Ian Ozsvald
10  mars     14h15
My first commit to Pandas
Ian    I’ve used the Pandas data science toolkit for over a decade and I’ve filed a couple of issues, but I’ve never contributed to the source. At the weekend I got to balance the books a little by making my first commit. With this pull request I fixed the recent request to update the pct change docs [&]
30  novembre     19h25
Skinny Pandas Riding on a Rocket at PyDataGlobal 2020
Ian    On November 11th we saw the most ambitious ever PyData conference PyData Global 2020 was a combination of world-wide PyData groups putting on a huge event to both build our international community and to leverage the on-line only conferences that we need to run during Covid 19. The conference...
24  juillet     14h49
Making Pandas Fly at EuroPython 2020
Ian    I’ve had a chance to return to talking about High Performance Python at EuroPython 2020 after my first tutorial on this topic back in 2011 in Florence. Today I spoke on Making Pandas Fly with a focus on making Pandas run faster. This covered: Categories and RAM-saving datatypes to make 100-500x...
15  juillet     19h20
Weekish notes
Ian    I’ve recently switched back from Sourdough yeast to dried packet yeast mix, given a recipe by a colleague (thanks Nick ). I immediately set to work modifying his recipe (well, cutting out steps if we’re honest). The first loaf looked fine but was bland I cut out too much salt. The next was really...
05  juillet     15h42
Weekish notes
Ian    I gave another iteration of my Making Pandas Fly talk sequence for PyDataAmsterdam recently and received some lovely postcards from attendees as a result. I’ve also had time to list new iterations of my training courses for Higher Performance Python (October) and Software Engineering for Data...
23  juin     17h15
Making Pandas Fly for PyDataAmsterdam 2020
Ian    I thank the PyDataAmsterdam 2020 organisers for another chance to speak on Making Pandas Fly (PyDataAmsterdam 2020). This variant of the talk focuses more on: Understanding when categories beat strings and smaller floats beat larger ones What’s happening with NumPy behind the scenes How we can save...
02  juin     17h16
Weeknote (dtype-diet)
Ian    Over the weekend I hacked on dtype diet a tool for Pandas users that checks their DataFrame to see if smaller datatypes might be applicable. If so they’d offer no data loss and a reduction in RAM, for Categorical data there’s also the possibility of faster calculations. This tool makes no changes...
20  mai     17h31
Week(ish) note
Ian    So High Performance Python 2nd ed finally shipped (Amazon, Goodreads) yay In brief we’ve added notes on how you can be a highly performant programmer , added some more profiling, added Pandas onto NumPy, improved the Compiling to C chapter with more Numba and a new full section on GPUs (in...
06  mai     12h41
Week note
Ian    Well, mid-next-week note I guess. I gave another variant of my higher performance Python talk last night for PyDataUK to 250 live streamers, we had some good questions, cheers all. On Friday Micha & I heard that the 2nd edition of our Higher Performance Python book has gone to the printers we’d...
27  avril     11h42
Flying Pandas and Making Pandas Fly virtual talks this weekend on faster data processing with Pandas, Modin, Dask and Vaex
Ian    This Saturday and Monday I’ve had my first experience presenting at virtual conferences on Saturday it was for Remote Pizza Python (brilliant line-up ) and on Monday (note this post predates the talk, I’ll update it tomorrow after I’ve spoken) at BudapestBI. UPDATE added 2nd variant of Making...