Aikido Journal
11  octobre     04h20
Aikido: The Martial Art of Dignity
Josh Gold    This short editorial is contributed by Don Ellingsworth Sensei (5th dan), who is a Head Instructor and Founder of Aikido Chuseikan in Tampa Bay, Florida. He is a direct student of Mitsugi Saotome Sensei and is the Administrator of the ASU, one of the largest Aikido organizations in the United...
20  septembre     23h43
Penny Bernath: On Getting a Seat at the Table
Josh Gold    Penny Bernath Shihan holds the rank of 7th degree black belt in aikido and is a member of the technical committee for the United States Aikido Federation, the largest aikido organization in the United States. She started aikido in 1973 in Hollywood, Florida and soon after, became a student of...
14  septembre     03h16
Interview with Josh Gold: Pioneering the Future of Budo
Josh Gold    The following interview was conducted by Hiden Budo Magazine, one of the most prominent martial arts publications in Japan. In this discussion, the Executive Editor of Aikido Journal talks with the Japanese Budo community about his current focus and initiatives. This interview is co-published here...
10  mai     20h10
The Kingdom of Dust
Josh Gold    The following is an excerpt from The Kingdom of Dust, a book written by Piotr Masztalerz (6th Dan Aikikai). Piotr began his Aikido journey in 1988 and is a professional Aikido instructor. He studied as a uchideshi under Kazuo Chiba Sensei in San Diego and is the founder and head instructor at WrocÅ...
03  mai     20h59
The Unstained Mind
Josh Gold    In the tribute to her father spoken at his memorial gathering on July 25, 2015, Kano Chiba said, In all of you who practice Aikido, especially for those who practiced with him and learned from him, his Aikido lives on with you. Please pass the torch on my father’s behalf. It is my hope that the ...
22  avril     04h42
Dan Inosanto: On Bruce Lee and Aikido
Josh Gold    In the world of martial arts, Dan Inosanto is a repository of history as well as history in the making. Most known as Bruce Lee’s training partner, confidante, and the most highly ranked by Lee in his own personal art of Jeet Kune Do, Inosanto’s martial background spans years both before and after...
19  avril     20h14
Power and Grace, Portrait of a Master: T.K. Chiba
Josh Gold    Aikido Journal is pleased to announce our new video course: Power and Grace, Portrait of a Master. The course highlights T.K. Chiba, the legendary master who captivated the aikido world with his dynamic and powerful technique and played a major role in the international development of the art. The...
02  avril     00h02
Letter from the Editor: April 2021
Josh Gold    Please excuse our brief absence. As Executive Editor of Aikido Journal, it’s my responsibility to design our editorial calendar and oversee publishing activities. However, in addition to my role at Aikido Journal, I’m also the CEO of Budo Accelerator, a new educational nonprofit, and Chief...
16  décembre     21h00
Aikido: Past, Present and Future
Josh Gold    This editorial has been contributed to Aikido Journal by Patrick Cassidy Sensei. Patrick started Aikido in 1983 as a university student and soon after, left for Asia. He studied for a total of 7 years in Japan (primarily with Morihiro Saito), and 3 years in India, Nepal and Tibet. During this...
11  décembre     17h31
Aikido Demographics: A Special Report
Josh Gold    An Introduction to the Report, by Josh Gold As I sat down to create this report, I was saddened to revisit the data from our 2019 survey that would be the central focus of this article. I wondered how publishing it might impact the morale of the aikido community in a time of crisis. I was [&]