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16  mai     06h00
Weekly help thread
   Hey there This subreddit isn t meant for help threads though there s one exception to the rule in this thread you can ask anything you want PHP related someone will probably be able to help you out submitted by u brendt gd link comments
22  mai     16h00
The opcache optimizer
   submitted by u nikic link comments
What is your #1 feature request for 8.2?
   What is your unimplemented feature request for If you had the power to snap your fingers and add a single feature to the language what is it I plan to follow this post up with a poll of the most common answers to see what the php community is most hoping for submitted by u
PHP to Next.js?
   thenewstack io From PHP to Next js What Trivago Learned Rewriting Its Web App https thenewstack io from php to next js what trivago learned rewriting its web app Author doing some mental gymnastics to make it sound like PHP was the problem here and not their shitty homegrown frontend JS
PHP-UI-Kit package
   I created a UI toolkit for developing universal web interfaces By default there is support for BS and Fomantic UI User can add own as well There are projects like atk ui but this does not work in older projects and also this one supports only SemanticUI Feel free to take a look and provide
Self-taught developer seeking advice
   Hey guys As the title says I m a self taught developer hoping to land a full time position I have worked with HTML CSS amp JS so far And PHP has been my choice language for back end logic a CRUD application was my latest and most complex project so far At the moment I m working on
20  mai     17h27
Favorite IDE for PHP?
   I have used a lot of different IDE s but without inserting bias of my own I am wondering what the rest of you like the best submitted by u matthewK link comments
Does anyone use mysqlnd plugins?
   And if so which plugins do you use and why submitted by u DharmanKT link comments
Attribute usage in top-1000 PHP packages
   submitted by u brendt gd link comments
19  mai     14h59
Backend technologies visualized as a fantasy map - If PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby, Java or Scala were countries
   submitted by u marveluck link comments
As the first ever project coded as a self-taught full-time worker I want to share with you my project
   I hope you will scrutinise this but please don t be too harsh I know some of the first code I wrote is atrocious but I haven t got time to rewrite as the old good saying is quot If isn t broke don t fix it quot There are some screenshots attached to it also to judge the view
20  mai     12h42
How to make money as a PHP Web Developer
   submitted by u that guy iain link comments
19  mai     00h37
Vid - Micro Services vs. Monolith - Don’t Succumb to the Micro Services Graveyard
   submitted by u mdizak link comments
5 Steps to Get Ready for Latte 3
   submitted by u Tomas Votruba link comments
18  mai     17h40
Dealing with deprecations
   submitted by u brendt gd link comments
19  mai     14h12
Dockerizing a PHP Application
   submitted by u tomasfern link comments
18  mai     07h39
PHP popularity and interest based on google searches - I know it does not show much but the swift increase in recent times are a good indication that PHP is not dying and it is all there standing with its popularity..
   submitted by u ardicli link comments
PHP popularity based on the number of questions on Stack Overflow
   submitted by u colshrapnel link comments
17  mai     07h20
PHP in docker together with VS-code
   If you need to do something occasional or quickly launch PHP dev environment with just one docker command Or if you need PHP dev environment in kubernetes i e building internal dev platform Includes PHP Composer VS code full size terminal file browser https github com bluxmit alnoda
16  mai     13h47
Does Laravel Scale?
   submitted by u Deleugpn link comments
New PHP RFC: stricter implicit boolean coercions
   submitted by u Jean link comments
15  mai     23h14
Much Ado about Null
   submitted by u Crell link comments
How PHP 7 Reduced RAM Usage From 109M To 6M
   submitted by u vegasbm link comments
Php 7.3 - 7.4 upgrade strategy
   I recently rebuilt my docker images for a dev environment and bumped PHP from to One of the changes is notices for things like unset variables array indices and object properties This code base is over years old and there are many cases where these notices are popping up It s so bad
16  mai     08h41
Breaking Changes
   I just wondered what the community thought about the nature of a quot breaking change quot and how they should be handled I recently submitted a PR to a repo where a maintainer said that my change would constitute a breaking change The key thing here is that they provided a testsuite and
15  mai     12h56
Comparing programming languages’ popularity by counting active questions on Stack Overflow
   Recently I ve got an idea to compare the popularity of different languages by measuring the number of active new or updated questions in Stack Overflow So I did The idea is simple just open the question list by the tag scroll down and see when the last question was changed Which means