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Gamasutra : smartphone tablet
27  août     11h22
Apple to let App Store devs email customers about alternative payment options
   App Store developers will soon be able nudge customers over email to make them aware of alternative payment options and perhaps avoid platform fees
26  août     12h23
We’re now at
   Gamasutra com will soon automatically redirect to the brand new GameDeveloper com For now click here to go to the new site
25  août     22h59
Niantic will keep some pandemic-era protocols in Pokemon Go after all
   After outcry from players Niantic has announced it s keeping its pandemic era design shifts for Pokemon Go
Blog: The increase of the crease - Mobile gaming on a foldable phone
   After trying out the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold I share my experience of playing five popular games as well as my thoughts on challenges and opportunities this form factor brings to mobile gaming
23  août     16h00
Gamasutra is becoming Game Developer
   The time has come to respectfully lay to rest the name Gamasutra a title that s been around for nearly years and has become known as a leading resource and reference for game development and industry knowledge
Report: Love Island dev Fusebox accused of creating toxic workplace
   Love Island The Game and Matchmaker developer Fusebox Games has been accused of creating a toxic workplace culture by including problematic content despite staff protests
19  août     22h03
Epic claims that Google offered preferential treatment to keep devs on Play Store
   In a new legal filing Epic Games says that Google developed a program to keep high earning game developers on the Google Play store by offering back alley incentives in a program called Google Hug
18  août     21h38
Don’t Miss: A postmortem of Mini Metro
   If you ve played Mini Motorways you ll enjoy this postmortem of Dinosaur Polo Club s first transit title Mini Metro
Embracer Group acquires Demiurge Studios, Fractured Byte, and Smartphone Labs
   Perennial spender Embracer Group has fully acquired three more game studios to bolster its development capabilities
Mini Motorways and the delicate art of marrying complexity and minimalism
   Both Mini Metro and Mini Motorways are based on seemingly simple systems that are complex in unintuitive ways so there s a lot of depth waiting to be discovered