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Behind the racquet
09  septembre     12h02
Leolia Jeanjean
Zach Mitch    Tennis changed my life pretty quickly. I signed big contracts and left for the federation to train when I was very young. Back then, I had a lot of pressure on my shoulders, and many people were expecting me to be in the top before I turned . Everyone told me that I would
31  août     13h56
Bradley Klahn
Zach Mitch    It hit me at six two. I was like, this could be the last point of my career. It was one of those moments that I realized it’s just very special to be able to retire at Stanford. Much of my comeback from my third surgery was less about the wins and losses and my ranking,
24  août     17h37
Nicolas Basaez Cespedes
Zach Mitch    MyBTR Despite the adversities of life I have never given up even without having my upper extremities. I keep overcoming all the obstacles that are put in front of me Fear for me becomes a challenge, so it makes me want to continue showing that in this life, nothing is impossible. Tennis changed my...
18  août     19h20
Mark Lajal
Zach Mitch    I come from a motorsport family, which I think is the funniest part of my story. My dad used to be a motocross racer, and my grandpa used to be a rally driver. So tennis was never really in my family. I started racing motorcycles when I was three years old, and grew up racing.
10  août     12h44
Facundo Diaz Acosta
Zach Mitch    For a long time, I was scared of not succeeding. But in the last few months, I’ve learned that succeeding for me is waking up every morning and doing my best. If the result is good or not is another thing, but right now my focus is trying to do that every day and I’m
06  août     12h04
Gian Marco Moroni
Zach Mitch    I started having panic attacks when I was young. At first, they just sometimes happened. In , though, I started to have them more often. I remember the final in Milan, I was playing the match with a panic attack. I ended up cramping in the end of second set because I was so tense.
18  juillet     12h40
Terence Atmane
Zach Mitch    Tennis has changed my life since the first day I walked onto the court. At the beginning, it was almost stressful, because I was saying to my parents when I was seven years old that I wanted to be the best tennis player in the world and I wanted to dedicate my life to it.
28  juin     18h11
Filip Jianu
Zach Mitch    When you come from a country like mine, where in the last years there’s been no tennis system, financial help for players, tournaments, donors or specialists, you have a tiny chance to make it. People there think that you must be completely crazy to follow the path of a professional tennis...
08  juin     12h50
Weronika Falkowska
Zach Mitch    I was always a sports person, I think. My dad took me to my first tennis lesson when I was five and half, and I just fell in love with the sport. Without my dad, I don’t think I would’ve played tennis. He helped me so much and he’s very involved. Not as much anymore,
04  juin     19h52
Mark Booras
akeslo    Mark Booras, head tennis coach at Tulane University in New Orleans, needs the help of the larger tennis community. Mark has played tennis for virtually all of his years. He played college tennis at the University of West Virginia. He began his collegiate career for legendary coach Terry...