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Hi Mark, You said that what makes cards acorn can be very subtle, and already I don’t see why Killer Cosplay couldn’t be printed in black border 😅 Can you explain? Also, sorry for making this a 2-parter but why Squirrels and not Beebles? We’ve seen a lot of black bordered squirrels recently but Beebles have only shown up in Unsets in the past decade and are a lot wackier :)
   p Killer Cosplay has a bunch of issues. One, it requires an amount of working knowledge that exceeds the mental capacity of even the most enfranchised player. Two, it has a higher variance than we’re comfortable with in an eternal card. Three, if we made it eternal, we’d have to cost it so...
Not sure if this is your wheelhouse or if you know anything about it: are the Commander precons that are tied to new sets also tied to being two-color? If needed, could they be monocolor or three or more colors?
   p They can be whatever makes the most sense for them. p
Are basic lands too weak for contemporary Magic? Would the game be better served if basic lands were a bit higher in power?
   p No, I think basic lands are exactly the correct power level. p
I feel like we regularly get colorshifted characters. Very often a character will have new colors following story ramifications. Marchesa, Daxos, Nissa, Glissa, Anafenza... the list goes on and on. So before answering if I want colorshifted characters, can you explain how that would be different from all the characters mentioned above?
   p I think the ask isn’t a green character becoming black green or red green, but one becoming blue. I think the idea is seeing the character fundamentally differently. p
You asked a question on here awhile ago about doing a set around colorshifted characters instead of colorshifted cards. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head lately. On top of being a great compromise for those who want more Planar Chaos, Vorthos like myself would be all over it. Please put another vote towards that.
   p Are others interested? p
Can I get a maybe on Nezumi ninjas in Neon Dynasty?? :)
   p Maybe. : ) p
In the new Unset structure, are funky keywords that theoretically work in black-border like squirrellink, last strike triple strike in the acorn-zone or are they able to be printed as tournament-legal? Could we see an exploration of this space in future unproducts? Maybe exiletouch or other remixes of common keywords?
   p It depends on the keyword. Squirrellink and last strike are both hard to do on eternal cards. p
On commons being Mythic Rare: would Lotus Petal qualify? If you were to print Lotus Petal today, would it be at Mythic Rare?
   p That’s the best suggestion I’ve heard for a card being printed at common and mythic rare. p
I just noticed the flavor text on Killer Cosplay. Sheer genius. Cant wait for the rest of the set.
   p My favorite touch is the name of the woman saying it, Steffi Bobsdotter. p
Mark, as a fan of Duel decks, If or When: Duel Decks return, even as a one-off?
   p Usually when a product gets killed due to lack of player interest, it’s tricky to get the product back. It has happened, but it’s infrequent. p
Mark, in a Replies with Rachel podcast, Rachel said she thought the sixth colour of mana in MTG would be produced by Space lands. Can I get a maybe : ) on a sixth colour of land in Unfinity ?
   p Maybe. : ) p
My daughter is immunocompromised and too young to be vaccinated so I get most of my Magic online. As a player I want my cards to have the same rules text across the formats I play. I’m not against WOTC creating Alchemy, but I have no interest in it or digital only cards. I do play some Standard on Arena and I use to play Historic as I enjoy formats with larger card pools. With the changes back in August and now the release of Alchemy, Historic no longer aligns with my desires or interests. My question is where is the digital version of an eternal’ paper Magic format that I can play online? Is Pioneer or a Pioneer-lite (Historic’s card pool legal in Pioneer) coming to Arena soon? I feel like in a bid to draw in new players from other digital collectible card games or leverage new online only design space WOTC has forgotten me and players like me who just want to play larger format paper Magic online. Why can’t there be a format on Arena for players like me? MTGO is not an option. It has a horrible UI and isn’t supported on Mac.
   p One of the biggest issues with Magic design is there are a lot of players that want very different things out of the game. The Magic Arena team is tackling that very issue trying to make as many players happy as possible. I do think as they get feedback and have more ability to program things,...
Hi Maro, i just did an excercise. Looking at all the White Unhinged cards most of them fall into acorn cards due to: verbal phisical component, fractions, checking artist or something black border doesnt, and giving cards to opponent. Only Look at Me, I’m R&D and Staying Power could work in black border rules but they get really messy.
   p Unhinged’s mechanics are all very acorn, so it isn’t the best sample. p
I’d argue Lotus Cobra is very close to working as a common if there are no shenanigans in the environment. At 1 1 in a set without fetch lands, I wouldn’t bat an eye.
   p We wouldn’t do it at common. We have to be very careful with ramp in limited. p
Hi Mark, acording to your podcast the first wedding to impact MTG was one between two Djinn instead of two Vampires :)
   p Yes, Mijae Djinn and Ydwen Efreet were anagrams celebrating two of Richard’s friends getting married. p
Re: common to mythic. What about Sprout Swarm? Isn’t that a common that the team decided to not reprint in not even in mythic because it was too powerful for limited?
   p I pointed out that the as-fan at mythic rare was still too high for limited purposes, not that the card felt like a mythic rare. p
More mice creatures please, man cannot live on Canyon Jerboa alone
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I have recently stumbled upon a comment from a non-enfranchised person on a discord. What they read in a WotC article was Shocklands in Unfinity . What they asked was So does Magic add a sixth color, yellow? , confusedly relating the word Shock with the color yellow. Do you think using all those MTG slang words can become too much of a barrier for new players? How does Wizards decide when to make use of slang, and when not to?
   p More mice. Got it. : ) p
This may be a stupid question, but are there any commons that you feel should have been mythics, or any mythics you feel should have been commons?
   p Vocabulary is always a big issue for beginners. We need to be the most careful on the cards, but you’re correct that we also have to be careful in articles and promotional material. In this case, I think we decided the need to make sure the enfranchised player knew the set had Shock lands...
   p None that come to mind. That’s a pretty wide gap. p