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31  mars     12h56
When did the great barrier of Shandalar come down? I had assumed it was in the mending, but Ob Nixilis interacts with the chain veil before the mending. The dates don’t seem to work out. An unknown amount of time after the Ice Age ended, we are told it will stay up for more than 1704 years. Ice Age ends in 2934. So if we assume Multiple generations lived and died in zero years, we get the barrier coming down in 4638, which is still in the future, right?
   The number given at the end of the Microprose game is variable based on what you do in the game If you were watching a video or only played through it once you might not realize that So the number given at the end isn t canon The Great Barrier falls somewhere between and AR After Lim
Treferi needs to learn how to use the sylex, right? However, in Wayfarer, Ravidel started to use it before Jared Carthalion destroyed it. It seems weird that Treferi time travels to observe something his ally already saw.
   Teferi ultimately needs to speak to Urza to figure out what exactly he did Jared saw Ravidel hold one from a distance while moving and trying not to die
I know the sets still being previewed but did it say in the story what happened to Kaldheim’s world tree? I saw Tribute to the Worldtree but didn’t remember reading about it being killed.
   Not every development on every plane is or could be a part of the story there was just too much going on The card set should provide more insight we ve already seen art titled Pyre of the World Tree
Will Tamiyos spirit avatar appear in the story as a planeswalker character or was it meant to be understood it would stay on Kamigawa?
   It is not a planeswalker no Other than that I can t speculate on future story
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Hey Jay How’s working with Quint going?
   As far as I know yes Seanan the author said as much on her Twitter before someone posts this to Reddit with Jay Anenenlini confirms Tibalt is dead
Archive Trap Mini No More
Are there any planeswalker from Torrezon, the continent east to Ixalan? They won’t be happy when their whole plane is called Ixalan.
   I m changing the Title of the Blog It s been over five years since I published an Archive Trap article on MTGS and I don t think very many people even remember those anymore lol so the Title is going to change to something simple and descriptive
Why is Teferi never allowed to accomplish anything? He didn’t get his own spark back that as all Jhoira. He didn’t bring Zhalfir back that was Wrenn. They didn’t even let defeat Vorinclex in a 1 v 1 ala Gandalf vs Balrog. He got bailed out by a random Zhalfirian or was it Elspeth? He forgets all his spells besides time magic most of the time. Such that Raff Capahsen looks like a better mage. Forgets he knows anything about Artifice. Etc Meanwhile WOTC lets Kaya easily take out Heliod? And put up a much better fight against Vorinclex. Its not Teferi alone but there seems a lack of respect for the power level and experience of Oldwalkers. It grinds my gears.
   Not that we know of although they could have lived and died without knowing
Hey Jay In the All Will Be One stories we saw that Tibalt had already been compleated, and then we saw Tyvar defeat him. Is Tibalt fully dead now?
   Teferi is one of Magic s most popular characters No he s not a violent power fantasy and I honestly think that s cool He s smart charismatic and often the heart of the group He was also instrumental in every Gatewatch win since he joined Teferi didn t need to kill Vorinclex personally the
Do we know what happened yet to the Planes that fell to New Phyrexia?
   As far as I know yes Seanan the author said as much on her Twitter before someone posts this to Reddit with Jay Anenenlini confirms Tibalt is dead
I’m pretty sure you are the reason vorthoscast got Daretti’s cameo. Even if you had no input on the card or art
   The cards are still being previewed
Were you responsible for Daretti wonderful new appearance, or are you just along for the ride with the rest of us?
   Oh lol yeah Well also I asked if I could have it I worked on the creative text for this card set and immediately knew I wanted that for a preview
Sorry, what does it mean that you are now Loremaster? Is it an official Wotc position? Or an informal one?
   I have no direct impact on what shows up in card sets so it was a special treat
So is Zhalfir its own plane now? And not part of Dominaria?
   I m a consultant with a contract to answer question edit fiction and maintain their timeline and other lore documents I m also on the Creative Text team which is a separate thing for the small teams that write the final card names and flavor text
I’m glad Tribute to the World Tree tells us how Eskia is alive, but hold up- she’s talking in past tense. Is Kaldheim’s world tree dead? I presume Toskii and Koma messed it up?
   Zhalfir replaced New Phyrexia yes The plane that was New Phyrexia is now Zhalfir
In the card Merciless Repurposing Elesh Norm states leave the traitor be. In the story Urbarask dies. Urabrask’s dying screams Which is correct?
   It s certainly messed up I don t recall what other cards in the set say about it so let s talk after
Did R&D need 36 planes when byilding the set and you guys provided names or did you just kept giving names, and then you stopped at 36 and then they did that many battles? I love those cards. Can’t wait to play with them. I love the referente tô less known planes too
   I m not sure what you re asking Both I m interpreting it to be don t ease his suffering let him die slow as a sort of symbolic pairing with him allowing the Mirrans to live
Is Nissa’s spark dying dead? The implication in the story is that there was definitely something wrong with it.
   No creative text teams don t have that much impact on a set The concepts are already done by the time we see them Now as loremaster the creative team might reach out to me for things that would be applicable for a setting but filling out the battles line up wasn t one of those things
Given Invasion of Segovia, can we assume Planeswalkers don’t shrink down too?
   There is indeed an implication that something is wrong with it
   Planeswalkers shrink down while there Vraska s story confirmed it Either that s a REALLY big Phyrexia or Realmbreaker has caused some metaphysical weirdness and Phyrexians don t shrink when crossing over The reality is there s no way to illustrate smol plane without the Phyrexians being