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30  novembre     05h00
Do you think the move away from block’s contributed to the decline of Standard in paper magic and as the primary format’ people play magic ?
   No My best guess is letting stores have more choice of what format to run is the biggest culprit
What are the chances that a character could be created for a Heroes of the Realm card initially, but then make a tournament-legal appearance later with a different card design? I think Inzerva seems really cool and I’d love to see a new card made with the same character at some point.
   I ll call the chances low
If When: another premier set set in the past? (preferably without the need for time travel shenanigans)
   When The Brothers War used time travel pretty minimally Teferi merely witnessed the past He didn t interfere with it in any way
I just realized that white is now capable of doing Mill X cards, return a permanent card among the milled cards stuff. But why? Isn’t that like, green and black thing?
   We only let white do that sporadically when it s part of a larger theme It s not a core white ability
Is there anything planned for the players collectors enjoyers of the game outside of Magic 30th Anniversary Edition and the Countdown kit to celebrate the 30th anniversary?
   Of the things already announced there s the th Anniversary Prerelease promos and the four Magic Cons in Also here s a link to my talk at Magic about thirty years of Magic in pictures
Hey Mark, I’m a big fan of the Enchantments & Artifacts matter draft theme that UW had in Throne of Eldraine and that BW had in Neon Kamigawa, I’m curious if there’s an official name or term for that sorta theme.
   It doesn t have any regular nickname We called it harmony for a short time in early Neon Dynasty design
Speaking of the free mechanic: why was it only in blue? Is this a case of the old blue is the default home for broken stuff ?
   Untapping lands was blue at the time
I was listening to your new podcast about designing for the eternal world and was wondering how true the classic wisdom how more risky powerful things happen in sets that come out later in the magic calendar because they have less time in standard. Does this still occur on your end? And if so has it diminished?
   The less we focus on Standard the less that is true
Mark, can I make a request for a set that is comprised of major reprints and is not designed for drafting? I’m so tired of opened card packs for reprints and given just draft chaff.
   Draft is there to give you something to do with the draft chaff It s existence doesn t make it be there
FYI: Nearly all the multicolor cards from Unfinity are missing in Gatherer.
   Thanks for the update I ll look into it
After this long of asking for the Nephilim to be legendary commander-able I dont think I’d receive new legendary creatures that are functionally identical well. Making new versions would feel like an expensive answer (new art, creative, etc.) to a cheap problem, adding this card can be your commander seems like it satisfies us Nephilim fans (instantly) without any negative impact unless I’m missing something?
   The problem is the second we re willing to add the text to one non legendary creature it opens the floodgate because now we ve shown we re willing to do it
Speaking of small design changes that are interesting I miss the series of articles where a developer (now a play designer?) would go through and look at card changes that took place during design on a bunch of cards in the new set. I can’t seem to remember what the series called though. (It wasn’t latest developments...).
   I do that for most sets in my Making Magic article
Have you thought about writing a book in the future? About Magic, about working at WotC, even a full autobiography?
   I m sure I ll get to it one day
Do you think there’s a realistic chance to get a second Japanese inspired plane that stays in the past, since now Kamigawa is set in the future?
   Not realistic no Kamigawa does have a lot of elements though that represent Kamigawa from its past
Hi Mark, what resources would you recommend to someone interested in starting in the world of game design . Also is there an archive of the Great Designer Search articles?
   Here s a primer I wrote on basic game design https magic wizards com en news making magic ten things every game needs part part I don t think the Great Designer Search articles have made it over on the latest migration yet
Hi Mark, today is my birthday Would you be kind enough to share any trivia about my favorite Planeswalker, Oko?
   In the earliest version of Throne of Eldraine Oko wasn t in the set but rather Kasmina who was going to be a Merlin like character Kasmina leaving the set made room for a new planeswalker which ended up being Oko Happy Birthday
if or when : Squirrel Planeswalker
   If but a person can dream
This is pretty specific, but could I put in a request for some cards that help close out games in Azorius colors? It would be really cool to have some more powerful quick ways to end games in Commander for blue-white decks without the use of infinite combos.
   I ll pass the request along
Has there ever been consideration to an Upkeep keyword, like there is for Cumulative upkeep ? It seems a bit weird that the latter exists but the former is always fully spelled out as At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice this unless you pay , even in older sets before the wording was changed from During your upkeep, pay or bury this .
   We use upkeep costs so rarely these days it isn t really worth doing
Can you point me (and potentially others) to where we can find the definitions for the terms like, Deciduous , Cantrip , Evergreen , etc.? Thank you.
   Here are three articles I ve written on R D vocabulary much of it also used by the players the last one is the most up to date as I m listing them chronologically Even More Words with R D MAGIC THE GATHERING