lot of needed investment in transportation.
Lithium-metal hybrid battery promises lighter, longer-range EVs by 2025
Tim De Chant    SES showed off a promising new cell targeted for mass production in a few years.
05  novembre     13h03
Toxic Bro Culture : Former Rivian executive speaks out, sues company
Jonathan M. Gitlin    Laura Schwab was sales and marketing VP at the startup until last month.
04  novembre     13h30
Hyundai’s big electric SUV will be your living room on wheels
Jonathan M. Gitlin    The concept will be revealed this month, the production car is due in 2024.
03  novembre     18h24
Electric conversions are this year’s hot trend at SEMA
Jonathan M. Gitlin    Electrification is coming to the aftermarket, too, as evinced by this year’s show.
02  novembre     18h06
Tesla recalls 11,706 vehicles over Full Self-Driving Beta software bug
Jonathan M. Gitlin    The new software bug caused phantom emergency braking events.
US charging infrastructure is outpacing forecasts, study finds
Jonathan M. Gitlin    The nation is a fifth of the way to its goal of 500,000 chargers by 2030.
01  novembre     18h44
More than 20,000 people died on US roads in the first half of 2021
Jonathan M. Gitlin    Vehicle miles traveled increased, but not enough to offset the rise in deaths.