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Multiverse in review
06  novembre     22h00
The Brothers’ War Annotations
   The story of accompanying the new Brothers War set had some surprisingly deep continuity references so I thought it would be fun to do another round of annotations Hopefully you ll also find it interesting And hopefully I can get through the article without too many confusing sentences despite
08  août     17h29
   nbsp ShadowmoorEditor Philips Athans amp Susan J MorrisCover Art Adam RexFirst Printing April The Lorwyn Shadowmoor story didn t have enough plot to fill its three novels so we re lucky they didn t try to stretch it to four Instead the remaining set in the double block gets an
23  juillet     12h48
Lorwyn, Morningtide & Eventide
   nbsp Writers Cory J Herndon amp Scott McGoughCover Artists Mark Zug Steve Prescott amp Christopher MoellerFirst Printing August January amp June SUMMARYLorwyn There are a bunch of mysterious occurrences happening on Lorwyn Magical creeping vines
25  juin     19h24
Updating the list of sources
   A long long time ago I made a list of storyline sources for this blog which I ve since been updating veeeeeeery sporadically Before I launch into the post Mending storylines it seems like a good idea to do some housekeeping and finally give it a thorough update With Magic s storyline being
11  juin     13h46
Figuring out the post-Mending timeline
   WHY THIS ARTICLE IS A WEEK LATE This article was always going to end with a call for criticism Figuring out a framework for the post Mending timeline is a bit of a challenge as we don t have an official timeline to use as a base like we did before Instead you have to piece it all together from
28  mai     09h00
The Aftermath
   This was going to be the Lorwyn review but I ended up saying very little about that book and a whole lot about the aftermath of the Mending for both the storyline community in general and for me personally so it works better as a separate article Too dramatic When it comes to people s least
21  mai     08h50
The Mending
   So The Mending Probably the most important event in all of Magic s storyline history and certainly a contender for the most hated one But we re now years onward and the flames of anger seem to have dimmed in that time Many people have left the fandom in those years while others have joined
07  mai     11h38
Future Sight Player’s Guide
   After a bunch of less than interesting player s guides this one actually has some important information Not much of it so we ll go through it quickly but this is defintely one for the why did they bury that information in such an obscure source pile As always with these guides there are a
23  avril     09h42
Future Sight Online
   Wrapping up the online coverage of the Time Spiral block some articles on Future Sight I ll be honest there is a not a tremendous amount of interest here though there is a very strange first appearance of a character who would go on to be very important which is fun to look at As with the last
16  avril     06h58
Future Sight
   nbsp Author Scott McGough amp John DelaneyCover art Aleksi BriclotFirst printing April SUMMARYWe start on the shores of Madara where Leshrac did you guess it was him is approached by the Myojin of Night s Reach She offers him a mask with the power to steal powers in the hope
09  avril     09h54
Planar Chaos Online
   Unfortunately the Planar Chaos mini site like the one for Time Spiral before it has fallen off the edge of the internet And this one actually had a story Luckily it has been saved from oblivion so let s start looking into that before delving into the articles Destiny by Michael J RyanYup
02  avril     12h51
Planar Chaos
   nbsp Writer Scott McGough amp Timothy SandersCover Artist Daren BaderFirst Printing January SUMMARYWith Rahda back in Keld and Teferi dealing with his sudden lack of godliness Venser and Jhoira come to the fore in this book Jhoira creates a barrier of glass shards to protect them form
26  mars     15h59
Time Spiral Online
   So Time Spiral online unfortunately we re now in a period when even the Wayback Machine can t make every page visible or legible so it s possible I m missing some stuff here Most notably I couldn t access the Time Spiral mini site Luckily I don t think there were any unique stories on
19  mars     13h55
Time Spiral
   nbsp Writer Scott McGoughCover Artist Scott M FisherFirst Published September SUMMARYTeferi and Jhoira are living in a bubble outside of the timestream since Invasion Shiv begins returning but it wont fit metaphysically somehow in the gap where it used to be and the resulting crash
02  octobre     12h19
Stuff Ethan Told Me
   This is a quick little post covering some updates on a bunch of previous articles It s all fairly minor things that don t merit reviews of their own tenuously linked in that all this info comes from Ethan Fleischer Tenuous as in some of these things were brought to my attention by him but
16  septembre     12h10
DRAGONS: Worlds Afire
   nbsp Writer Scott McGough just the Magic story Cover Art Duane O MyersInternal Art Greg Staples again just for the Magic story First Printing June SUMMARYThe story we re covering today is called Unnatural Predator A pixie called Vaan gathers a group of adventures to kill a dragon
04  septembre     08h54
Coldsnap Player’s Guide & Theme Deck Inserts
   Last week we saw that Magicthegathering com had a number of articles setting up the Coldsnap story but where the conclusion of that story would be told was a bit obscure Well it is right here saved for everyone who bought a Coldsnap Fatpack The Fatpack also contained a novel but that novel was
27  août     08h59
Coldsnap Online
   I ve been saying that Kamigawa started a trend of the storyline mattering more and more a trend that would last for years There was another trend starting around the same time though the trend of WotC asking themselves But what is we printed even more cards See back in the day we got
21  août     09h49
Dissension Online
   Right you know the deal by now Feature Articles Taste the Magic Arcana s and a mini site that is probably not very intere what s that There s actually stories on the mini site this time around I guess we ve got more to talk about then By the way you might have to move about on the
14  août     15h50
   nbsp Writer Cory J HerndonCover Art Zoltan Boros amp Gabor SzikszaiFirst Printing May SUMMARYThree weeks after Guildpact ended the master thief Capobar is hired to go into the ruins of the Cauldron and retrieve cerebral fluid of the dragons Zomaj Hauc brought to life He
07  août     22h35
Guildpact Online
   And we are back for the online coverage of Guildpact It will start out pretty much the same as last time with a fairly basic mini site and a feature article by Rei Nakazawa but when we get closer to the release of Dissension Matt Cavotta will get a storytelling bug and we ll have some actual
31  juillet     11h42
   Writer Cory J HerndonCover Art Todd LockwoodFirst Printing January SUMMARYWe begin a few decades befor the last book with Izzet Magelord Zomaj Hauc exploding some sort of bomb above the plague ridden Utvara Reclamation Zone that is supposed to kill all life while leaving the buildings
24  juillet     09h57
Ravnica: City of Guilds Online
   For Ravnican block there are once again Mini Sites but for the first set we just don t have much to discuss It just has a quick description of the four Guilds featured introducing them their guild leaders their guildhall their power structure etc It s cool to have such a succinct summary of
17  juillet     14h31
   Writer Cory J HerndonCover Art Donato GiancolaFirst Printing September Well I think it s just called Ravnica The cover and the colofon say that but there is another title page that uses the City of Guilds tagline that they brushed out from the cover so who knows SUMMARYThe
10  juillet     18h10
Ravnica & Coldsnap Announcement
   Today I m reviewing moving house during a lockdown It sucks Don t do it You can t have many people over to help so you ll end up spending an entire month on it full time Especially since the amount of people allowed will get altered by the government several times during that month