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25  novembre     14h26
I dunno who first said it, but I remember someone describing the nature of phyrexians as like a zombie is a tree wood, a phyrexian is a wooden table . Do you agree?
   Maybe That s kind of a vague analogy Phyrexians are cyborg zombies essentially
As a Vorthos, do you ever make up your own plane ideas? It’s something I enjoy a lot and I’m curious if that’s part of your enjoyment of Magic
   I ve had some plane ideas but haven t really ever been interested in doing the worldbuilding out for an entire plane Or at least any ideas I ve had in that direction have become setting ideas for personal stuff for me
23  novembre     23h22
Are the Amphin actually a threat to Shandalar or is Gor Muldrak just a nutter?
   The implication is yes but we don t really know They like their privacy
22  novembre     14h05
Hello Jay, Is the Archimandrite just a title? Does this person position hold some innate power or ability?
   Not that I know of vorthosjay might be a better person to ask
Is Kaya’s planeswalker page on the mothership the first and only place that her last name Cassir’ has been seen used?
   It s the title for the head of the Ivory Towers in Terisia city and one of the most important leaders in the city
20  novembre     15h00
Hey Jay So we got two new Tawnos cards in BRO, which one comes first chronologically? Tawnos, The Toymaker (UG) or Tawnos, Solemn Survivor (WUB)? Some friends said it was Survivor then Toymaker but I figured it’d be Toymaker then Suvivor
   I believe this is the first time used yes
18  novembre     21h55
Which world would you prefer to visit first: Muraganda, Licia, Saskia and Prava’s homeplane, Garruk’s homeplane or a Wild West plane? I’m assuming Garruk’s homeplane is none of the other three because it’s depicted as a feudal medieval world in The Wild Son , so neither a Prehistoric, a Roman or a Wild West plane.
   You are correct
17  novembre     16h34
I seem to remember Planeswalkers being immune to phyresis naturally up until recently. Is this incorrect or were those three Planeswalkers immunized for a different reason?
   Wild West plane
15  novembre     15h20
It’s said in DMU story that Venser spark prevent phyrexian corruption. Why this specific spark? Thanks.
   This is a really popular fanon that just refuses to die Old Phyrexia didn t really compleat with glistening oil Narratively that was a real world storytelling invention for Mirrodin and beyond So it just didn t come up Karn felt the effects after he gave up his spark pre Mending but that s
Why did Jodah lose his fly ability with his new card? Something in the storyline, or pure mecanic?
   Venser Elspeth and Koth were all immunized by Melira Venser sacrificed himself to give Karn his immunized spark and cure him
I’m curious how being returned to hand works in universe. Like what happens when you unsummon something other than a mana construct created by a planeswalker? Can a person who was unsummoned be returned by a wizard or are they just gone?
   Pure mechanics
13  novembre     00h32
There’s a theory that Xantcha was made from Mishra’s flesh, since Gix put something specil in her vat, and she and him are bad at math.
   There s a lot of different flavor to dies bouncing etc The card set is usually the best indicator but it could just be magically flung away like Liliana was at the end of Strixhaven
12  novembre     13h45
Is there any place to see all the story spotlight cards in some kind of chronological order? I know the overarching story but feel like I can’t quite place all the story beats on the cards. I’m not sure who to ask, so I hope it’s OK to come to you
   Is this a question Lol yeah I ve heard this theory too Dunno how true it is Lots of misinterpretations of Urza seeing Mishra in Phyrexia and that tends to be the origin of a lot of these
11  novembre     04h41
Is Zilortha stronger than the Apexes?
   Do you mean for BRO specifically My flavor gems article next week lays them all out in order or my TikTok I have them in order going through each Act
08  novembre     02h34
Is there a planeswalker with an unknown home plane you’d be most interested in finding out about?
   Yeah it has power
07  novembre     15h13
About the planeswalkers that currently have an unknown homeplane, do you think it’s possible that some of them come from the same plane or is it more likely that each one comes from a different plane?
   You know I get asked this kind of question a lot and personally I think the answer is mostly no mostly because my favorites don t fall into that category I would say Angrath is the character I d be most interested in seeing a home plane developed for
How long of a timeframe does the Urza’s Saga Set cover? I have seen cards ranging from Harbin finding Argive, to Teferri as a student at the Tolarian Academy, and The Phyrexian Invasion of Serra’s Realm.
   I would imagine the answer is different home planes
06  novembre     01h59
Why is Hajjar red green?
   Like years almost from the end of the Brothers War to maybe a generation before the Weatherlight Saga
05  novembre     21h25
   Check out the Magic Lore Panel I was on at Magic
03  novembre     02h50
   Mostly those are the colors of the Fallaji culture in general with blue I think