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31  mars     07h11
What about battle lands?
   I don t expect to see them anytime soon
Did you guys consider having 1 or 2 cards per plane with abilities that plane is known for? Like a mutate creature, and a creature with magecraft, etc?
   That is something we do in Modern Horizons sets but not premier sets
Hi Mark, the new MOM card Sandtalker Moloch refers to a blue and or black creature. Why use and or when or would otherwise suffice (if I understand correctly). Thank-you
   We want to be clear that it applies to blue cards black cards and blue and black cards
I’m very excited for Battles and really like what I’m seeing so far. That said, can I mention my disappointment that Invasion of axe dukes isn’t Battle For Zendikar, like Urza’s Saga and Morrison Besieged where the card is named after the expansion?
   All thirty six battles are Invasion of
Hi Mark, Why didn’t Etali just say infect ? Is it because you didn’t want to put infect in a premier set or because you guys didn’t want it to deal damage to creatures in -1 -1 counters?
   We didn t say infect because it wasn t infect Also we tend not to use non evergreen non deciduous mechanics on one card in premier sets
can Phyrexian creature tokens from Incubators be transformed back into Incubators through another card’s effect? Something like Moonmist and Blades of Velis Vel could do it.
   If a card allows you to transform it
Just out of curiosity, are you getting tired of all the questions about Battles? I know I’ve asked a couple that weren’t answered.
   It s a new thing Players are excited I don t mind answering questions about it
Why were Incubator tokens done as double-sided tokens rather than just tokens that turn into creatures? We wanted there to be a cost to get the resource like with Clues and Food. I think the question was more along the lines of why not template them as ’(2): this artifact becomes a 0 0 creature’ instead of making them double-faced
   It was clearer when it was a creature Also the set has transformation matters cards
The most recent Invasion of Lorwyn confuses me, because it is not Invasion of Lorwyn-Shadowmoor . Can we please get any official confirmation on how the plane functions after the events of that block? Is the great aurora still happening? Are the two versions of the plane still distinct or is it unified now? Or are those details you intentionally leave blank until you’re planning a concrete return to the plane?
   The invasion happened on Lorwyn
I know that creature types have a sort of set of unpsoken rules about how they’re organized when they appear on cards, but is a creature whose subtypes read Human Elder possible, or would they have to settle for being an Elder Human instead?
   I don t know if our definition of Elder is possible with a Human
Why were Incubator tokens done as double-sided tokens rather than just tokens that turn into creatures?
   We wanted there to be a cost to get the resource like with Clues and Food
congrats on getting all ten swords of X and Y
Hi, mark Will there be a vertical layout for the Battle cards in the future? When all the common types are grouped together, the horizontal layout of the Battle cards always feels a bit off to me.
   There is no current plan for that
Did you ever explore printing battles backwards so the landscape art would have more space?
   I don t understand what you mean by backwards
Is a monocolor theme an intrinsic part of sets located on Eldraine, similar to the 2-color theme on Ravnica? If not, is there another plane that fits that theme better? Thanks
   Monocolor is not as prevalent a theme to Eldraine as two color is to Ravnica The world that was easiest to draft a monocolor deck was Shadowmoor
Battles is a pretty cool permanent type. Lots of different ways to do battles, and the idea of attack defend this permanent and something happens works flavorfully AND makes compelling game play. The game is most fun when decisions matter, and battles is a way to have more meaningful decisions in games. I’m extremely happy with the permanent type.
   Happy to hear that
Can you pass along that I’ve been trying to access your new article and it just isn’t loading. I’m having trouble with the mechanics article as well, but not other articles on the mothership. I’m trying to access it via my iPhone and Mac if that helps.
   I tried from my phone and didn t have an issue Are others having trouble connecting to the website
Mark, does WOTC have intentions to make cards more colorblind friendly? When I first saw the new Etali, I misread the transformation cost Black Phyrexian mana because of my colorblindness, and as such, I was confused when people started talkijg about making a GR deck. There being a problem with legibility for people with low color vision or colorblindness has been a problem for a while now, and i wonder if anything can be said to alleviate these concerns.
   I ll pass along the note to our graphic design people
Please give high fives to the lore team to finding all of these obscure planes for the battles
   Will do
If Aftermath is successfully do you think it’s something that might be done after every major event set?
   Let s see how this one goes