27  novembre     03h05
Klothys got really pissed off when Phenax escaped the Underworld and became a god, right?
   p That’s the story. About the god of deception. So... who actually knows? p
25  novembre     14h33
When will we have a White Black faction specialized in contracts (I know we have the Orzhov, but they being a church didn’t prevent us from having the Legion Of Dusk)? It would be the perfect opportunity for a White-aligned demon
   p I’m sure another white-black faction focused on contracts will happen eventually. p
24  novembre     15h11
You’re more likely to see this here, so thanks for the updated storyline resources page
   p You are welcome, I realized I hadn’t updated it in a long time, so went back and updated all the threads on MTG Nexus and r mtgvorthos p
23  novembre     02h34
What is happening in the card Living Destiny?
   figure data-orig-height 183 data-orig-width 200 data-tumblr-attribution muvana:UPVTqFVK239d7ulAZmxanQ:Zom0Ln2mAPsB6 img src https: 5c3ef6112965d9ae21874e708a722fa2 6f88f19ac0e87f93-d9 s640x960 cb771bea1b9a7ae532d91ad9a487b84db6997c2c.gif data-orig-height 183 data...
22  novembre     03h26
What do Innistrad vampire clerics (aside from the Stromkirks) worship? I want to say demons but the Domnathi are apparently exceptional in that regard and feared for it.
   p Worship doesn’t always have to be around a personified being. I assume they have some sort of sacred blood rituals and the like. p
21  novembre     22h52
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that freaking ASHIOK knows about the Phyrexians?
   p Yeah, that sounds bad. p
19  novembre     21h06
was there ever any info on what Syr Konrad’s deal was?
   p I don’t think so? p
Is it too early to say whether Kaito is from the Umezawa lineage?
   p It’s way too early for me to say anything about Kamigawa that hasn’t been said publicly by WotC p
Sorry for the very specific question but what’s up with Kaya’s crossbow? I kinda figured it’d be mentioned at some point since it’s so much not her style. It’s also glowing purple, does that mean it can kill ghosts like her knives can, even at range?
   p Real answer: they like giving Kaya cool new weapons for her art p p In-universe answer: Kaya throws her knives while in ghost form and they retain the ghostform properties, so projectiles seem okay p
What is the correct name of the Kamigawa planeswalker. Keito or Kaito?
   p I believe the proper spelling is Kaito. p
18  novembre     13h16
Do we have any lore explaining the difference between Klothys and the Fates?
   p James Wyatt talks about that in Episode 98 of the Vorthos Cast p
17  novembre     16h54
Back on the cosmic horror thing: I always thought the horrors represented TRUE nature, as in how reality ACTUALLY is, without the bias of human consciousness.
   p Nah, cosmic horror is all about our fear of the unknown. It’s human bias all the way down. p
16  novembre     22h20
Do you have thoughts on seeing the distant past of planes if it means some of the plane might be unrecognizable? I’m thinking sort of a reverse of Neon Kamigawa. I’d love to see ancient Innistrad with Kings and stuff, like before the vampires came about, when the old sea gods were more prevalent, but I’m not sure WOTC would go for it.
   p In terms of Worldbuilding resources: If you’re asking for a version of the plane that is basically fundamentally different, that’s a lot of work. That’s essentially creating a whole new plane. Even for something as well established as The Brothers’ War, it’s still a major undertaking. (Revisiting...
14  novembre     23h36
Re: Muscle - I mean the use of physical strength in a bad way, being a douche because you are stronger than others. The only Green example I can think is Gorm
   p Predation is a pretty big thing in green. For the prey, that’s pretty negative. The conscious acknowledgement of status and bullying tends to be something that falls into red or black. p
A Silverquill and a Rakdos comediants who have a frendly rivalry
   p That would be great p
cosmic horrors are by definition unnatural, so they don’t fall into green much. I think Godzilla could be one, depending on the version (The one from Urobuchi’s trilogy definetly qualifies). I also have eldritch monsters in my stories that are naturally spawned by planets; they regularly rise and hibernate, causing both the birth of life and the downfall of sapient civilizations
   p There’s plenty of examples of people worshipping Kaiju in green (Naya’s elves are a big one), I was thinking more in the cosmic horror realm, which Godzilla is not. An ancient nature monster is different from an unknowable monster in the vein of the Eldrazi. p
Do you think we could see denizens of the Blind Eternities other than the Eldrazi?
   p We sort-of have in the past (think Cosmic Larva, Void Maw) but have backed off them since the Eldrazi. p
So... When will we have a stand-up comedian from Silverquill?
   p There probably is one p
Did Innistrad used to have a king? There’s a reference to a king’s road in the latest side story.
   p Innistrad has a noble class but it’s now a theocracy (or was... now it’s not super clear). Likely there was once a king. p
Theoretically, could Brisela be reincarnated similarly to Liesa but stay as a Jeskai angel? I would eat that like candy
   p Anything is possible with the right narrative hoops. p