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19  février     04h08
Atlantis (2600)
Hedraun    Hedraun: new game page Infobox Games name Atlantis image File:Atlantis px developer Imagic publisher Atari, Inc. designer platform Atari format ROM cartridge release cpu ...
30  décembre     00h13
Frog Wars
Raymanfan2023    Hedraun: added category and banner Aftermarket Atari publisher Shrimp Noodles Studios amp; Golden Dragon Entertainment designer Landen Pereria image File:Tg KuS.png thumb ’’’Frog Wars ’’’ is a video game designed by Shrimp Noodles Studios for the Atari and released in ....
17  novembre     18h46
Atari Panther
J 1982    J : update The ’’’Atari Panther’’’ was a video game console that ended up cancelled. It was intended to be released in . lt;ref gt; cite web url https: ctrl alt atari panther cancelled prototype console everything you ever wanted to know title The Panther publisher Ctrl Alt...