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18  février     14h00
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas [Xbox 360] Review
John    That first year I owned an Xbox I probably downloaded every game trailer and demo that was posted to the Xbox Live Marketplace I purchased the Xbox just before Halloween after saving a couple weeks worth of earnings from my first job and I found myself buying into the prerelease
28  janvier     14h00
Ragnarok Odyssey Ace [PlayStation 3] Review
John    As I mostly play older video games or at least few new release games I feel like my reviews should include a preface on why I decided to play what I did There s generally a logical through line like how purchasing an Xbox compatible arcade stick prompted me to play so many of the shoot
31  décembre     14h00
The Top 10 Games I Played in 2021
John    When I ve sat down to write these year end lists in the past I ve usually done so with a sense of urgency that belies my intentions for them Inspired by the industry wide personal best of lists Giant Bomb publishes to celebrate the year that was I envisioned mine having the same panache In
22  décembre     14h00
Nex Machina [PlayStation 4] Review
John    If someone told you that was the year they got into Housemarque you d assume it was because they fell head over heels for the Finnish video game developer s newest product the brutal beautiful Returnal Well that s not how it happened to me
17  décembre     14h00
Trauma Center: Under the Knife [Nintendo DS] Review
John    Intentionally designed to make use of the Nintendo handheld s then novel touch screen was a highlight of the system s excellent second wave of software
15  décembre     14h00
No More Heroes III [Switch] Review
John    Had things gone according to plan a review for No More Heroes Desperate Struggle would ve been one of the first articles on this website I actually still have an in progress review from over ten years ago where I started jotting down my thoughts but alas nothing ever came of it Which
13  décembre     14h00
Raiden IV [Xbox 360] Review
John    If anything has stuck with me from my high school driver s ed class it was a tip from one of the two teachers While out on a drive the football coach teacher as opposed to the softball coach teacher stated that people tend to focus so closely on the rear of the car in front Continue reading
12  novembre     14h00
Peggle: Dual Shot [Nintendo DS] Review
John    When I started I envisioned that it could be my next bedtime game That is something in the vein of Picross a game where I could complete puzzles through an almost Zenlike unthinking process and perhaps listen to a podcast or otherwise just drift off to sleep Which is a bit of an oxymoron
08  novembre     14h15
Castlevania [NES] Review
John    You know I still remember checking out Castlevania on the NES in the early to mid s Fast forward to Halloween afternoon and I STILL hadn t played a thematically appropriate game for the month of October
03  novembre     14h00
Suikoden III [PlayStation 2] Review
John    I concluded my review of Suikoden II stating that It s tale of war viewed from macro and micro perspectives was better executed than its predecessor and one that I ll inevitably judge its successors upon Well the rubber meets the road now that I ve completed Suikoden III Without question